[ROM][ADT]Senseless Extreme 3.1[148 MB ROM]|Android 2.3.5|

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Diskutiere [ROM][ADT]Senseless Extreme 3.1[148 MB ROM]|Android 2.3.5| im Custom-ROMs für HTC Sensation im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für das HTC Sensation.



Over 170,000 Downloads and counting, dont believe it? ask for a screenshot.

Hey XDA World.

Im Bosina. Im comming from the Mytouch 4G, some of you might know me from the vibrant and from the mytouch 4G itself. Im one of the founders of GALAXY STAR DEV TEAM now called ADVANCED DEV TEAM. This is my first ROM for the sensation and also my first sense ROM, its an unsensed version as the tittle implies and runs some aosp apps as well as sense apps. I mixed the rom with some aosp apps, xperia arc apps, and lg widgets..
This ROM was under development for about 3 weeks and today i think is ready to be out here so you guys can enjoy a nice ROM with over 3400 on quadrants and more free ram then a stock ROM. Well lets now jump to the action...

  • +Based on the chinese leak- Android 2.3.5
  • +Completely Themed With Gingerbread, Xperia Arc, And More
  • +Juwe11 Ram Optimization
  • +No ADB In The Pulldown - Lee
  • +More init.d scripts for better experience with overall
  • +Better EXT4 - Lee
  • +8 Tabs In browser
  • +Tweaks to optimize, calibrate battery and more by virtuos team
  • +Aosp browser, email, calendar, music app, Launcher2 and more
  • +Nano text support
  • +Fully Optimized and Zipaligned Over 3 times so it Runs Smooth, also Zipalign Script added
  • +Permission Script, Tweak Scrip, And More by EDT
  • +Libs To Boost Headphones and speaker sound
  • +DSP Manager For Sense Added(To Boost The Sound)
  • +Nexus s Sounds Plus Optimized
  • +Windows Phone 7 Notification Sounds Included
  • +Motoblur Transition animations (nicest and decent i could find)
  • +Support For Larger MMS Pics - Thanks To Crackeyes- WORKING = Full Wipe
  • +CRT And Overscroll Glow
  • +Stock Kernel
  • +Advanced Power Menu
  • +Debloated (Duh)
  • +Rooted (Duh)
  • +Different Fonts

Removed Stuff

  • -Removed All HTC Widgets
  • -Removed Sense 3.0 Lockscreen
  • -Removed HTC keyboard
  • -Removed fusion Engine plus Skins
  • -Removed HTC Hub
  • -Removed Sense MMS app and Voice recorder
  • -Removed HTC Music Plus Enhancer
  • -Removed HTC Whether
  • -Removed HTC Bootanimation And Downanimation
  • -Removed HTC Browser
  • -Removed HTC Calendar
  • -Removed HTC Mail
  • -Removed Wifi hotspot app, Go to wifi settings and do it there+
  • -Remoced HTC STOCK camera (Dont panic)
  • -Removed HTC Calculator
  • -Removed HTC World clock
  • -Removed Rosie
  • -Removed Watch
  • -Well Removed Lot of things(cant rememver so much)

Added Stuff

  • +Added Music MOD (Like Aosp Music App But Some Edits)
  • +Added Aosp Email Frm 2.3.5
  • +Added Aosp calculator From 2.3.5
  • +Added HTC camera with panorama- big thanks to M-deejay
  • +Added Aosp Calendar
  • +Added Aosp Deskclock themed by me From 2.3.5
  • +Added gingerbread keyboard - themed
  • +AOSP MMS app and sound recorder
  • +Added Dev Tools Plus Spare Parts
  • +Added The Newest Market
  • +Added LG Memo
  • +Added Newest GMaps
  • +Added Genie Widget
  • +Added IO file manager And themed by me
  • +Added Wifi calling
  • +Added Launcher2
  • +Added Status Switch Widget From Xperia Arc
  • +Added Widgets On/Off From Experia Arc
  • +Added Digital Clock From Experia Arc
  • +Added World Clock From LG- Rebuilded By me
  • +Added Message Widget From LG
  • +Added Calendar Widget From LG
  • +Added Bookmarks Widget From LG
  • +Probably Still Missing alot, Just Check it out by yourselves

Apps Pushed To /data/app For Easy Removal

  • +Youtube
  • +Gmaps
  • +Gmail
  • +FlashPlayer
  • +VoiceSearch

Default Keyboard And Launcher

+Default keyboard is Gingerbread keyboard Themed- Theme by HTCCLAY

+The Default Launcher is Launcher2, if you use ADWLauncher Ex, ill add and .xml file in the addons that you place in the sd and restore it as your settings by entering in backup and restore in ADWLauncher Ex settings..

