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    I present you all my latest project related to Android, Theme: Beyond the ocean.

    This project consists mainly in photoshoping the .png files all around the system, later i might introduce some new apps and make them be used as default ones, creating a pseudo rom feeling.

    This is a personal theme, that i made only to fulfill MY LIKINGS, i will of course be open to suggestions, and work with the community in order to create a more friendly Theme for everyone.

    This theme was inspired by Ocean3 ( by: IrealiTY ) and GlassStone ( by: mattmaso )


    Attention: The theme colors are much brighter on the screen! The Screenshots show darker color effects!


    Motorola Milestone
    Android 2.1 Rooted
    Android SDK
    ADB recovery
    My Files

    How to install:

    - Copy beyondtheocean and beyondtheocean.sh to your sdcard.
    - Turn off your Milestone and boot it in recovery mode ( Press camera key then power up with camera key still pressed until a triangle shows up, after that press volume up button leave it pressed and repress camera button. You should now see a menu with 4 options. Done )
    - Start adb recovery by installing the update.zip from your sdcard.
    - Plug your usb cable to the device and run adb shell
    - on adb shell easly type "sdcard/beyondtheocean.sh" and follow the script steps.
    - When the script is done, reboot your device using the dpad on the recovery menu.
    - Done.

    Quick info:

    - You can either use the Launcher.apk or the Home++.apk as your Home screen.
    - Home++.apk is already complete, further changes wont be made on it, all the UI is adjusted to the theme so far.
    - Launcher.apk is the main attraction at the moment, where more changes are being made.
    - Chose the one you like most.
    - After installing the theme with the script, your device may need 2 minutes to boot, DON'T WORRY! it is normal.

    The theme will be paired with Home++ program, due to improved Homescreen and faster UI. When prompted by the system, please choose Home++ as your home instead of Launcher if you want to use Home++ only!!!! If the system doesn't ask you, go to your app drawer and run Home++ there you can set Home++ as your main Home. To turn your statusbar always visible, tap 2 times in the Notifications button. To disable all buttons from Home++ ( after making statusbar visible ) press your settings key, open preferences, power strip, and uncheck everything but Application drawer button.

    ( looking for some1 who can translate this all to German as my German not so good is :) )

    mattmaso For some of the .png files
    IrealiTY from http://androart.net For letting me use Ocean3 as a base.
    -FuFu- For the install script
    he_stheone64 For letting me use his Power settings widget to mod and adapt to my theme

    Status as a theme modder:

    As my theme is walking fast to its final stage, i am now AVAILABLE TO HELP in other projects!

    If you like my work, please leave a thanks! *Danke*

    Best regards
    habela31, yanardag, okanx2 und 9 andere haben sich bedankt.
  2. #2 katsuru, 12.04.2010
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    Official v1 released

    Future changes:

    - Fix some .9.png
    - Helixlauncher2 modded to fit the theme

    Official v1 Here

    Beta v2

    - New app drawer bars and icon
    - New app drawer background to match the theme
    - New delete bar with fog effect and new red Trashcan
    - New status bar close on with "Beyond the Ocean" written in transparent
    - New icons: Gmail/Gallery
    - New Turn sound OFF bar, on the lock screen ( still need to be worked on )
    - Changed some colors on the UI of certain apps

    - Gallery 2.1

    Beta v3


    - New app drawer bars/ delete bars.
    - New icon for SMS.
    - New designs/colors on the framework-res.
    - New designs/colors for SMS.
    - New designs/colors for Phone.
    - New designs/colors for Contacts



    Small color adjustments.
    New color for Android Head for unknown contacts when recieving a call.
    Some "bugs" with the UI fixed.


    Music Player 2.1
    Google Maps with Google Navigation Turn by turn v4 ( Google maps is unstable with Fw2.1 on milestone, at least my version, i will look into it in the next couple releases )



    -New notification bar close on
    -Fixed Sound bar in lock screen
    -UI color fixes for Music app 2.1
    -Minor UI color changes
    -New Wallpaper


    -New install method by script (thanks FuFu )


    - New Widget for power settings
    - New background for on screen popups/notifications
    - New background for App switcher
    - Small color adjustments on the UI
    - New activity bars for the notification bar
    - New music app widget

    Official v1

    - Fixed a Default wallpaper bug.
    - All popups are transparent blue
    - Swapping between screens now shows a Blue/Gray dot instead of the red one
    - Alarmclock popup when snoozing or dismissing alarm changed to transparent blue
    - MAJOR fixes to some 9.png´s where i made a few mistakes in the past.
    * Popup 9.png are now closer to the borders, avoiding cuts on the content
    * Google Search widget when pressed doesn't scale "pixalized"! anymore
    - White color on the Notifications for the notification bar.
    - Home++ Removed from the theme ( will be available as a Optional download )
    - On going bar with shine effect
    - Activity bar with shine effect
    Burny bedankt sich.
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    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 12.04.2010
    Bombastic :)
    Would be nice to use this with an modified Helix Launcher
  4. also, whats your native language, maybe we can find a translator directly from yours to German
  5. #5 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    I will look into helix, and maybe adjust it to the theme as well, making it possible to use with 3 different launchers ;)

    I speak both, Portuguese and English perfectly, German is still at 60% i would say, I just want to provide all this info to all German users who do no speak English, that is why i am requesting for a translation ;) So that everyone can understand the theme
  6. just make sure the ORIGINAL launcher is included :)
  7. #7 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    It is, the original one from Ocean Theme, i will probably delete couple of wallpapers in there since the launcher is hugee :D
  8. jupp, mine is now 1.7 MBs :)
  9. #9 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    Beta v1 released.

    Please report any bugs you might find on the interface.
  10. #10 sandimann, 12.04.2010
    WOOW!!! greatest theme I've seen so far :)
    IrealiTY´s Ocean 3 Theme was great already, but your theme is beating everything ;)
  11. #11 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    Thanks for the props mate :)
  12. #12 ChrisDroid, 12.04.2010
    I will upload a short video in the next few days so everyone can see how beautiful this theme is ;)
    I hope that is ok for you?! You can find the channel in my signature.
  13. #13 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    Sure mate, please try to somehow advertise android-hilfe on your video and add the credits.

    I am re-uploading the files into 4shared.
  14. #14 mattmaso, 12.04.2010
    the screens are down :/
  15. #15 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    I just tried, everything working fine here.

    Any other place where i can upload the screens to? They are hosted on imageshack.org
  16. #16 ChrisDroid, 12.04.2010
    In my videos i often/always refer to this great forum ;)
    I will add the credits etc. ;)
  17. #17 mattmaso, 12.04.2010
    Sorry my bad...
  18. #18 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    Awesome, go for it ;)

    No problem :)
  19. #19 sandimann, 12.04.2010
    hmm.. just installed it, and the "button" on the bottom for the launcher looks like the "button" from IrealiTY´s Ocean 3 and not like the one on your screenshots.. did i something wrong? :D
  20. #20 katsuru, 12.04.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 12.04.2010
    Yes you did, you are using the Launcher as main home, and not Home++, if you copied the Home++.apk into system/app, you should be able to find Home++ icon in the menu, open it and chose it as your home screen, you will then be running it as a replacement for your launcher, Better UI, Faster UI, Better experience! ;)

    I uploaded the first post with info about how to get Home++ running like i have, just for those who don't know how to get it done :) I will make some screens of the proceeding tomorrow.

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