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[ROM][S3][18 FEB] TrickDroid 6.0.0 | Tweaks | 4.1.1 | Sense 4+

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Diskutiere [ROM][S3][18 FEB] TrickDroid 6.0.0 | Tweaks | 4.1.1 | Sense 4+ im Custom-ROMs für HTC One S (S3) im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC One S.


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TrickDroid für das HTC One S

Diese ROM basiert auf HTC Europe und funktioniert mit jedem One S mit S3 prozessor!

  • Based on latest JB OTA
  • Android 4.1.1
  • Sense 4+
  • Rooted with SuperSU
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • UI Optimization
  • Unsecured boot.img
  • Newest BusyBox
  • Excellent battery life
  • GPU UI Rendering
  • RAM Optimization
  • sysro/sysrw permission
  • Better CPU Performance
  • init.d scripts support
  • Improved EXT4 System
  • Removed bloatware
  • Many other tweaks!

  • Unlocked Bootloader
  • TWRP Recovery (oder jedes andere z.B. CWM)

  • Download ROM
  • Kopiere die ROM auf deine sdcard
  • Fullwipe (data und Cache inkl. dalvik)
  • Flash die ROM
  • Fix Permissions ausführen
  • Neustart in den bootloader
  • dann fastboot mode
  • Extrahiere aus dem ZIP die Boot-IMG "boot.img" und dann mit fastboot "fastboot Flash boot boot.img"
  • Fastboot erase cache
  • Nun Gerät starten ... sei geduldig
  • Viel Spaß
  • bekannte Probleme:
  • Bei Problemen mit dem Sense Widget, einfach bei Apps Cache und Einstellungen von HTC Sense löschen. Achtung Homescreen Einstl. gehen verloren!
  • Wenn kein Zugriff zu Kontakten und Anruf-App, reboot ins recovery und wipe cache.


ROM Download:

  • j4n87 and everyone who supports him (amazing guy, make sure to give him a donation)
  • Especially he_stheone64, he helped me a lot here, thanks!
  • DroidXAce.- For the banner
  • flar2 for original r/w fix
  • LeeDroid for being a cool guy
  • Virtuous team (mdeejay especially for the kernel and chrisch for being the first porting APM to the One S)
  • Paul O'brien
  • koush
  • Chainfire
  • trickdroid
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Q. I just installed this ROM and it looks identical to stock! Torxx, you ripped me off, this isn’t a custom ROM at all!
A. Not all ROMs have different themes, launchers, or are based off CM. This ROM is dedicated to maintaining the stock feel for those who like their phone but hated all the bloat and wanted a clean, lighter rom with better battery life and more customization options. If you are expecting 20 home screens and JB graphics, feel free to install another ROM, but this is not what Trickdroid is meant to offer.

Q. What’s the difference between the T-Mobile version and the Regular version?
A. The regular version is based off of the latest 2.21 base (Android 4.0.4) from HTC and has several changes from HTC themselves that improves the user experience. The T-Mobile version is based off the TMOB RUU which is on the 1.84 base (Android 4.0.3). Anyone with an S4 processor based One S can install either, but the regular version will lack wifi calling for T-Mobile users. Other than that, there is no other downside to using the regular version on T-Mobile. Wifi calling is the only difference.

Keep in mind that because of the different bases being used for the two versions, they have different tweak packages as well.

