[Theme] SkyCore by Nitroz [Themechooser CM9/AOKP/Gummy/BlackICE/Liquid]

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    SkyCore Theme by Nitroz für das Galaxy Nexus​

    rootzwiki > SkyCore Thread
    Themecreator > http://rootzwiki.com/user/29662-nitroz/ - Nitroz
    Website: Nitroz.org


    aktuelles CM9/AOKP/GummyNex Rom mit Themechooser Funktion

    ROM Compatibility



    What Is SkyCore?
    One day I was thinking that if a new Android OS came out (i.e. Jelly Bean) I wouldn't be able to port any of my current themes I have, since Black Exodus & Rootz Exodus are based on ICS images so porting the ICS images over to Jelly Bean would be a difficult and a non-profit task in it's own. I then went onto thinking about making a brand new, original theme with a different shape structure, which is where SkyCore came in. Its a Cyan coloured theme with some status bar icons I made myself (With help from Hooolm) Screenshots are below.
    Why are you charging for this theme?
    SkyCore has been a massive challenge for me as I have next to no Photoshop skills and making your own icons for Android isn't as easy as most people make it out to be. The basic reason is, is because of the amount of sheer work gone into this theme it doesn't deserve to be a free theme. I promise if you pay just 80p for this theme, the theme will grow intensely better with each update that comes. This isn't like Black Exodus where you get a trial version, its paid only unfortunately but the theme costs less than a cup of coffee.


    -Download in PlayStore
    -Depending on which ROM you're using, go to Settings>Themes (This is for CM9)
    -Apply Black Exodus (There's no preview yet)
    -Hit Apply Anyway
    -Reboot for the navbar to theme properly
    -You've been Exodus'd!

    Download: (jetzt über den PlayStore)

    Sky Core Theme

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