Themes für die 181er Firmware

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    UPDATE: theme fertig dank euch... :thumbsup:

    [Theme] Green Mod 1.0 - Green/Black Theme & Icons/"CRT animation" included [19/05/11] - xda-developers

    I got it working with a theme right now and want to share with you... [​IMG]


    1. Screen off animation (for demonstration use YouTube)

    2. Statusbar icons

    3. Battery icons

    4. Menu backgrounds changed to black or green (you can choose)

    5. Green iconset (mod of the prodigal sun iconpack / over 140 icons)

    For black theme take the black-framework-res.apk and the black-SemcGenericUxpRes.apk. The SystemUI.apk is the same for black and green.

    For green theme take the green-framework-res.apk and the green-SemcGenericUxpRes.apk. The SystemUI.apk is the same for black and green.

    You will find everything in attachment...

    So its time to have a look...

    photo-9123-76c0bf4d.png photo-9124-76e633e6.png photo-9110-a8f4c0b0.jpg photo-9111-d3266939.jpg

    Download: siehe Originalthread
    quercus bedankt sich.
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    ich komme leider erst anfang nächster woche wieder zum theme-basteln.

    aber werde diese woche noch den theme thread fertig machen für dieses.

    @ Ikrys: können wir gerne machen. bloß hab ich weniger ahnung als du vielleicht denkst. :lol: hält mich aber nicht davon ab...

    greetz Q.
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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: Stor-Anders

    Link: [Theme] All black

    Since I got my Arc, the blueish theme has annoyed me, so I decided to make a monochrome version.
    All black backgrounds, all grayscale frames.
    One of few things (that I know of) that still is light blue is the progressbar.
    The CRT-off animation is included.

    Works with .181

    screenshot_7.jpg screenshot_8.jpg screenshot_9.jpg screenshot_13.jpg

    [​IMG] [​IMG]SemcGenericUxpRes.apk
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    lkrys bedankt sich.

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