Q. What do all the mods do? I'm not sure what to flash

  • Auto Brightness
    The stock HTC auto-brightness settings are a little generous and tend to be a little TOO bright when they shouldn't need to be. This mod will lower the brightness of the display to help save battery.
  • APM and Auto Brightness
    APM stands for Advanced Power Menu. It adds additional features to the power menu (when you hold power) such as volume settings, toggles for mobile network and airplane mode, as well giving you more options for restarting (normal, hot restart, bootloader, recovery). This also includes the auto brightness patch.
  • APM
    See above. This does not contain the auto brightness patch. If you want both, install the above option.
  • Custom bootanimation
    Replaces the stock HTC One S boot animation with a Trickdroid one
  • Dark HTC bootanimation
    Replaces the stock HTC One S white boot animation with the exact same one, only with a black background. One you go black...
  • 1% Circle battery
    Replaces the battery indicator on the notification bar with a circle that has numbers inside of it. The numbers indicate battery percentage and the circle depletes/disappears as the battery drains.
  • 1% Stock battery
    Adds little numbers into the stock battery indicator on the notification bar to indicate percentage.
  • Extended Quick Settings and 1% stock battery
    Extended Quick Settings, otherwise known as EQS, adds a menu with toggles for system functions (such as wifi, volume modes, mobile network, and many more) into your notification menu. These are available when you press on your carrier name. It also adds the 1% stock battery patch above.
  • Extended Quick Settings and 1% circle battery
    Same as above but instead of the 1% stock battery, you will have the 1% circle battery.
  • Extended Quick Settings and ICS Statusbar
    Same as above but your entire notification bar will be replaced with the ICS style status bar, which does not have the 3D effect and is just a flat bar with the ICS "roboto" font.
  • Extended Quick Settings with tabbed UI
    Another extended quick settings style, but instead of pressing the carrier name to get to the quick settings, there are tabs at the bottom (ala HTC Sense 3.0) that let you switch between notifications and settings. This has a 1% battery notification patch but it does not look like the stock. It is similar, but does not use the default icon.
  • Extended Quick Settings with tabbed UI and circle battery - NEW
    See above, but with the circle battery included instead.
  • Extended Quick settings with tabbed UI, white ICS icons and MIUI bottom bar
    See above, but it will use an ICS style top bar with ICS icons, and the battery notification icon will be replaced with a thin bar right below the notification bar that indicates battery remaining.
  • Rosie 6x5 and custom background
    Gives you a 6x5 layout for icons on your homescreens. It also allows you to add custom backgrounds to your app drawer(correct me if I'm wrong please, I've never used this feature...). Requires tweak app from old package.
  • Rosie and custom background
    See above, just without the 6x5 layout.
  • Square HTC keyboard
    On the stock Sense 4.0 keyboard, the keys will have their rounded edges changed to square edges.
  • Jellybean Bootanimation
    Replace the stock HTC One S boot animation with the Jellybean one.
  • Jellybean Play Music
    Replaces the Play Music app with the Jellybean one.
  • Jellybean Play Store
    Replaces the Play Store app with the Jellybean one.
  • Jellybean Ears Sound Search Widget
    Gives you the Jellybean Ears music search widget.
Q. Where’s the “Remove 3-dot menu?” YOU HAD ONE JOB, TORXX and H_STHEONE64! ONE JOB!
A. This question is asked over and over. Previously, remove 3-dot menu had to be a patch but HTC has included it in the ROM natively since moving to Android 4.0.4. This ROM is now based off this base and thus you can find the option to remove the 3-dot menu in Settings>Display, Gestures, & Buttons>Recent Apps Button

Q. My HTC Widgets are all gone! What did I do wrong?
A. You haven’t done anything wrong, this occurs sporadically to random people. To get your widgets back, go to Settings>Apps>All>HTC Sense and tap the “Clear Data” option. Or alternatively, you can reboot into recovery and clear cache/dalvik cache as your first try for when anything goes wrong. Usually something left over in the cache can cause random errors. It’s harmless to try so please do that first.

Q. I’m using TWRP to flash and my phone is stuck at the HTC logo. How come?
A. Relying on TWRP to flash the boot.img is not reliable. Please use the Boot_flash_script to flash the boot.img or do it yourself in fastboot. Having an incompatible boot.img is the common reason for being stuck at the boot logo.

Q. I’m confused as to which Tweak package to install. There’s so many links and versions of the tweak package.
A. Install this one: Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

This is the latest tweak package and is at the end of the tweak package post. Any tweaks in this package are guaranteed to work. The old tweak package (Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service) is still available because people wanted access to the Trickdroid Tweaks App, which is no longer offered because the whole tweak package has been over-hauled and a lot of the options in that app no longer apply. There are some things people want to use though (autobrightness control for example).

If you are going to use the old tweak package, do not install anything but the tweaks app as the framework has changed since that tweak package was offered (hence why a new package is used). Any tweaks that alter the framework from the old package will cause boot loops.

Q. I've flashed the tweak package and now my phone is stuck on the boot screen! Help!
A. You completely skipped the last question didn't you? You are stuck in the boot screen because you have flashed a tweak that contains a framework change for the wrong base. If you are using this ROM (Regular version) then use the latest tweak package for v6/v7. If you are using the TMOB version, use the old tweak package for v5.

