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  1. S-Off, 05.05.2011 #1

    S-Off Threadstarter Gast

    LPRemixHD for Incredible S
    Android 2.3.3 with Sense 2.1 + Tons of Sense 3.0 Features!

    The idea behind LPRemixHD is to take the stock ROM and to improve it. I quite like sense and will be keeping it as is. What I want to do is remove some of the bloat, add some improvements and generally improve or stock ROM experience. This ROM will get better as it goes along, and please feel free to make suggestions. I will probably want to keep the look stock, I might theme it later, still not sure.

    Due to the nature of the ROM, it will require a wipe. Sorry

    Below a list of main features this has over the stock ROM

    - HTC Sense 3.0 Features: Lockscreen, Task Manager, SMS / MMS, USB Connect, LWP
    - Gingerbread Animations (Overscroll & CRT)
    - Rooted with the latest Superuser pre-installed
    - Deodex'd for theming, and customisable boot animation
    - Busybox included
    - Ability to run Bash and Nano text editor from shell
    - Zipaligned APK's for speed and space
    - Removed bloat to save on space
    - Added some other tweaks to improve speed of the ROM

    [ROM][GB 2.3.3][Sense 2.1+3.0] LPRemixHD v1.2 - Massive Update 05/05/11 - xda-developers

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