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Diskutiere TaKeCONTROL | XtremePerformance or Battery | DUAL-CORE | MONO-CORE | RAM | im Custom-ROMs für HTC Evo 3D im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Evo 3D.



-----------------------------------------by XxXPachaXxX

Make your choose!

  • Xtreme Performance
  • Xtreme BatteryLife and Good Performance
  • Balanced
Xtreme Performance:
This configuration will give you a full DUAL-CORE system, both cores will be enabled and both with scalable frequencies.

1) with free cpu both cores are enabled but at the min. frequency (es: 192/384/etc. MHZ)
2) when there is something to do, the cpu will spin up frequency up to the max. if required.

*In this configuration (and in others) there are also RAM settings done for 768mb of RAM.
*The memory settings will be very, very (really) good on Sense 4 build that are created for 1GB of RAM

Xtreme BatterySave (same performance as balanced, stock roms configuration):
This configuration will give you a systrem configured as MONO-CORE.
The cpu1 is totally disabled, and you have the same performance of stock configuration because you have a MONO-Core at 1.5ghz (or your setting) with the full support from the Adreno 220 GPU.
So, pratically, same stock performance but a lot of battery-saving and the same Memory settings of Performance Configuration (up).
Balanced (stock CPU configuration but with RAM enhancements):
This configuration will give you a stock CPU configuration, like in every rom up now,
but with the memory configuration of Xtreme Performance Settings.
So if you want to stay on stock CPU values,
you can have the Memory enhancements on SENSE 4 or other roms. (you will earn performance)
-viperboy for his work on EvoLTE but i'm working on this from a week

-All devs and HTC and XDA!!!


° Tuned RAM Settings for all the 3 configuration
° Fixed some delay time loading apps caused by memory settings
° Disabled mpdecision daemon for performance configuration (save cpu power)
(not needed because it's a FULL Dual Core configuration so no needed to control the cores)
° Disabled mpdecision daemon for battery configuration (save cpu power)
(not needed because in Mono Core mode the cpu1 not needs to be controlled)
° Stock CPU configuration for balanced config. - tuned RAM settings



Also... Nur für Sense 4.x?


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
MusicJunkie666 schrieb:
Also... Nur für Sense 4.x?
Alle ICS Roms mit 3.6 oder 4.x Sense ;)

Gesendet von meinem HTC EVO 3D X515m mit Tapatalk


kann man hier overclocken mit dem mod?


Auch Interessant ...
Pretty much. Dunno about cm9 or miui but I guess it should work there also.
Compatible with cm9/miui/etc...
Habe gerade Virtuous Eclipse so das ich es nicht testen kann (laut xda läuft es nicht mit VE) und alles andere was ich testen möchte wirde gerade geupdatet ...


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Es funktioniert mit Eclipse, ob es was bewirkt hat weißich nich, vielleicht liegt's aber daran, das ich den cpu Tuner darauf hab...