[ROM] [05.10.11 OCT] Crypt0's RUU_Shooter_U_HTC_1.24.415.2 | FAST | STABLE | WWE

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Diskutiere [ROM] [05.10.11 OCT] Crypt0's RUU_Shooter_U_HTC_1.24.415.2 | FAST | STABLE | WWE im Custom-ROMs für HTC Evo 3D im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Evo 3D.


Grüße von Jens,ein weiteres Custom ROM für unser EVO 3D ist nun erschienen,
welches kaum verändert wurde,außer paar Tweaks,Root und Deodexed!
ROM basiert auch auf einem ganz neuem aktuellen HTC_RUU_ROM,
nämlich Version 1.24.415.2.

working folder information

 android os version             : 2.3.4
 device                         : Shooteru
 model                          : Htc evo 3d x515m
 rom name                       : 1.24.415.2 cooked by crypt0night
 rooted (superuser.apk + su)    : Yes
 rooted (unsecured boot.img)    : Yes
 busybox installed              : Yes
 busybox run-parts support      : Yes
 apps2sd (apps to ext) enabled  : No
 /data/app enabled              : Yes
 custom boot animation allowed  : No
 nano text editor installed     : Yes
 bash shell support             : Yes
 /system/framework is deodexed  : Yes
 /system/app is deodexed        : Yes
 radio.img found                : No
 rom will wipe all data         : No
24 OCT | Version 1.4 | Full wipe recommended

  • Kernel Unity V2 <-- Thanks to m-deejay
  • Market updated to 3.2.0
  • Updated adreno_config.txt
  • Added amaze camera v7 <-- Thanks to igor.bezkrovny
  • Arrowed keyboard <-- screenshot
  • New default background
  • Removed some reporting apps
  • Downgraded superuser to
  • Tweaked build.prop even more
  • Fixed music lag while screen is sleeping
  • Wifi error should be fixed with the new kernel

11 OCT | Version 1.3 | Full wipe recommended
  • Market updated to 3.16
  • Vm heapsize set to 72m
  • Zeusmod updated to 1.1.3 <-- thanks j4n87
  • Fixed not loading adreno_config.txt by boot.img (init.rc)
  • Updated Media_profiles.xml (Compression off on pics

5 OCT | Version 1.1

  • Panorama camera
  • init.d script combined and cleaned
  • New htc music --> Thanks WARM project
  • htcloggers.apk removed
  • Addfree hostfile updated & symlink fixed in updater-script
  • Fingerprint fixed inside build.prop
  • added xda app, titanium backup,estrongs file explorer, system panel lite
  • Removed gmail and maps from system and added them back to data folder

Version 1.0:

  • WWE languages
  • Removed ea games (optional update)
  • Added init.d support
  • Init.d Sick Tweaks by Smokin1337 & Joelz
  • Init.d Read_ahead SD card tweak
  • Init.d Kernel Tweaks
  • Init.d sysctl tweaks
  • Init.d V6 Supercharger mod
  • Init.d LMK and VM Tweaks
  • Init.d EXT4 optimizations
  • Added new market 3.1.3
  • Disabled usb debugging message
  • Tweaked build.prop (See Quandrant score below)
  • Advanced shutdown menu
  • Battery stock percentage mod

  • SQLite Journal <-- This will improve our quadrant score much!
  • Getting it even faster?

Download und weitere Infos:

[ROM] Crypt0's RUU_Shooter_U_HTC_1.24.415.2 | FAST | STABLE | WWE [4 OCT] - xda-developers
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Version v1.1 ist nun verfügbar!


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6 OCT | Version 1.2 | Full wipe recommended

Zeus quick settings <-- Thanks to j4n87 for his great job!
scaling_min_freq set to 192000
Disable pagination in drawer
gpu tweaked
3D Homescreen support added
Calibration support added
Backup SMS
Secure SMS
Changed ro.product.version to correct number
Camera (Recording) Force close fixed
TVout <-- Can someone test this for me?


Version v1.3 ist erschienen!

Changelogs im 1.Post


Version v1.4 erschienen!

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