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  1. #1 emanuelsanti, 03.07.2010
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    Hello i dont know german so i will type in english, this theme was designed for Thai 2.36 from GOT, i guess it works for every 2.36's build, here's the description (Google Traslate spanish/english)

    NOTE: WORKS for German version from GOT.


    Launcher presintalled: ADW Launcher 0.8.8 Moded (Launcher Pro moded available in new link)

    Music MOD V1.6: More widgets, translucent, supports gestures.

    Progress bars: Green for Desire compatibility :D

    Fonts: Desire's original font

    Mms: App with notification LED Hack, many colors to choose.

    Calculator: Original from desire.

    Youtube: RolleMod Hack, download, and HQ as default in config.
    Importan NOTE: If you get FC when you try to watch a video from browser, it's because you need to start the YouTube app to stay it in background.

    Battery Hack: 26 levels, both normal and charging (new fancy animation)

    Progress bars: Green, simply :)



    -Battery with numbers
    -White buttons dialer
    -Tips custom widget added
    -GenieWidget Fully transparent
    -Pattern icons updated

    For screenshots check my last post

    Sorry for my poor description :p, PICS:



    GOT's Open recovery

    1-Download the following file, copy to sdcard/openrecovery/updates
    2-Enter in recovery mode and then to GOT's recovery, choose Apply update and APPLY, that's it.


    Here's MODED LauncherPro with update.zip installation, same steps.

    Launcher PRO

    ORIGINAL THREAD IS HERE: Desire FE 2.0 Per/Telus/ Thai 2.36 LauncherPRO
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  2. #2 momentus, 03.07.2010
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    Bravo ... Can you post the dialer as well?
  3. Excellent, gave it a try and it works smoothly on german Milestones. Nicely done!
  4. #4 katsuru, 03.07.2010
    Damn i like it!! I will give it a try, was waiting for a theme for 2.36 that would fit my needs, and guess you just delivered what i was looking for!!!

    Nicely done mate!
  5. #5 emanuelsanti, 03.07.2010
    The dialer is default at this moment. What do you mean? Im glad it works for you all.
  6. #6 katsuru, 03.07.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 04.07.2010
    maybe he means screenshots from the dialer, if it is default, i will skip on this one, i also dont like when the lockscreen has the default color scheme.

    Lockscreen and dialer screens would be very welcome
  7. #7 emanuelsanti, 04.07.2010
    Mods for dialer queued :)

    Updates coming soon.
  8. #8 momentus, 04.07.2010
    Yes, I am looking for a new dialer like Blacksun theme. Will wait for your new revision though.
  9. #9 milestone1, 04.07.2010
    This theme is very beautiful! I like it so much! It works very smooth!

    Thank you very much!
  10. #10 katsuru, 04.07.2010
    waiting for screens of it ;)
  11. #11 emanuelsanti, 06.07.2010
    Customized dialer 100%
    Im modding the battery with level numbers, 26 discrete values.
    Working in landscape lockscreen.

    Updating tomorrow :)
  12. #12 emanuelsanti, 06.07.2010
    Customized dialer 100%
    Im modding the battery with level numbers, 26 discrete values.
    Working in landscape lockscreen.

    Updating tomorrow :)
  13. #13 chrisde, 06.07.2010
    looks very polished and i will give it a try when you release the update with those necessary features e.g. battery-levels, new dialer.. :)
  14. #14 emanuelsanti, 06.07.2010
    New screenshots, uploading, update finished (not the last one tho ;) )


  15. #15 kniffo80, 06.07.2010
    Theme already uploaded?
  16. #16 emanuelsanti, 06.07.2010
    Just updloaded. Its an update, you new to install the first release in order to get the full theme.
  17. #17 chrisde, 06.07.2010
    Looks great! Hope you update the file soon :)
  18. #18 emanuelsanti, 06.07.2010
    Chrisde its already updated, check the first post.
  19. nice work ;)
  20. #20 kniffo80, 07.07.2010
    hat das jemand schonmal ausprobiert?

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