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  1. Gani, 25.09.2011 #1

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Freu,auch das Villain Team supported nun das HTC EVO 3D.
    Hatte früher schon öfters ROMs von denen auf meinem HTC Hero
    und Desire Z.
    Das ROM selbst basiert auf dem aktuellen HTC WWE 1.22.707.2 ROM,
    mit einigen Neuerungen und Features.
    Läuft ansonsten soweit ziemlich flüssig und stabil.
    Dual Core support ist bisher noch nicht mit dabei,aber kann man leicht
    selbst aktivieren.

    I, and Team Villain, are proud to present you with the first VillainROM rom for the HTC Evo 3D.
    This rom is based on the latest shooteru RUU release (WWE version 1.22.707.2) with some of the features I introduced
    in the SenseGinger rom for HTC Vision.
    For a full list of new things see below.

    As you might expect from a custom rom some things may not work as they should,
    I have compiled a list of known issues below, please refer to that to see if a bug has been reported already
    before making a new post about it.

    * Based on latest shooteru RUU (WWE 1.22.707.2)
    * Full language support
    * Reworked power options menu
    * Added some options to the quick settings menu
    * Added grid list mode in the launcher (grid mode without pages)
    * Added uninstall mode in launcher (select Remove apps from the menu and click an app to remove it, press back key to exit to regular mode)
    * Added CRT animations (these can be turned on and off in the Display settings menu)
    * Added option in Display settings to switch lockscreen (HTC, Android and Disabled)
    * Added option in Display settings to turn off the recent apps bar in the statusbar
    * Added option in Display settings to turn off the quick settings page in the statusbar
    * Removed fast boot option in Power settings (select Hibernate in Power options to get the same effect)
    * Removed plurk and its widget (let me know if you want this back)
    * Removed HtcFeedback and HtcLoggers (used to send feedback to HTC after a crash)

    Link zum Thread bei den XDA Devs:

    [ROM][21/9-2011] Villain3D v1.0.0 - xda-developers

    Known issues:
    * No overclock (blame HTC for not releasing the proper kernel sources)
    * When using the HTC lockscreen and you turn off the screen the device will wake up again, this only happens once after a reboot though.

    Install instructions:
    1. Boot into recovery (adb reboot recovery ... or hold vol down and boot the device and select Recovery from the bootloader)
    2. Perform a FULL DATA/CACHE WIPE
    3. Install Zip from SD Card, and select Villain3D-v1.0.0.zip


    Download links:
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