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  1. WarpigtheKiller, 23.07.2012 #1

    WarpigtheKiller Threadstarter Android-Experte

    [ROM][CM10][Kang][Pyramid][RC][4.1.2/4.2][immer aktuell]
    CyanogenMod 10 Jellybean 4.1.2
    [ROM][CM10][Kang][Beta] - xda-developers

    Die Rom basiert auf Cyanogenmod! ;)

    Änderungen sind stets im Changelog zu erfahren.

    Grüße an Bratwurst! Alles in Ordnung mit dem Thread? :D
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 17.11.2012
    Luise Lustig, snoopdogg2210, Al_Bundy und 3 anderen gefällt das.
  2. WarpigtheKiller, 25.07.2012 #2

    WarpigtheKiller Threadstarter Android-Experte


    10 December
    Some audio fixes, speaker volume + headset
    Updated kernel to 3.0.55
    Upstream changes from here

    26 November
    Changed some display related things in ROM and build prop (let me know how it is)
    Reverted a commit in audio to fix gtalk voice.
    Put the right wallpaper back in.
    Upstream changes from here

    23 November
    KERNEL -
    Updated to Linux 3.0.52
    ROM -
    Added adreno and vidc firmware from N4
    Upstream changes from here

    19 November
    ROM -
    Added an egl lib that got left out a some point.
    Upstream changes from here

    16 November
    ROM -
    Upstream changes from here

    14 November
    Kernel -
    Added ZCache
    Increased WiFi voltage to default htc level - thanks to Bluewall
    ROM -
    Upstream changes from here
    Enabled ZCache
    Re-added Apollo
    Built with Android 4.2r1 toolchain

    12 November
    ROM -
    Upstream changes from here
    Fixed some errors in gps
    Fixed memory leak in Frameworks base
    Swapped Apollo for AOSP Music

    11 November
    ROM -
    Upstream changes from here
    Fixed CRT off animation, no more flicker after screen off.
    6 November
    Kernel -
    Included the right kernel this time [​IMG]
    Updated linux to 3.0.51
    ROM -
    Upstream changes from here

    5 November
    Kernel -
    Updated linux to 3.0.50
    ROM -
    Fixed USB transfer speed
    Upstream changes from here

    2 November
    Kernel -
    Changed default IO sched to cfq
    Changed default gov to On demand
    ROM -
    1080p video recording fixed - thanks to cile381
    Upstream changes from here
    A few cherry picks

    30 October
    Kernel -
    Updated to Linux 3.0.49
    ZRAM is now a module
    Removed kineto module
    ROM -
    Fixed USB OTG
    Upstream changes from here
    A few cherry picks including a fix for volume mute on fresh install.

    27 October
    Kernel -
    Reverted WiFi drivers, hope it fixes hotspot
    Added a few lines to defconfig and changed a couple things to modules.
    ROM -
    New circle battery indicator.
    Upstream changes from here
    Wakelocks are fewer

    25 October
    Kernel -
    Updated linux to 3.0.48
    ROM -
    Fixed in-call mic mute
    Added Camera with HTC resolutions
    Hopefully fixed hotspot (let me know)
    Upstream changes from here

    23 October
    Kernel -
    Updated linux to 3.0.47
    Updated WiFi drivers to latest jb
    Added USB fast charge - thanks to haze_nme
    ROM -
    Added wired headset fix
    Upstream changes from here

    21 October
    Added GPU OC to 3D-300mhz 2D-228mhz
    Upstream changes from here
    Removed CMUpdater

    19 October
    Fixed graphical glitches
    Fixed HW accelerated video playback

    18 October
    Updated kernel to 3.0.46
    Add onClick action to notification clock and date

    17 October
    Fixed BT wakelock
    Updated usb again
    Upstream changes from here

    13 October
    Fixed kernel wakelock
    Updated kernel bluetooth drivers
    Updated kernel USB drivers
    Updated kernel GPU drivers
    Added circle battery
    Lots of cherry picks for display

    12 October
    Fixed wakelock - thanks
    Upstream changes

    10 October
    Android jellybean 4.1.2
    Changelog HERE

    9 October
    Fixed FFC

    8 October
    Updated kernel to 3.0.45
    Auto brightness now works without filter enabled.
    Fixed some wakelocks (I think, let me know)
    Upstream changes.

    5 October
    Fixed cpu settings not sticking
    Added tun module
    Added NTFS support
    OC to 1782mhz
    And other stuff(I forgot)
    Upstream changes from here

    3 October
    Added Sweep2Wake (don't worry its disabled by default and can be enabled in system/etc/init.d/01bruce) script adapted from tamcore's.
    ZRAM and Badass also configurable in above script.
    Upstream changes from here

    1 October
    Build 1
    My kernel
    Added ZRAM script
    Upstream changes

    Build 2
    Intervigil kernel
    Upstream changes

    28 September
    Kernel -
    Updated Linux to 3.0.43
    Updated rotator to jb
    Updated iommu
    Added CIFS
    Added trace support
    And more that I forgot, check my github.
    ROM -
    Upstream changes
    Scrolling should be smoother
    Generally a lot smoother than the last build

    24 September
    My kernel
    CRT works 100% of the time
    Added SuperSU (thanks chainfire)
    Upstream changes

    23 September
    New kernel
    Full hardware vsync and triple buffering
    CRT animation works every time
    Bluetooth should cause less battery drain.

