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  1. Michael M., 21.03.2012 #1
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Da es hier noch keinen Thread für die LeanKernelTweaks gibt eröffne ich mal einen, da ich das Script doch ziemlich nützlich finde.

    Aktuelle Version: 14.3

    Oringinal-Thread @ RootzWiki: [KernelTweaks] LeanKernelTweaks v14.3 Revamped

    Download: LeanKernelTweaks-14-3.zip

    Alle Credits gehen an jakebites


    Aus dem Original-Thread:

    THIS IS ONLY FOR IMOSEYON'S LEAN KERNEL FOR NOW. If enough people request it, I'll make a version for other kernels too.

    This will work with stable or exp versions of Imo's kernel and is compatible with every current and future build of LeanKernel.


    -Fixed backup/restore
    -Fixed color and multipliers not sticking at boot with roms with native support
    -Fixed something else that I can't remember lol

    -Fixed restore not restoring the main menu variables

    -Fixed all known bugs(including the dreaded remount issue thanks to help from Imoseyon!)
    -Moved leantweaks main file to /data/leantweaks/leantweaks and made leantweaks(and symlinked lt) call it from there
    -Added version number to the main menu title

    -Added wifi_pm mods support to the main menu(Added added it to backup and check menu)
    -Redid all toggles to now be menus instead of y/n. Looks a lot nicer and is easier to navigate.
    -Moved GPU OC to frequency menu
    -Added smart reflex toggling to kernel control menu
    -Added exit and remount ro option to all menus
    -Few other small changes.

    -Bugfix build, nothing new

    -Redid the color menu for easier navigation
    -Added color multiplier support
    -Added option to disable/re-enable multiplier safety
    -Added checks for new options and added them to backup/restore
    -Made a confirm option before backing up leantweaks settings (as requested!)
    -Redid installbb to install the busybox that comes with leankernel for better support
    -Couple of random small fixes

    Note from my tester(Byron): "The only hiccup wasn't LKT's fault, but it may be worth noting to users (and see if you can replicate). Basically I found that the LKT values for multipliers were sticking, but a second or so after boot, the color would revert. I cleared AOKP Rom Control data, and that resolved the issue. So I guess if a user touches the multiplier in Rom Control, that becomes a "set at boot" parameter going forward, even though the user doesn't have any option to disable that functionality."

    -New script added to xbin, installbb which will use your included busybox to install a working version to the users phone without needing to use a busybox located in xbin to run leantweaks
    -Reverted GPU stock MHz to 307 because I hadn't realized that's what Imoseyon had made stock now (oops lol)
    -Fixed the GPU check not reporting when on 307
    -Added GPU check to the actual GPU selection menu for ease
    -Added current gamma state to the custom color menu for ease

    -Added gamma control, gamma check, and gamma setting backup
    -Added vibration control, vibration check and vibration setting backup
    -Condensed the main menu with a new menu called "kernel control menu" which contains all live user changes
    -Edited the busybox installer menu to use the included busybox in /sbin/bb/busybox for more widespread support
    -Changed to default GPU setting to 384 from 307 (mistake from last version)
    -Made the aggressive UV values the same for the stable and exp kernels
    -Couple other minor changes
    -Updated SS in OP

    -Added a live GPU overclock menu
    -Added GPU overclock to backup/restore
    -Added check for current GPU setting
    -Removed noop from the scheduler menu
    -Updated OP screenshot

    -Upped the aggressive 1520 UV slot to 1280 to increase stability
    -Made Sio scheduler default (I found it better on standby battery)
    -Planning to remove noop from the scheduler option soon

    -Added scheduler choice menu to the CPU manu
    -Added backup for the new option
    -Added check for scheduler choice

    -Highly optimized hotplugx when setting it alone with lean tweaks
    (Leantweaks defaults: sampling rate=75000, up threshold=80, hotplug out sampling period=100
    -Added option to change hotplug out sampling periods value in governor scaling tweaks menu
    -Added check for hotplug out sampling periods value
    -Updated aggressive UV values (this is really only recommended for those with hw10, hw9 is better using the normal preset which are also imo's recommended UV values for the notrim kernels)
    -Also updated OP down a bit further on new UV values for preset and aggressive preset
    -Maybe fixed a couple of things? Can't remember. Very solid release! Tested by Jbird. (liquid dev)
    -Updated OP and moved old changelogs so the post isn't so massive.

