[TUT] European Froyo Rom on American Droid pro! Or restore your froyo on European

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  1. #1 dettofatto, 12.04.2012
    I've extracted my froyo kernel from my european droid, then i've applied my froyo kernel and european backup on american droid pro!
    And now i have american droid pro, with european rom!!!!
    And it is very stable!
    After i give you a tutorial and links!
    This step are very good for European pro, because we dont have any sbf! And so with this kernel we can restore european froyo, on european pro, if we had update to ics, or cgm7...

    --- Before you must do your backup ----

    1) Download and put Froyo Kernel on your sdcard http://db.tt/3xSQtgfI after download nandroid european backup http://db.tt/TaTEX2QG (extract this backup from rar and put the 5 files in your sd in a newnew folder named euoropeanfroyo (without space) and then put this new folder under clockwordmod/backup) .
    2) Reboot in clockword mod
    2a) backup and restore - backup
    3) Install from zip and choose froyo kernel don't reboot
    4) choose backup and restore and restore nandroid european backup don't reboot
    5) wipe all data
    6) now reboot
    7) Install droid bootstrap 2

    If you want restore your backup see this link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1532219 (before you must install ics, and then reboot in clockwordmod and install your backup...)

    This kernel don't change your radio!

    Thanks to: ngtwolf, jackpotClavin and JohnS
    Boogie bedankt sich.
  2. #2 RndmGst, 13.04.2012
    So you mean... I can upgrade to ICS and still have the option to go back to froyo?
    If yes, is it the original froyo like the stock one or is there still something that is changed?
  3. #3 dettofatto, 13.04.2012
    Yes! I've done! It is a stock european froyo (querty) version v2u 3.4.2-179
  4. #4 capnweed, 31.05.2012
    I tried this but i after rebooting the bootloader pops up saying

    does anyone know what that means?
  5. #5 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    You're coming from 2.3.6?

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  6. #6 capnweed, 31.05.2012
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    yes. i flashed my pro with the argentina sbf because the boot menu was broken.

    i used to have your version (2.3.4) installed and everything worked fine until i tried upgrading to ics. this somehow destroyed my bootmenu and i had to sbf. since that, the mobile internet doesn't work anymore in 2.3.4 so i had the idea to go back to froyo and then install 2.3.4 just as i did originally (before the sbf).
  7. #7 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    I'm sorry... argentinian 2.3.4 has poor gsm signal...
    You don't never change your kernel if you have argentinian 2.3.6!
    And you can't use froyo backup with this kernel....
    Did you use rsdlite, or sbf_flash?

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  8. #8 capnweed, 31.05.2012
    i used rsdlite for sbf.
  9. #9 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    Ok... reflash with rsdlite...!
    Then root and then use your preferred rom.
    Don't change Your kernel...!
    Use only droid 2 bootstrapper for the first time, or if you have any issue...

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  10. #10 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    But You'll have always poor gsm signal...

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  11. #11 capnweed, 31.05.2012
    so there is absolutely no way to change the kernel? is there a eu-froyo sbf that i could use?
  12. #12 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    No... I'm sorry...!
    You can't use any kernel...
    And the kernel doesn't improve your signal!
    We don't have any sbf, and you have a locked kernel...
    If you have data issue, probably you must edit your apn manually...

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  13. #13 capnweed, 31.05.2012
    ok, then i will experiment with this kernel. thank you very much for your help!
  14. #14 capnweed, 31.05.2012
    i'm still trying to get the mobile internet to work. the settings are correct but i just doesn't work. does anyone have an idea what could be the problem? i attach an image of the radio info.


  15. Its this working for the german pro too?
  16. #16 dettofatto, 31.05.2012
    Are you in roaming?
    Enable in data menu, under settings...

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  17. #17 dettofatto, 31.05.2012

    What? The difference between European droid pro, and yours is only the quertz...

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