Go back to recovery(power+volume down), restore your nandroid backup (or if you didn't make a backup, sorry but you'll have to wipe data/cache/dalvik and reflash the rom) and install the proper tweak package.

Q. Whenever I send an SMS, my network signal will drop and the message won’t send.
A. Reboot to recovery, clear cache/dalvik cache.

Q. I’m getting G for my signal! How come I’m only getting GPRS instead of 3G or HSPA+?
A. This is a problem in HTC’s handy work. There are cases being reported where people are getting the G symbol instead of 3G or H but if you do a test with a speed test app, you’ll see that you’re still getting HSPA+ speeds. The symbol is not an effective method of determining network speed. For the time being, just assume G stands for Great!

Q. Does this ROM come with the latest radio?
A. No it does not come with the latest radio. For those with HBoot of 1.13, we cannot flash radios and we must apply SuperCID and then OTA to the 2.21 base to get the latest radio.
Those on HBoot lower than 1.13 can flash this for the new radio:
This radio can be used by both T-Mobile users and the rest of the world. Yes, Americans are special. Radio is separate from the ROM, so if you have an older radio and are afraid to SuperCID and OTA, don’t worry, the ROM will work the same way.

Q. How come there’s no more screenshot option in the APM tweak?
A. It hasn’t been implemented properly yet, the tweaks are still being worked on. For the time being, use the HTC method: Power button + Home at the same time.

I'm going to update this FAQ as I see common questions being asked.

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[B]v6.0.0[/B]See website[B]v5.0.0[/B]Rebased on Jelly BeanAll changelogs on website[B]v4.0.0[/B]Rebased on latest HTC updateAndroid 4.0.4Sense 4.1look at the website for full changelog[B]v3.0.0[/B]Fixed menu bugCleaned up ROMAdded new apps which can be uninstalled in tweak packageUpdated hosts fileSome other stuffUpdated AROMA to 2.56Updated tweak packageMore remove optionsStabilized more[B]v2.1.0[/B]Full Sense 4.1 nowPorted ext.jar from One XPorted framework-res from One XPorted htc.fusion.jar from One XUpdated all appsOther minor stuff[B]v2.0.0[/B][B]Sense 4.1[/B][B]Project buter hacks[/B]ReoptimizedAdded performance tweaksZipaligned and optimized with newest SDK r20Updated these apps/binarys:Adobe Flash PlayerES File ExplorerDropboxFacebook for AndroidGoogle Play StoreGoogle+MapsSoundhoundSuperUserStreet View in Google MapsTwitterBusybox BinarySuperSU BinaryBest feeling on the One S[B]v7.0.0[/B]New boot.img (props NRGZ28)Fixed that init.d scripts are not runningImproved battery life a lot by removing some crapAdded all languages which are availableZipaligned and optimized with newest SDK r20Updated these apps/binarys:Adobe Flash PlayerES File ExplorerDropboxFacebook for AndroidGoogle Play StoreGoogle+MapsSoundhoundSuperUserStreet View in Google MapsTwitterBusybox BinarySuperSU BinaryBest feeling on the One S[B]v1.0[/B]Release
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Hallo an alle,

für das HTC One S C2(S3) gibt es ja TrickDroid 6.0.0.
Nun habe ich auf gesehen, dass dort auch TrickDroid 6.0.1, 7.0.0, 7.5.0 und 8.0.0 gibt.
Sind diese Versionen auch für das HTC One S C2 und kann ich direkt die aktuelle 8.0.0 installieren?

Gruß Schucki


Ich verschiebe das mal.


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Hab ein Problem, hab den TWRP Bootloader Version
Und ich weiß nicht wie ich da diese Schritte machen soll:

  • dann fastboot mode
  • Extrahiere aus dem ZIP die Boot-IMG "boot.img" und dann mit fastboot "fastboot Flash boot boot.img
Bleibe ohne diesen Schritt immer in ner Bootloop hängen.
Außerdem schreibt er mir bei Fix Permissions : "Cant check permissions after factory Reset, please boot rom and try again after you reboot into recovery"

Hoffe mir kann jemand helfen.