    -Added aggressive minfree tweaks at boot recommended by Imoseyon
    -Added aggressive UV preset to UV menu
    -Updated OP screenshot

    -Fixed HQ playback check
    -Fixed check menu number selections

    -Added rom init.d script stripper for Rom's that have init scripts that interfere with leantweaks
    -Added init.d doctor for those having issues with init.d starting (may have to install busybox through the menu as well)
    -Added sound control menu (Sound boost and HQ playback toggles)
    -Updated system and sdcard speedup, no longer any drain issues (thanks liquid!)
    -Added backup/restore for all new features
    -Fixed a couple random things
    -Added checks for new features
    -Updated screenshot in OP

    -Added color control support for the stable lean kernel
    -Changed 63c for lower freqs than 1520 MHz to 75c
    -Added user set values for temp throttle controls and preset menu
    -Added backup/restore for the temp throttle value
    -Added check for temp throttle value
    -Took all 1420 MHz options out of all menus as it no longer exists in lean kernel
    -Some other things I probably forgot :)

    -Fixed UV after a reboot, forgot to merge them in init in 10.5

    -Added 80c auto change for 1520 and 1650 GHz and 63c for anything set lower
    -Merged kernel version exp and notrim into one because that's what Imo did :)

    -Very slightly changed UV presets
    -Fixed USB quick charge at boot
    -Added download and install working busybox to main menu options :D
    -Updated screenshot in OP

    -Reverted polling time change for hotplugX and ondemand governor, user can decide now
    -Changed a couple of UV preset values for those having issues
    -Added USB quick charge at boot option
    -Added check for USB quick charge at boot option

    -Fixed UV bug with preset values not sticking (stupid error, my bad!)
    -Fixed lkflash not working in the new Imoseyon script menu

    -Forgot to mention this is previous changelog but stock settings are now interactive governor and 1200 MHz max due to the amount of people's own personal preferences and the amount of options available.
    -Fixed color control menu for color control v2
    -Fixed file name error for scaling tweaks and go_hispeed_load
    -Added new menu dedicated to Imoseyon's included kernel scripts :D
    -*May* have fixed the battery drain issues with the system speedup mod, the sdcard speedup however does not cause drain. Test it for me! :)
    -Updated screenshot in OP
    -Moved old changelogs to the bottom of OP

    -Updated all menus to look nicer and for easier navigation
    -Condensed main menu to fit on screen
    -Added navigation section to all menus
    -Moved most kernel options to a new "CPU menu"
    -Fixeda small error with backup/restore
    -Updated preset UV values (heavily tested)
    -Fast charge toggle is coming soon! Can't say why I can't include it in this release though!

    -Added notrim kernel support
    -Added auto check for notrim kernel
    -Added notrim UV support
    -Updated preset UV values
    -Added 1520 and 1650 slots to min and max menus
    -Fixed small interactive scaling bug
    -Disabled sdcard and system speed up by default, you can enable it if you want to
    -No time to elaborate now, can explain more later

    Voltages used when undervolting with my script:

    Please note that the 180, 230 and 1420 slots are not stable on every phone to begin with. Undervolting these slots will NOT be stable on every device.

    Preset voltages used when undervolting with my script:
    1650 MHz: 1420 mV
    1520 MHz: 1320 mV
    1350 MHz: 1220 mV
    1200 MHz: 1210 mV
    920 MHz: 1080 mV
    700 MHz: 1010 mV
    350 MHz: 840 mV
    180/230 MHz: 820 mV

    Aggressive preset voltages used when undervolting with my script:
    1650 MHz: 1400 mV
    1520 MHz: 1260 mV
    1350 MHz: 1220 mV
    1200 MHz: 1160 mV
    920 MHz: 1000 mV
    700 MHz: 900 mV
    350 MHz: 760 mV
    180/230 MHz: 740 mV


