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[ROM/Diskussion] Melchizedek - ICS

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Diskutiere [ROM/Diskussion] Melchizedek - ICS im Custom-ROMs für HTC Desire HD im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Desire HD.


Da sich ja alle auf das ICS von LC stürzen hier ma ne alternative!
Diese Version basiert auf dem ICS Rom von twistedumbrella!

Habe es jetzt mal 2 tage am laufen gehabt und finde das sie sich nicht hinter der von LC verstecken muss!

[ROM/MOD][The Collective] Melchizedek - ICS -4/1/2012 - xda-developers

The Collective Proudly Presents:
For Inspire 4G or Desire HD

You do this knowing all risks involved with flashing a ROM.
Neither I nor any member of The Collective is responsible for any permanent damage.
This is considered an Alpha release so please treat it like an Alpha and expect bugs and some things not to work properly.

*Read This Entire Post Completely Then Read it Again*

-Other minor bugs


-Do not ask for support or complain that something doesn't work because YOU flash someone else's kernel.
-Do not ask for support or complain that something doesn't work because YOU restore apps and/or data and/or system settings from Titanium Backup or Mybackup etc.
-If you would like a CFS version grab the one from the OTA as it is clearly stated below.
-Do Not ask for ETA on the next release
-Do Not ask for help if you didn't full wipe before coming from a different rom!
-Do Not Flame other users in my thread! Read the Rules
-Please do not post bug reports unless you are specifically asked by a member of our team to test something and report back. We know some things aren't fully functioning.
-Do not ask for features unless I post a question asking what features people would like. (which will be seldom)
-Enjoy the rom and remember it is ALPHA Quality and sure to contain bugs

All credits goes to twistedumbrella, LorDClockan, dh.harald, existz, CM crew, Evervolv, synergye, AOKP team, flappjaxxx, and all others that have contributed to this extension of our community!​

What is it you ask?
-A Serious Work in Progress!
-This is compiled from from source from Playground ICS by twistedumbrella
-Redemption Tools app with OTA features
-Custom Camera Launcher that launches Angel Camera for stills and VideoCam Illusion for Videos
(You need a player like Rock Player Lite or MXPlayer to Play the Videos)
-OTA updates.
-Andrev OC built in with CPU Tweak for custom Sleep/Wake Profiles
-Custom Preset CPU OC profiles and preset UV settings
-Latest Gapps for ICS and libs
-Apex Launcher
-ES File Manager
-Titanium Backup
-Palringo chat app - team chat room is: theandroidcollective (black theme by Trevino07)
-Tons of Features in Collective Tools in the Settings Menu
-Ability to download and install Nova Launcher and others along side the default launcher.
-Again Please keep in mind that this is an Alpha Release. It is very stable for every day use but will contain bugs

How To:
1. Back Up your Stuff.
2. Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
4. Flash .zip in recovery
5. Allow full first boot, reboot
6. Sign in to Market to add account.
7. Open Redemption Tools from Settings Menu and make it your own.
8. Rate the thread and hit some "Thanks" buttons!

Custom OC Profiles & Undervolt Settings:
Sloth - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemand 122/921
flappjaxxx - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemand 122/1152
rasroy - Sleep = conservative 122/384 + Wake = ondemandX 122/1382
Nun - Sleep = conservative 230/384 + Wake = ondemand 230/1228
Lone Star - Sleep = conservative 122/122 + Wake = ondemandX 230/1305

In the CPU Tab hit your Menu button and you will see CPU Tweak.
CPU Tweak is exactly that, it will allow you to fully customize your Sleep and Wake Governors and Clock Speeds.
*Warning* Do be careful with this as using incorrect settings may have ill effects.
Do not use these setting unless you know what you are doing.

Lite Undervolt = -25mV
Standard Undervolt = -50mV
Aggressive Undervolt = -75mV


Erfahrenes Mitglied
So dann mal testen auf jeden weniger einstellungsmöglichkeiten als LCs ICS. Aber irgendwie läufts ein weniger smoother ^^ dafür gefällt mir die Umsetzung seiner Art Rom Controll besser.

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit der App


Also ich brauche nicht an drei verschiedenen stellen ne Möglichkeit die gleiche Sache einzustellen ;)


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Ich meinte eher so Sachen wie die verschiedenen battery styles. Aber dafür kann Mann in der rom an 3 stellen am CPU drehen ^^ mal sehen was aus der Rom hier wird soweit gefällt es gut.

Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit der App


4/15/12 - v2.0 Alpha 1.2
-Changed base to AospX by existz (based on AR28)
-Includes lordmodUEv9.4.1
-ICS-BFS by LorDClockan as stock kernel
-Apex is included launcher
-revamped OTA
-Much smoother overall AOSP build
-Tons of under the hood improvements
-Stuff I forgot

Download Melchizedek
Melchizedek Q&A