[THEME] DROIDroid2STONE for MotoFrenzy 0.4 (Droid 2 based)

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  1. #1 emanuelsanti, 16.08.2010
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    Here I present my NEW theme Droid2Stone purely based in Droid 2's system dump.
    -New interface adapted to Milestone.
    -Multitouch keyboard
    -LiveWallpaper DROID 2 EYE
    -Bootanimation Droid 2
    -USB Droids
    -RolleMOD Youtube (Download Videos and HQ Hack)
    -Wallpaper pack extracted from Droid 2 image
    -LauncherPro set as default launcher
    -Orange fonts in buttons and menu
    -MusicMOD 1.8 with Droid 2's icon
    -Red font in download notification


    -Replace dialer DONE
    -Replace Energy Control Widget DONE
    -10 Steps for battery DONE
    -MOD Menu's Layout
    -Transparency hack
    -Speed up some animations

    Update 1

    New dialer (thanks he_stheone64)
    New energy control (thanks he_stheone64) :p
    10 Steps for battery


    1-Copy the downloaded ZIP to /sdcard/openrecovery/updates
    2-Start recovery and enter to GOT's Openrecovery
    3-Enter Miscellaneuos then apply update and choose droid2stone.zip
    4-Restart wait and enjoy-.

    Download Links:



    Wallpaper Pack

    DROID 2 Wallpapers


    mailtoalf und wolfi64 haben sich bedankt.
  2. #2 AleviDroid, 16.08.2010
    Not bad thx a lot
  3. #3 wolfi64, 17.08.2010
    Nice! Thanks for sharing :)
  4. #4 emanuelsanti, 17.08.2010
    updated! Thanks he_stheone64 for the sharing.
  5. #5 floofloo44, 17.08.2010
    Die Sprache ist Französisch möglich?
  6. #6 emanuelsanti, 17.08.2010
    Sorry no, its built from droid's froyo (english/spanish only)
  7. #7 floofloo44, 17.08.2010
    damage, a solution to the azerty keyboard?
  8. #8 silas19, 18.08.2010
    nach der Installation hängt es in einer reboot schleife :/
  9. #9 emanuelsanti, 19.08.2010
    MotoFrenzy 0.4???
  10. #10 silas19, 19.08.2010
    @@ emanuel
    Was soll das sein??
  11. #11 emanuelsanti, 19.08.2010
  12. #12 silas19, 19.08.2010

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