[ROM] Sensation XE aka BeatsAudio Port v1.0

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Diskutiere [ROM] Sensation XE aka BeatsAudio Port v1.0 im Custom-ROMs für HTC Evo 3D im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Evo 3D.


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[ROM] Sensation XE aka BeatsAudio Port v1.0 [Uploading] - xda-developers

theintelligent schrieb:

- Based on Pyramid S ROM v1.73.401.2 Gingerbread 2.3.4
- Stock Kernel
- Fully Rooted (su + superuser), busybox, zipaligned
- Include LinkedIn plugin from HTC
- Include Maps by ownhere (Supports International Navigation)
- Updated default applications
- Tweaks applied for optimizations
- build.prop tweaks
- Full Dual Core Support
- Zipalign on boot (for user applications)
- Fully de-odexed
- init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
- NANO text editor & sysro/sysrw commands support
- You can replace HTC boot animation and shut down animation with any custom animation. Just replace bootanimation.zip or downanimation.zip in data/local

Fully wipe before installing the new version.
Just a word of caution, I am not responsible for any brick devices :)

Change Log:


- Initial Release

Known Porting Issues:

- 3D for Camera and Gallery not working.
- Front Camera not working


Flash the patches in CWM without wiping.

- N/A


- N/A

Current Version Download Link:

- Evo3DPyramidXEPortv1.0 - http://www.multiupload.com/2JIXVWFGMC
MD5 Checksum: 19e046f2ef68ca14a8205cbf1267352c

Old Version Download Link:

- N/A

Thanks to:

- dsixda for his kitchen, without his kitchen the cooking was not easy :)
- capychimp & mike1986 for helping me in initial days of cooking.
- Everyone else :)
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