[Theme/Diskussion] Blue/Red/Gree Status Bar mods + Batt% Any One X Sense Rom 25/06/12

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    [MOD] Blue/Red/Green Status Bar mods + Batt% - "Any One X Sense Rom" [UPDATED 25/06]

    If you don't already have a battery mod (1-100% and 1-100% battery mod charge, this will delete your battery. I'm working on a fix for this.
    Stock Rom and ARHD are the two I know of at the moment.
    Take a nandroid backup incase it delete yours battery icon.


    I have always been a lover of vanilla Android, and never really liked sense.. Sense 4.0 has changed, and I do like it, however, I'm still not keen on the status bar...

    I have changed the icons in the status bar to be ICS Blue, which I think looks so much better! (Red added by request! - 30th April)
    I am using the VillainTheme System, by VillainRom devs, which replaces the .png's within the app, instead of replacing the actual apk itself. A lot easier, and should work with all sense 4.0 roms [​IMG]

    Anyway, below are screen shots. The clock is coloured from LeeDrOid tweaks app (i'm on LeeDrOid roms), the rest is in the flashable.zip that is found on my website..

    Please click here to go to my site, navigate to the downloads page, and choose the Sense 4.0 Blue ICS Status Bar Mods.
    (No direct link as the ad revenue helps pay for my time [​IMG])

    Any problems, non-themed icons or requests, please let me know [​IMG]

    Thanks, Matt

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Included in this themeing session -
    • SystemUI
    • Framework-res
    • Mail
    • Gmail
    • Messaging
    • Music
    • GTalk
    • PSCS (USB & HDMI Icons)
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    [MOD] Blue/Red/Green Status Bar mods + Batt% - "Any One X Sense Rom" [UPDATED 25/06]

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