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WakeVoice : New original Alarm Clock

Dieses Thema im Forum "Sonstige Apps & Widgets" wurde erstellt von ADNFX Mobile, 27.10.2010.

  1. #1 ADNFX Mobile, 27.10.2010
    Hi All,

    The new WakeVoice release is available to all since Saturday 23rd October in both LITE/TRIAL and FULL versions.

    Description :
    Waking up is not an easy thing for you? You never found the clock you needed?
    So why not try WakeVoice! Indeed, this Android application overcomes this negative image that sticks to the alarm clocks by making your mornings entertaining.
    The principle is easy: imagine that you can interact with your voice alarm. You tell it snooze, and it activates the recall mode. A "stop" and it stops. Childish. Then, imagine the phone announcing the weather forecast or the latest news. Pretty nice.
    Add to that all the settings imaginable on a clock (programming more alarms over several days, setting names, volume, time ...) and you get WakeVoice, the most innovative alarm clocks that you can find on Android.

    Huge new features :
    - New « intelligent » process of voice recognition
    - Record your own voice commands to stop or snooze the alarm (try a « shut up » or « sleep », it’s amazing !)
    - Choose your own RSS feed for the morning news
    - One Shot Alarm

    Screenshots :








    Coming very soon :
    So many features will be upgrading WakeVoice to make it your favourite app!
    - Import/Export of alarm clocks
    - “Sweet alarm” (volume slow increase at wake up)
    - New features : horoscope, ephemeris, MP3 playlists and others
    - And many more to come!

    QR Codes :
    Lite (Trial):

    More information :
    New website: WakeVoice, une application Android qui transforme vos réveils. (translated in other languages than French)
    Facebook: ADNFX Mobile | Facebook
    Twitter: ADNFX Mobile (ADNFXMobile) on Twitter
    Crowdin (translation): WakeVoice Translations - Crowdin.net
    Promo shot: http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/2443/posteruz.png
  2. #2 Unkaputtbar, 17.11.2010
    Wo ist das letzte Menü zu finden? Also das, in dem man das Keyword für SNOOZE und STOP einstellt?
  3. #3 Blackvirus, 18.11.2010
    Erster Screenshot, links oben :)

    Sieht ganz gut aus, werd ich mal testen. Hoffentlich stürzt die App nicht so wie andere Wecker ab...
  4. #4 Unkaputtbar, 18.11.2010
    Da fehlen bei mir komischerweise die Einstellungen über "Weather settings" wie z.B. STOP keyword.
  5. #5 Blackvirus, 19.11.2010
    Eigenartig, bei mir sind da die sechs Menüpunkte. Neu installieren?
  6. #6 ADNFX Mobile, 11.12.2010
    Sorry all,

    I wasn't receiving notifications. I hope that I selected the good option this time.
    Have you succeed in your issues?

    By the way, thanks to a nice german user (Matze), WakeVoice is now available in your own language .... the german!!! :cool2:

    (via Google)
    Leider alle,

    Ich war nicht Benachrichtigungen zu erhalten. Ich hoffe, dass ich die gute Option ausgewählt diesem Zeitpunkt.
    Haben Sie Erfolg in Ihr Fragen?

    By the way, durch eine deutsche und nette User (Matze) WakeVoice ist jetzt auch in Ihrer eigenen Sprache .... Die deutsche! :cool2:

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