    -Changes the value in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/interactivex/hispeed_freq to user selected value

    ^ This file determines the frequency that the systems cpu will ramp up to after a certain point in the interactivex and interactive governors. By default it is set to 1200mhz for the Galaxy Nexus. By changing it to the custom overclock value(1350), the system will now not have to load up to 1200 and then make the jump to 1350, which is pretty significant in my opinion because the interactive(x) governors are supposed to jump up quickly for a faster response to the user. This value is untouched when changing frequencies in setcpu and most likely the other cpu apps out there. Many people including myself found this to make a big difference in speed, I feel like now it actually feels overclocked. ^

    -Includes leantweaks script which can customize:
    Min/Max frequencies at boot
    Governor at boot
    Zram toggle
    Swap toggle
    Check current kernel stats
    Reboot to recovery
    Disable all tweaks

    Basically, it does what setCPU does with the addition of the interactive/interactivex hispeed_freq edit without the need for an app/service running in the background.


    What happens when I have a question about Lean Tweaks?:
    Abqnm will be VERY HAPPY to answer all questions for you! :)

    What is activated by default after the initial flash of the tweaks?
    -OC to 1350 at boot
    -InteractiveX governor at boot
    -hispeed_freq and go_hispeed_freq value edits

    What's zram and swap and why should I care?
    Zram and swap both offer an extention to VM without having to get more memory(hardware). Basically it will make multi-tasking easier and more efficient.

    If I flash a new version of LeanKernel, do I need to re-install LeanTweaks as well?
    No, these tweaks and settings will persist until wiping data and/or flashing a new rom.

    I chose a setting that my phone didn't like and now my phone won't turn on, do I need to wipe data and reflash everything?
    No, just reflash the LeanKernelTweakvX.zip in recovery and the settings will then be reset to stable settings.

    If I flash a new version of LeanKernelTweaks, will I need to set everything back up?
    Yes, you will need to re-enable the tweaks you would like to use when installing a new version of LeanKernelTweaks.

    I'm getting a busybox error when trying to use leantweaks in terminal emulator, what do I do?
    You can use Jrummy's Busybox Installer app which is free on the market to install busybox. Leantweaks should work fine after installing busybox.

    I want to use a different kernel, do I need to do anything with leantweaks before hand?
    Open the leantweaks menu in terminal and disable all tweaks. You can then flash any kernel you like with no issues.

    How do I use the terminal commands?
    Open terminal emulator and type:

    Please uninstall or disable defaults in setcpu(or other cpu apps) before installing this.
    You're phone doesn't need to rely on a cpu app any longer with this mod, upon install 350 min -1350 max and interactivex governor will be defaulted with the mod to the interactivex file as well. I've done a lot of testing on my personal phone and custom voltages offer such a minimal battery benefit that even after one SOD or random reboot, it has used more battery than it has saved. However, if enough people really desire user undervolting, I'll try working on that too.

    How to install:
    Flash in recovery, no need to wipe anything.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 24.05.2012
  2. Michael M., 21.03.2012 #2
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Noch ein Tipp zum bequemen Aufrufen des Scripts:

    - Mit dem ScriptManager ein neues Script mit folgendem Inhalt erstellen:

    (ich weiß nicht, ob es zwingend erforderlich ist, aber fügt am Ende sicherheitshalber eine Leerzeile ein)

    - Das Script nun im ScriptManager als Favorit definieren und einstellen, dass es über Root-Berechtigung verfügen soll ("Run as root")

    - Nun könnt ihr für dieses Script z.B. ein Widget erstellen welches immer das aktuell installierte Script (also auch die aktuelle Version) ausführt.
    Auch über die Favoriten des ScriptManagers wird immer die aktuell geflashte Version ausgeführt.
    hotnspicyjohnny bedankt sich.
  3. hotnspicyjohnny, 22.03.2012 #3

    hotnspicyjohnny Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Also versteh ich das richtig das die Hauptaufgabe von dem Tweak das Umschalten zwischen verschiedenen Taktungen, allerdings nur bei den Governors interactive und interactivex, zu beschleunigen ?
    klingt interessant, schon jemand das ganze getestet ?
  4. Michael M., 22.03.2012 #4
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Ich hab das Script seit Version 9 oder früher im Einsatz. Ist echt klasse, finde ich!

