[ROM][6.x.x][CM Based] Purity Rom

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Diskutiere [ROM][6.x.x][CM Based] Purity Rom im Custom-ROMs für Google Nexus 6 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Nexus 6.


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Purity gibt es nun auch für unser Nexus 6

Informationen dazu findet Ihr nur auf der G+ Community Seite.
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Neues Build:

Don't build Browser, Calendar, Launcher2, QuickSearchBox, Music
Add purity ui script
Show more info while flashing

Implement kexec-hardboot
Sound Control: initial bring up for Nexus 6 Linux 3.10 kernel driver
Optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm

Keyguard: Don't show keyguard if CryptKeeper enabled
Improve scrolling cache
Update GPS Icons to be more Material
Materialize toast frames
Don't refresh ui when screen off
Navbar: add mdpi - hdpi missed icons
Bluetooth: Change disconnected icon to be 40% transparent
SystemUI: Fix volume panel inconsistencies
DocumentsUI: ita translations
Make accessing mWaitingForDrawn thread-safe
Bind backup transport in later boot phase.
Restart persistent process if start timeout.
fix for crash when PDF printing in Chrome
onAccountsUpdated shouldn't be called back after listener unregistered
Fix NPE in BaseStatusbar in onListenerConnected
Fix to show inifinite resolveractivity
SystemUI: Reload the EndNowButton label
Prevent erroneous calls to OnCheckedChangedListener
Fix NPE in TextUtils
Remove duplicate assignment statement
Revert "DocumentsUI: Show advanced devices by default"
systemui: animate clear recents exit
ClearAllRecents: reduce margin
Added clear recents eye-shaped background
Add clear all recents action to recents panel (Squashed)
Navigationbar: Fix 'back' button in landscape mode
Update Headset Icon
base: display headset when plug
backup: backup manager is using the wrong transport
base: show boot progress dialog at first boot
dynamic tiles: debrand adb icon
DocumentsUI: fix cut icon
Navbar layout fixes
Navbar: add expanded desktop button
Grant required permissions to Google Apps
Navigationbar: Add just one more button
DocumentsUI: Show advanced devices by default
base: silence logs
Sound Tile improvement
SystemUI: add Sound tile to QS (1/2)
Expanded desktop tile
National Data Roaming
Enable advanced reboot by default
Revert "Update ADB status bar icon"
Make 'Restrict Background Data' notification swipeable
Purity logo for "optimizing apps"
DocumentsUI File Manager
aapt: silence these warnings
SystemUI: dont build tests
Frameworks_base: Add navbar power button
Tweak long-press back kill application delay
Turn off some debugs

Settings: no more holo for navbar editor
Better expose text color for single button panel button
Themes: Expose Hard colors for storage settings
Use correct icon for ring volume
Settings: Fix "Fix SecuritySettings filtering" copy pasta
date customizations
dashboard: reorganize settings
Slim date customizations
Ability to hide superuser status bar icon
Remove CM Profiles
Remove Development shortcut
Dotted circle battery
Show Purity modversion
Navbar height settings
Remove CMStats-Updater

Materialize app drawer icon
WallpaperPicker: Materialize icon
Marshmallowify Trebuchet icon

SoundRecorder: record in background

enable root access
remove Eleven - Terminal - Profiles app
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neues Build ist Online. Changelog s. "Spoiler"


Neuestes build seit gestern erhältlich.
Basis 5.1.1_r3
Extrem Smooth, keine unnötigen Features



Purity - 24/05

Updated source code to 5.1.1_r3

- Art:
Revert ART: prevent patchoat from symlinking with dummy files …
Revert ART: patchoat gets gzip support for compressed odex files*

- Build:
Revert build: Add option to compress precompiled odex with gzip

- Device_lge_hammerhead:
hammerhead: Give unpriviledged users write perms to USB storage …
hammerhead: Fix apps2d to usb storage

- Device_moto_Shamu:
motorola-shamu: Use new 3gb dalvik heap and hwui …
Enable USB OTG Shamu*

