[Rom] - KitKat Andromadus - CM11.0 by NeverGone\RU

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KitKat ist ab sofort für das HTC Desire Z verfügbar.

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While I still prepare my build environment for Kitkat and applying some patches to make it compile, you can have a build provided by guest1.
Initially, it was built purely for ringtone bug testing (factoid: every other htc msm7x30 device has ringtone shutting off randomly. I don't know why), but I think that'll do it for giving you an overview of what does CM11 look like at the moment.

This is even more unstable!
4.4 is also slower for some reason (probably because of different qcom_display repo used for it).
I did almost no tests with it, so there's probably a lot more to fix.
Google Drive link for 4.4: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5a...it?usp=sharing
MD5 checksum: 4ba38cc9fe4879687d0a279d0fbc0ced
Diese version ist quasie noch in denn kinderschuhen, wird aber stetig erweitert und geupdatet.
Test auf eigene Gefahr. ;)

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