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  1. Gani, 07.03.2011 #1

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Pütz gefällt das.
  2. Gani, 08.03.2011 #2

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Version v1.0.1 ist erschienen!

    * Fixed not being able to install apps from sdcard
  3. Lomb, 08.03.2011 #3

    Lomb Android-Experte


    abgesehn von den bugs,
    scheint hier das springen der sms app behoben zu sein
  4. Gani, 25.03.2011 #4

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Einige Updates mittlerweile vorhanden:

    [ROM][2011-03-22] TeamVillain presents... SenseGinger v2.1.2 (2.3/Sense) - xda-developers

    v2.1.2 (update to v2.1.1 before applying this):
    * Fixed network drops when turning screen off (special thanks to Foxx @ villainrom.co.uk for testing)
    * Possible fix for battery

    v2.1.1 (update to v2.1 before applying this):
    * Fixed People FC (sorry!!)

    v2.1 (also includes v2.0.1):
    * Fixed flashlight
    * Fixed crash in car panel
    * Fixed protected apps not showing in market
    * Fixed multi-part sms not being sent
    * Fixed caller id
    * Fixed sms being re-sent on reboot
    * Fixed night mode
    * Added new "uninstall mode" in app drawer that allows you to quickly uninstall apps

    * Fixed Gallery FC (plus a few others that haven't been reported yet)

    * Fixed Bluetooth (during my tests it still is a bit bugged)
    * Fixed wifi tether (had to mod android-wifi-tether for this to work, sources are attached at the end of this post)
    * Fixed HTC Hub
    * Fixed some keys not working on the keyboard
    * Fixed and included FM Radio
    * Fixed and included Locations
    * Fixed auto-brightness
    * Fixed menu icons in Peep
    * Disabled sense landscape mode (caused lots of bugs)
    * Updated market to the latest version
    * Added trackpad wake
    * Added missing HTC apps and widgets
    * Added enhanced power menu option (see screenshot)
    * Added a couple more options to Quick Settings in the notification bar (see screenshot)
    * Added CM-style screen on/off animations
    * Added option to enable stock android lockscreen
    * Added sense skins
    * Added HTC Sense account login to the setup wizard
  5. Gani, 13.04.2011 #5

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    SenseGinger v3.0 nun verfügbar!

    Changelog v3.0:

    * Rebased on latest Vision RUU leak
    * Fixed camcorder
    * Fixed card mail widget
    * Fixed USB and wireless tether
    * Added keep home in memory option
    * Added changeable left and right buttons (long-press them to change)
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