where to buy SGS2 in berlin?

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  1. hi...

    i'm not an European citizen and my parents are now in Berlin...

    they are looking for SGS2 (in berlin) and until now they didn't find it.. (they visited Saturn and Media Market)

    where can they find the SGS2 for a reasonable price (like 500 Euro) in Berlin?
    it is also have to be tax free store...

    thanks in advanced for your help! :)
  2. #2 Eberaldo, 16.08.2011
    at least considering the tax, you will not be able to, as all the prices in stores already include VAT...
  3. saturn and mediamarkt are the best places to buy the sgs2

    the mediamarkt in the alexa building near the Alexander Platz must have it!!!

    i hope i can help :)
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    wenn man keine ahnung hat...

    you can buy it in saturn and media market, first you have to pay tax, but go to the information and ask for tax free, they can help your parents

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  5. the opposite is right.
    The worst places in berlin.
    I was 10 days ago @ alex and no more left.
    Go to notebookbilliger or another shop online.
  6. first of all, thanks for your answers.

    my parents were in alexanderplatz and both Saturn and Media market don't have SGS2 in stock... my father even told me that he went to the O2 store and they don't have it either.

    i can't buy online... i must buy it on a regular store... and my parents will leave berlin in two days... so i must hurry.. :razz:

    I'm familiar with the procedure of getting the tax back... I'm just asking for place who have the option for it :)

    so still... any recommendation about stores will be great...

    thanks a lot again...

    danke :razz:
  7. #8 pspilot, 16.08.2011
    There's no special option. You get a bill with VAT and when you leave the country, you have to do the paper work with that receipt on the airport, AFAIK.

    And buying: Amazon, 490€ incl. shipping and when you want to make sure you get it tomorrow, add about 20€ extra for overnight delivery. It's super reliable and have it shipped to the hotel or where your parents are staying.
  8. thanks a lot!

    i will consider this option! :)

    i know that i will get the tax back in the airport.. :winki:

    can i get the VAT back when i buy from amazon?


    do you know if it is a tax free store?

    thanks :)
  9. In general there are NO tax free stores in Germany (besides some very special ones for certain purposes). The procedure is as pspilot described.

    You pay the regular tax in the store, no matter what kind of store and you should request an export certificate where the buying process and information is registered by the selling agency (the shop).

    This should look like that one here:

    With this document you have to go to German customs at the airport and hand it over to those authorities. They will refund you the VAT and give you another certificate for the US customs there.
  10. my parents returned home and brought to me and my sister a SGS2 :)
    finally they found it on some saturn branch :)

    thanks a lot for all of you for your help!

    danke and "toda raba" (in my language :p) from Israel
  11. #12 pspilot, 20.08.2011
    Nice parents ... all I got mostly where lame t-shirts with things on it like "I didn't climb Ayers Rock" :D ...

    Seriously, have fun, it's a nice piece of hardware :).

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