- Frameworks_base:
Fix typo
Allow prevention of doze notification color inversion Doze 2.1 for …
Re-add missing ellipsis string …
SystemServer: Skip TorchService construction if no flash feature dete… …
Fix another off-by-one error in computeEllipsis …
SystemUI: improve dpad arrow key state logic …
Fix bugs regarding delay the dispatching of non-wakeup alarms …
Fix for infinite loop in RemoteViewsAdapter …
Fix bug of unnecessary wakeups after completed syncs. …
Remove the window whose client process has died or become zombie …
Don't relayout based on a window that isn't visible …
Fix racing condition of mTouchExcludeRegion …
Measure absolute value of pointer motion distance …
Adjust display inversion matrix to account for luminance …
fix return value scale of notifyANR() …
Frameworks/base: Fix old code in MediaPlayer …
Frameworks/base: Fix null-pointer access …
base: Nat464: unregister network observer when we stop! …
Context leaks in EditText causes out of memory …
Remove some useless debug spam. …
Fix lost singleton provider after force-stopping user or package. …
Don't apply animation clip to dialog activities …
Use the correct parent size to initialize animations …
Framework: StatusBar Ticker (1/2) …
Fix typo in Spanish AOSP translation …
(1/2) Battery: add dotted circle variant …
Mobile data tile: open network settings …
base: kill some log spam …
Improve Recents-View …
Fix navbar on tablets
Fix no vibration during shutdown. …
optimize wallpaper load,avoid show black wallpaper. …
Torch: remind user flashlight is still on …
Unset frame listener before tearing down GLThreadManager. …
TorchService: improve state management …
Re-add dump() method to TorchService.*

- Frameworks_native:
Revert installd: Add gzipped odex support
Add 3GB dalvik heap and hwui memory

- Settings:
Update: Ita translations
Update: Hr translations
Settings: Update sync widget state …
Used fixed size for app icon width in default sms dialog …
Settings: StatusBar Ticker (2/2) …
(2/2) Battery: add dotted circle variant …
Add Europe/Istanbul timezone …
Add Europe/Madrid. …
Add Pacific/Noumea. …
Settings: Fix wifi developer options summaries

- Vendor_purity:
APNs: 716: added Claro, Entel; 732: Fixed COMCEL …
APNs: Add MVNO HoT Austria Internet and MMS APN configuration …
APNs: moar MVNO's …
APNs: Separate Simyo ES' entry (default and mms) …
apns: Added APN configuration for Suop MVNO (Spain) …
Added several APNs, updated a couple carrier names …
Split Smartfren MMS out …
Add authentication parameters to MVNO NL APN configuration …
Updated Telekom RO APN to reflect their recent name change …
Added APN for Costa Rica ICE Kolbi …
Removed obsolete internet APN for Indosat …
Fix typo and build …
Fixed typo in APN config for Nicaraguan networks. …
Added Eagle Mobile MMS apn configuration. …
apns-conf.xml: (DK) merge BiBob and Telenor APNs. remove mvno values. …
Update Smartfren APN protocol to IPV4V6 …
Update APNs for Smartfren*


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sry bin nicht mehr auf den laufenden da auch sehr wenig kam in den letzten Wochen. zudem hatte ich dauernde reboots mit dem code blue kernel


Kein Thema, ist ja nur über g+ möglich uptodate zu bleiben und ja, Dario macht eigentlich schon Monthlies ;-)
Wobei bisher jede astrein lief und auch diese wieder ein Traum ist...selten so etwas smoothes und schnelles gesehen.
Dazu noch der richtige Kernel und die ART-tweaks und ich komme wieder einen Monat mit seinem build hin.

Man darf halt kein feature-victim sein:cool:
Aber ich mag Stock...


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dito, daher bin ich sich auf stock.. sinless 6.0.1 zusammen mit xPosed und dem Codeblue Kernel auch sehr smooth


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OP aktualisiert.


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Hab nun das neue Rom zusammen mit den Elite Kernel drauf.

bis jetzt keinerlei Probleme gehabt.


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werde hier keine neuen Infos mehr hinterlegen da ich mir ein neues Handy zugelegt habe.