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    XDA Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1137014

    This is my Red X Theme ..

    Alot of this was ported from my old friend D3StRoY - who made the Generation X theme for the SGS 1 ...

    After all the red tape (no pun intended) I will not be making any other versions other than what you see ..If people want to throw their toys at me over a few PNG files then so be it ..

    This theme is based on Cognition 1.07 KE7 Rom and has not been tested on any other roms ..Flash at you own risk ..Although Ive had people say its working on KF2

    So whats themed


    Settings menu ..
    status bar icons
    Pull down notification
    Red Overscroll
    Added live DROID wallpaper mod
    Plus much more










    To do list

    Changed blue text to red ... OMG - This is editng XML files and using tools and code ...I need help on this one .. Anyone ? ...
    Theme Contacts

    Red X Theme 1.0 Flash with CWM....

    LINK - ...... Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    The live wallpaper is packed into the theme...To use it ...choose wallpapers/live wallpapers and select DROID .....Done

    Dock - [​IMG]

    Widgets I used in case anyone wants to know ...

    Simi clock ..including weather widget ...
    Missed it - Paid app ..
    sensor99 und mystery007 haben sich bedankt.
  2. #2 mystery007, 24.06.2011
    Kleiner Schnelltest:

    Bootloop mit Litening v1.5!
  3. #3 Sakaschi, 24.06.2011
    ich mag die dicken balken nicht^^
  4. "This theme is based on Cognition 1.07 KE7 Rom"

    Lightning v1.5 basiert auf KF2

    Flash on youre own risk

    Aber danke für den Test :biggrin:
  5. #5 Sakaschi, 24.06.2011
    ist nur ein kleiner eingriff dann klappts auch unter kf2^^ aber naja :D

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