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[Widget] PaperBoard - Put it where you want it

Dieses Thema im Forum "Sonstige Apps & Widgets" wurde erstellt von rebecca.solanas, 10.05.2011.

  1. #1 rebecca.solanas, 10.05.2011
    Unbegrenzte Personalisierung für Ihr Home-Bildschirm stellen: Anwendungen, Kontakte, Fotos, Texte, URL ... wo immer Sie wollen.

    Unlimited customisation for your Home screen : put your applications, contacts, photos, custom texts, url... anywhere you want.


    The PaperBoard widget will help you to start your apps, call your friends, start url browsing, customize your home screen...

    1. Configuration

      Configuration is done in 4 steps:
      • Select the objects you want to put on your Home screen: photos, symbols, texts, application icons...
      • Put it wherever
      • Change their parameters (action, rotation, color, font ...)
      • Install

    2. Some cases of use

      • Put shortcuts to call your contacts:

        In the configuration panel, for each photo, text or symbol, you can link a contact.


        Once the widget installed, a simple click reveals the possible actions.


      • Customize your home screen with photos, symbols, texts:


      • Put your apps icons:

        In the configuration panel, you can open your list applications.


        Once the widget installed, you can then start the desired applications by simply clicking on his icon.


      • Customize with everything.

        No limit !

      You will not have to worry about memory or speed: there is only 1 single widget optimized to take up space on your screen.
      The only limitation is the size of your screen.

    3. Installation

      To install the widget for the first time, long press on the home screen and select widgets.


      Then navigate to PaperBoard and then confirm.


      Once in place, click on configuration button.


      At any time, you can change the objects by clicking on the wheel at the top right corner screen.

    4. Permissions

      WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Configuration Backup
      VIBRATION: Vibration when selecting/moving objects in the panel configuration
      RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: after the phone reboot, allows the widget installation
      READ_CONTACTS: Displays the list of your contacts
      CALL_PHONE: Allows the widget to call the selected contact.

    5. Market

      Lite version, com.paper.board.lite :
      • All features but limited


      Complete version, com.paper.board :
      • All features


    6. Key features
      • Put anywhere you want your photos, symbols, texts, shortcuts applications icons...
      • Change design ; font, color, size, rotation...
      • Attribute the functions you wish to an object
      • Change the background color and frame.

    Many features are under development.
    Some will release depending on the number of current downloads. And the other regularly.

    Next key feature from 1000th download: link with a web url/bookmark.

    Enjoy !

  2. #2 rebecca.solanas, 13.05.2011
    Hi guys,

    Each friday, a new PaperBoard update.

    For the version 2.1.1, please find:

    • an Ergonomic update: during the text editing, a frame appears around the edit text area.


    • a New option in text Modify menu: Edit. So, you can edit the selected text.


    Next key feature from 1.000th download: link with a web url/bookmark and with an application.

  3. #3 rebecca.solanas, 20.05.2011
    Hi guys,

    Each friday, a new PaperBoard update.

    For the version 2.2, please find 2 new features:

    1. Link with an application:

      For each item, you can link it with an application


      Click on it to start the application

    2. Link with a web url:

      For each item, you can link it with a web url: from bookmarks or from a new url.



      Click on it to start your browser with this url.



    Now, you can follow us on www.92and39.com ;)

    The next update will be a correction of different users troubles.

  4. #4 rebecca.solanas, 27.05.2011
    Hi guys,

    Each friday, a new PaperBoard update.

    For the version 2.2.1, please find 2 new improvements for tablet:

    1. Tablet size:

      For Tablet (5x5) installation, please select PaperBoard (Tablet) item in the widgets list.


      if you have also set your screen to be 5x5, you could use this item.
      Don't worry for the other size, option will be available in a next release ;)

    2. Orientation:

      Update widget after screen orientation changing.

  5. #5 rebecca.solanas, 12.06.2011
    Hi guys,

    Each friday (even if we are sunday today ;)), a new PaperBoard update.

    For the version 2.2.4, please find 1 new option:

    When you a add a cropped image, you can choose between 4 sizes:

    • S (64x64)
    • L (128x128)
    • M (192x192)
    • XL (256x256)


    In previous versions, the default size was 96x96.


    Next update... the week after ;)


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