    Es ist auch kein reiner "Ersatz" für SetCPU. Das nutze ich nebenher zum Einstellen der Taktung und des Governors usw.

    Ich kann aus irgendeinem Grund gerade keine Screenshots erstellen (hole ich bei Gelegenheit nach), aber zum Funktionsumfang gehört ganz grob:

    - UV
    - Throttle Temperatur anpassen
    - Color Control
    - Sound Control
    - Swap und Zram (bitte selber informieren, hab's selber nicht ganz gerafft was das ist)
    - USB Quick Charge An/Aus
    - Checken der installierten Version und bei Bedarf aktualisieren auf die allerneueste Version des LeanKernels (inkl. exp-Versionen)
    Fabipro und hotnspicyjohnny haben sich bedankt.
  5. Michael M., 24.03.2012 #5
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf Version 12.2 (s. Startpost)

    Den Screenshot habe ich mit der aktuellen Version gemacht, so dass der aktuelle Umfang ersichtlicher ist.
  6. Michael M., 29.03.2012 #6
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf Version 12.3
  7. Michael M., 30.03.2012 #7
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf Version 12.4
  8. Michael M., 14.04.2012 #8
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf Version 13.0
  9. Michael M., 19.04.2012 #9
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf Version 13.3
  10. tho85, 28.04.2012 #10

    tho85 Android-Experte

    Ich hätte das gerne mal ausprobiert, aber der Download funktioniert nicht, im originalthread wird auf den Thread zum LeanKernel verwiesen, und dort wieder auf den Thread von den Tweaks... Ich raffs leider nicht ganz :(
    Michael M. bedankt sich.
  11. Michael M., 28.04.2012 #11
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Danke für die Info! Der Dropbox-Link ist momentan down, warum auch immer. Ggf. steht ein Update an.
    Bis dahin hab ich das Archiv mal angehängt. ;)


    hotnspicyjohnny und tho85 haben sich bedankt.
  12. Michael M., 02.05.2012 #12
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf 13.4

    Download: LeanKernelTweaksRV-13-4.zip
    (Link im Startpost funktioniert auch wieder)

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 11:41 Uhr wurde um 13:13 Uhr ergänzt:


    Nach dem Flashen waren bei mir die Farben extrem blass. Falls das bei Euch auch der Fall ist:

    - Script ausführen
    - 3. Kernel Control Menu
    - 1. Color/.../... Menu
    - 1. Color Adjustment Menu
    - 2. Stock Color Values (oder die anderen durchprobieren, falls die eher zusagen)

    Die Farbe ändert sich sofort ohne Reboot und wird beim Booten wieder gesetzt.
    kosmogon bedankt sich.
  13. kosmogon, 02.05.2012 #13

    kosmogon Erfahrener Benutzer

    War auch bei mir der Fall - allerdings lediglich in Verbindung mit dem 3.4.0 exp.3 ...
  14. Michael M., 02.05.2012 #14
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Bei mir auch mit der exp3... Naja, sicher is sicher, weil die Farbgebung war ja mal richtig grottig.
  15. tho85, 06.05.2012 #15

    tho85 Android-Experte

  16. Michael M., 12.05.2012 #16
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update auf 14.2

    Ich editier später noch rein, ob sich das mit dieser gelbstichigen Farbgebung erledigt hat. Ich hatte das nach jedem Reboot, obwohl die init.d-Scripte gelaufen sind. Das Changelog lässt schonmal hoffen.
  17. Michael M., 24.05.2012 #17
    Michael M.

    Michael M. Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Update Version 14.3

    Ich hoffe die Farbprobleme sind nun endlich mal behoben. Ich muss nach jedem Reboot die Farben neu setzen... :cursing:

    Download: LeanKernelTweaks-14-3.zip


    -Fixed backup/restore
    -Fixed color and multipliers not sticking at boot with roms with native support
    -Fixed something else that I can't remember lol

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