    20 September
    Upstream changes from here

    18 September
    Upstream changes from here
    Camera orientation fixed - don't need camfix anymore.

    15 September
    Fixed in-call volume
    Upstream changes
    Forgot to include badass script, please DL 89badass and put it in system/etc/init.d. set perms rw- r- r-

    12 September
    Upstream changes from here
    Scorpian optimizations for msm8660 added
    Chrome works better than it did
    CRT works every time

    10 September
    Overlay disabled
    Upstream changes
    Fixed badass

    08 September
    Secure WiFi hotspot working
    Source built camera libs, flash the camfix if you want to fix first preview
    Enabled torch toggle

    07 September
    Using CM audio, thanks to intervigil for fixing it.
    Hotspot works with security off.
    Seems a bit smoother than the last couple of builds.
    Quick message fixed, CM
    CRT animation.

    06 September
    Kernel based mpdecision - showp1984
    Overclock to 1.72 (at your own risk)
    Upstream changes from here

    03 September
    upstream changes including quick message

    31 August
    No need to disable hw overlays now.
    No more tilerenderer errors
    Upstream changes.

    29 August
    upstream changes from here

    27 August
    upstream changes from here
    Enabled Vsync

    24 August
    Fixed freezes (hopefully)
    Forced 3D hardware acceleration on
    still have to disable hw overlays to watch films
    upstream changes from here

    23 August - incremental update
    kernel built with jb toolchain, more code optimisations
    Kernel based thermal control - showp1984
    New boot animation
    Just flash on top of ROM without wiping

    21 August build 2
    Updated kernel to 3.0.42
    Added oc to 1566mhz
    added CPU stats
    Added UV to 700mv
    Added more governors
    Md5 - 51fc2e95a4c0b99147d48082f3369331

    20 August build 2
    New kernel patched to Linux 3.0.41

    20 August
    Another new kernel with updated GPU drivers and video codecs
    Video now work (still recommend MX player or vlc beta)
    Smoother and more responsive
    Lots of commits from cm
    Removed RomManager - it's in play store if you want it

    18 August
    New kernel 3.0.41
    Fixed torch, both LEDs work now
    Reverted a merged comit to fix data
    Lots of upstream changes from here

    14 August build 2
    Trebuchet fixed
    WiFi hotspot fixed

    14 August
    More Trebuchet settings - including padding
    Loads of cherry picks - sorry too many to list here
    Upstream changes from here

    12 August
    Sound fixed again
    Camera more stable
    Video playback improved, must disable hw overlay

    11 August
    Re-worked audio - let me know how it is
    Camera the right way round, still no front cam
    Disabled 1080p video recording
    Upstream changes from here

    10 August
    Camera fixed with help from ivicask - thank him
    Upstream changes from here
    Need to disable HW overlays again

    9 August
    Video playback now works without disable hw overlay
    re-added 1080p firmware
    hopefull fixed reboots (let me know please)
    Dev Tools app now lives in Settings>Developer options

    8 August
    Upstream changes from here - Mostly display related.

    7 August
    Trebuchet - with settings

    6 August
    Phone settings fc fix
    Updated to JB Adreno drivers
    Added some ARMv7 optimizations
    Please read the install notes.

    5 August
    Fixed voice input
    Removed 1080p firmware to fix video
    Upstream changes from here

    3 August
    Upstream changes from here
    Fixed video playback - thanks R-M-S (disable hw overlays in developer settings)

    30 July
    Fixed torch
    Fixed headphones

    28 July
    Boot animation fixed, thanks to BurnRubber90

    27 July
    Fixed In-call audio(earpiece and mic)
    Themes support
    Profiles support

    24 July
    WiFi fixed
    Audio partially fixed (mic, headset and in call audio still broken)
    Updated Gapps.


    Q. Does video playback work?
    A. Yes, but don't use the gallery, install MX Player and choose S/W decoder in its settings.

    Q. Why doesn't the camera work properly?
    A. Go to Settings > developer options and tick disable HW overlays.

    Q. Is the camera fixed yet?
    A. Yes. You will need to do a full wipe for the camera icon to appear in the app drawer.
    Its a little buggy but takes pictures and videos ok.

