[Theme/Diskussion] SenseCream V4.0 BLUE für alle 4.0.4 Sense Roms - 15/08/12

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    [THEME] SenseCream Blue v4.0 - *ALL* OneX Sense4 ROMs (ICS4.0.4) [updated 13th Aug]

    20120507211617.png 20120507211706.png

    device20120516222850.png 20120507211449.png


    Download auf XDA



    • Rebased on 2.15.x / 2.17.x base
    • changed common app background from black to endursa's fixed holo background
    • Few other minor cosmetic issues

    • Fully themed Dialer/Phone.apk (including lockscreen answer button thanks to geenyous!)
    • Changed HTC green system text to blue (thanks to lex_is300 and jerrytan93)
    • Themed Play Store to match system appearance
    • Fixed notification pulldown - now supports transparency/custom backgrounds
    • changed common app background from dotted grey to black
    • Rebased on latest HTC ROM base (2.05.401.2)
    • Dialer elements changed from green to blue (more dialer themeing to come!)
    • Few more graphical glitches addressed
    • Themed HTC IME.apk
    • Few more graphical glitches addressed
    • Converted to the VillainTheme system, to provide compatibility with all Sense 4.0 ROMs
    • Made my own wifi icon, will try and post some screenshots tomorrow - let me know what you think
    • Few more graphical glitches addressed
    • Updated to be compatible with LeeDroid v6.x
    • Few more graphical glitches addressed
    • Skin rebased on HTC Matte skin
    • Fixed wifi icon alignment
    • Updated to be compatible with LeeDroid v5.1 and j4n87's Extended Quick Settings mod
    • Few more graphical glitches addressed
    • Included Lee's fix for the notification pulldown glitch, and endursa's fixed holo background
    • Themed framework-res/SystemUI/com.htc.resources - *blue/black theme throughout
    • Battery icons/charging icons
    • Other system icons*
    • Shutdown menu etc
    • Signal strength indicators
    • ICS styling for non-ICS apps (see Titanium Backup screenshot)
    • Blue progress bars (see Titanium screenshot and volume slider)
    • Blue overscroll / press highlights etc
    • Pop-up menu boxes / dialog boxes
    • Notification shade looks more ICS-style - you WILL lose the transparent notification shade mod
    • All stock HTC apps now have an ICS feel to them (calendar / HTC Music / Mail etc)
    • More things I forgot - seek and you shall find!

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    funzt einwandfrei .... klasse theme
  3. #3 quercus, 25.06.2012
    update v 3.0
  4. #4 quercus, 07.07.2012

    Version 3.1 - for ROMs built on the 2.05.x Base

    ViperX v1.x - tested myself
    InsertCoin v7.x - thanks to meleelord and robertus23
    maXimus v2.x - thanks to jejehtc
    ARHD v7.x - thanks to SweDunda and thom109 (though others have had issues, so proceed with care..and a nandroid backup!)
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    habe arhd 7.x..

    theme instlliert, scheint auch soweit zu funktionieren, nur das mein sense ui sich beendet...kann man da was machen?


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