Team Members

  • *Me- Founder
  • *ksubedi
  • *Master&Slave
  • *Diceberg

Screenshots :

As Always, Its A Very Secure ROM *BUT* If You Do Something Stupid Dont Claim I Bricked Your Phone, Thank You

Addons Here

Recomended Radio For TMOUS
Flash this one thru HBOOT by puting it to the SD And Rebooting Into HBOOT And Let It Scan

ADWLauncher Ex Settings
*Download The adw_ex_settings.xml and place it on your SD, then on ADWLauncher Go to ADWsettings/Backup And Restore/ and choose Restore ADW settings.
*Link: Here

Patch For EU Guys And Gals
*Download the .zip file and flash thru CWM
*Link: Here

Stock Fonts
*If you dont like the fonts used in the ROM, Fash the .zip file by downloading it from the link and going to CWM and flash it!
*Link :Here

*Want Better Video And picture quality? Flash this MOD by tomeu0000 - Thanks goes to him for the great work
*Link: Here

Arabic Patch By Mike
*Go to this thread and download the patch for arabic support by mike. thanks to him



-Totally Red lol
-Themed Apps
-Cloned aosp status pull down
-Black Menus
-Galaxy S Notification sounds


*Download From Multiupload*
Flashing Instructions: Must Follow

  • *Place On SD
  • *Boot into Clockworkmod
  • *Pay attention
  • *Do A Factory Reset
  • *Wipe Cache
  • *Flash The Beasty ROM
  • *While Still In Recovery, Inside Advanced
  • *Wipe Dalvik Cache
  • *Fix Permissions
  • *Now Reboot
  • *Dont Touch the phone For around 10 Minutes (just do it)
  • *Once you reached that time, reboot again and now you can set up the phone

Thanks Place

No Specific Order

  • +Thanks To ksubedi (Team Member) - For Helping me Out In Some stuff
  • +Thanks M-deejay - kernel and hacked camera for panorama
  • +Thanks EDT - Always use their init.d scripts
  • +Thanks RC Team - Advanced power menu
  • +Thanks Six6sicks - bootanimation
  • +Thanks H0CKEY - The Nice Banner
  • +Thanks To My Team - Some Help
  • +Thanks Leedroid - Flashing script
  • +If You Think You Missing Just PM me, i cant remember so much stuff since i lasted long time working on the ROM

------------------------> Danke sagen nicht vergessen :) <---------------------


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sieht sehr interessant aus. Hat es schon jemand geflasht?


Also bei mir kommt es morgen drauf ;)

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So hab die rom jetzt gefalsht.
Was ich bis jetzt sagen kann ist das die rom bei mir sehr flüssig läuft.
Nur schade das sie nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird, da der dev jetzt ein sgs 2 hat und dafür custom roms entwickelt.

Edit:nach einem Tag Benutzung kann ich sagen, dass die Rom sehr alltags tauglich ist und bei mir weniger strom verbraucht las andere Roms.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


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das ist ne geile rom nur was ich sehr sehr schade finde das whats app nicht drauf läuft bzw nicht kompatibel ist ... sonst würd ich nur noch die benutzen aber whats app ist wichtig für mich deswegen kann ich nicht drauf verzichten :/ schade eigendlich ..


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Hallo, ich habe mir die Rom sensless extreme aufgespielt. Nun kann ich meine Kontakte nicht öffnen, sie sind vorhanden, ich kann sie bearbeiten, da sind auch die "Infos" da, aber wenn ich auf öffnen gehe, stürzt der Prozess immer ab. Auch bei neu erstellten Kontakten tritt der Fehler auf.

Hat jemand irgendeinen Tipp für mich?

Vielen Dank


Das gehört eher im den Root/Hacking/Modding-Bereich.

Im Recovery gibt's immer irgendwo die Funktion "Fix Permissions". Das könnte helfen. Ansonsten nochmalbne MIT WIPE flashen und gegebenfalls neu downloaden.

Mfg Marcel

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