    Q. Is project butter implemented in this ROM?
    A. Of course it is, its a core part of the jellybean code.

    Q. Does Google Now work?
    A. Yes

    Q. Can I make calls?
    A. Yes.

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 11.12.2012
  3. stefannsv, 25.07.2012 #3

    stefannsv Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Dachte das Mic funktioniert auch noch nicht???
  4. WarpigtheKiller, 25.07.2012 #4

    WarpigtheKiller Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Hast recht, funktioniert noch nicht richtig! ;)
  5. stefannsv, 25.07.2012 #5

    stefannsv Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Für den Nexus S...der ist doch nicht baugleich mit dem Sensation, oder??
  6. xXXSchokiXXx, 25.07.2012 #6

    xXXSchokiXXx Android-Lexikon

    Verdammt habe mich Vertan sry :cursing:
  7. stefannsv, 28.07.2012 #7

    stefannsv Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Jetzt funktioniert das Mic!!
  8. WarpigtheKiller, 28.07.2012 #8

    WarpigtheKiller Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Ok, hab mal den 1. Post geupdated. ;)
  9. WarpigtheKiller, 28.07.2012 #9

    WarpigtheKiller Threadstarter Android-Experte

    Neue Version der Rom verfügbar!
  10. HTC_Freak, 01.08.2012 #10

    HTC_Freak Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Neue Version vom 30. Juli draußen, Kopfhörer und Taschenlampe gefixt.

    Naja, langsam wird die "Was funktioniert nicht?" Liste immer kürzer. Vielleicht probiere ich es bald mal aus.
    diener23 gefällt das.
  11. stefannsv, 01.08.2012 #11

    stefannsv Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Also das Rom hat ne tolle Performance!! Ist auch kein Wunder, da es Sens-Frei ist :)

    Habs aber wieder heruntergeworfen, da die Kamera noch nicht geht und ich diese eben brauche...

    Sobald die läuft, mach ich es wieder drauf!
  12. xXXSchokiXXx, 01.08.2012 #12

    xXXSchokiXXx Android-Lexikon

    Hoffen wir mal das die Kamera dieses mal besser ist da bei CM 9 war das scharfstellen mit der Kamera bei Videos ja nicht so der Hit
  13. JC00P3R, 07.08.2012 #13

    JC00P3R Senior-Moderator Mitarbeiter

  14. Dr. Locker, 07.08.2012 #14
    Dr. Locker

    Dr. Locker Android-Lexikon

    Ich hab mir das mal geflasht.;)

    Läuft sehr flüssig.:thumbup:

    Nur die Kamera fehlt einem halt doch...:sad:
  15. Fallwrrk, 08.08.2012 #15

    Fallwrrk Gast

    Hm, habs jetzt auch mal geflasht. Flüssig ist, wie ich finde, was Anderes. Gefühlt kein bisschen schneller oder flüssiger als AOKP Milestone 6. Ich hoffe, dass das nur eine Optimierungssache ist, sonst bin ich schon etwas enttäuscht.
  16. JC00P3R, 09.08.2012 #16

    JC00P3R Senior-Moderator Mitarbeiter

    Beta Build 9. August wurde released.

    Als nächstes müsste die ja Kamera dran sein. :w00t00::w00t00::w00t00:

    Kann jemand noch ein paar Aussagen zur Performance machen? Wie sieht die Akkulaufzeit aus? Stürzt es oft ab?

  17. Fallwrrk, 09.08.2012 #17

    Fallwrrk Gast

    Schon wieder ein Update? Die kommen ja inzwischen täglich. Wie viel Mann arbeiten denn an CMX. :scared:

    Ich werds jetzt nochmal flashen. Anscheinend wird sie ja immer schneller. Ich berichte dann.
  18. JC00P3R, 09.08.2012 #18

    JC00P3R Senior-Moderator Mitarbeiter

    Nutzt du eine alternative Kamera App oder wie bekommst du diese zum laufen?


    Gesendet von meinem HTC Sensation Z710e mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
  19. stefannsv, 09.08.2012 #19

    stefannsv Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Also ich habs ja schon seit mehreren versionen am laufen.
    m.m. nach ist die performance super, die akkulaufzeit liegt bei ca. 2 tagen (ca. 30 minuten wlan, 15 minuten telen, 10 sms)

    kamera läuft noch nicht. als launcher hab ich den nova am laufen. super flüssig, kein laggen.
  20. Fallwrrk, 09.08.2012 #20

    Fallwrrk Gast

    Habs jetzt mal laufen gehabt. Die Performance hat sich tatsächlich spürbar verbessert. Akkuverbrauch ist im Standby auch schon ganz anständig für ne AOSP. Allerdings ist es gerade vorgekommen, dass ich das Display anschalten wollte und dann leuchteten lediglich die Softkeys auf. Mehr passierte nicht. Sie gingen auch nicht mehr aus. Da musste ich den Akku pflücken. Beim Abschalten des Displays merkt man manchmal auch, dass erst die obere Displayhälfte abgeschaltet wird, dann erst alles. Vllt hat das was damit zu tun.

    mfg Marcel
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