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  1. Tyrion, 16.06.2012 #1

    Tyrion Threadstarter Android-Guru

    4ext touch recovery is needed 4ext easy flash
    >DSP Manager
    >Google Talk
    >Keyboard Dictionarys
    >Live Wallpapers
    >Voice Search
    GApps (this is not needed but if you want the things iv not added you can still flash it)
    Faux's Latest AOSP Kernel
    Black & White Theme
    More Themes
    How To Flash
    Make sure you have Firmware 3.32 Download Firmware 3.32
    Wipe dalvik catch
    Format all partitions (except sdcard)
    Flash rom
    Flash kernel (you don't have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
    Flash addons (you don't have to do this now it can be done whenever you like)
    Reboot phone (first boot will take longer then normal)
    After first boot reboot again
    Then do what you like
    How Is This Different From AOKP|CM9
    Deleted junk (as you can tell by file size compared to original AOKP)
    Modded Market app (so you can view all apps no matter what country your in)
    Build.prop tweaks (for better battery and speed)
    Added DSP manager (for boom boom)
    Added volume boost (for more boom boom)
    GAPPS already included
    Thanks to Kristof for all his hard work with all the hyper roms (Original HyperSensation)
    Thanks to AOKP team for the amazing base (Base found here)
    Thanks to Vorbeth for the device tree and everything else he has done
    Thanks to Sc2k for his bluetooth work
    Thanks to Intervirgilium and Faux for kernel work
    Thanks to Brads1 for multitouch
    Thanks to dennisxl for Apex Launcher
    Thanks to Razer(x) for the theme
    Thanks to anyone else who i may of missed (please message me and ill add you)

    JUN.08 - HyperSensation v2.6 (105MB) CM9 20120608
    Re based on CM9 20120608
    Added sense 4 clock (in launcher settings remove margin to make it look better)
    Added apex launcher 1.2.1
    Live wallpaper picker added back in
    Keyboard dictionary added back in
    All ringtones left in
    Bootanimation left in
    Removed wifi calling (to add back you need files: HTC-PYRTM-ICS-4.0.1-2.3-49986-4.3.apk & GanOptimizer.apk)
    JUN.04 - HyperSensation v2.5 (79MB) CM9 20120604
    Re based on CM9 20120604
    JUN.04 - HyperSensation v2.4 (82MB) AOKP 38
    Re based on AOKP 38
    Same like v2.3 but based on AOKP 38
    JUN.03 - HyperSensation v2.3 (79MB) CM9 20120601
    Re based on CM9 20120601
    Updated to lightlaunch 2.1
    MAY.30 - HyperSensation v2.2 (79MB) CM9 20120530
    Re based on CM9 20120530
    Updated to lightlaunch 2.0.1
    Updated moded market to 3.5.19
    MAY.27 - HyperSensation v2.1 (81MB) CM9 20120526
    Re based on CM9 20120526
    Updated to lightlaunch 2.0
    MAY.24 - HyperSensation v2.0 (76MB) AOKP 37
    Based on AOKP 37
    MAY.23 - HyperSensation v1.9 (69MB) CM9 20120523
    Based on CM9 20120523
    MAY.20 - HyperSensation v1.8 (86MB) AOKP 36
    Based on AOKP 05.18 (wifi should be fix)
    Updated lightlaunch 1.8 (hide apps is buggy will be fixed in 1.9)
    MAY.18 - HyperSensation v1.7 (87MB) CM9
    Same like 1.6 but based on cm9 2012-05-18 NIGHTLY
    Updated lightlaunch
    MAY.17 - HyperSensation v1.6 (85MB) AOKP 36
    Rebased to AOKP 36
    Updated gapps
    Added music app by default (uninstallable)
    Added dsp manager by default
    Added keyboard dictionary's by default
    Changed to lightlaunch (uninstallable)
    Changed build.props a bit
    Did not remove as many things as before
    APR.30 - HyperSensation v1.5 (73MB) AOKP
    Rebased to Milestone 5
    Updated GAPPS
    Updated apex launcher 1.1.0
    Added Google Play Store v3.5.16 + MOD (no more need for market enabler) thanks to Deeco7​
    APR.26 - HyperSensation v1.4 (70MB) AOKP
    Fixed MMS send button
    Some small theme tweaks​
    APR.25 - HyperSensation v1.3 (70MB) AOKP
    Rebased to AOKP build 34
    Updated theme to 5.8
    Fixed sygic not working without gapps hopefully this also fixes all other apps that dont work without gapps
    changed build prop back to 4.0.4
    Themed ApexLauncher black and white
    Signal will always be bright white​
    APR.24 - HyperSensation v1.2 (68MB) AOKP
    Fixed texts like %d days ago
    Fixed keyboard colours
    Changed build.prop to 4.0.3 so that more market apps work its still 4.0.4 (just to trick the market)
    updated GAPPS "gapps-ics-20120422-signed"​
    APR.22 - HyperSensation v1.1 (69MB) AOKP
    ReBased to AOKP33 (credit goes to the AOKP team for the amazing base)
    Added colour icons back in
    Fixed settings language force closing
    Updated ApexLauncher to 1.1.0beta4
    Added some camera(media_profiles.xml) tweaks
    Updated theme to 5.7.9 (thanks to Razerx)
    Deleted useless files from theme to save space
    Removed more media sounds​
    APR.21 - HyperSensation v1.0 (73MB) AOKP
    Based on AOKP32 (credit goes to the AOKP team for the amazing base)
    Removed many things
    Added black & white theme (thanks to Razer(x))
    Added many speed and battery tweaks​

    original: [ROM][JUN.08][ICS][AOKP-CM9]HyperSensation-v2.6 - xda-developers

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 10:52 Uhr wurde um 10:54 Uhr ergänzt:

    läuft bisher ganz gut, hab mal den faux draufgemacht, da die Rom nur mit 1118GHz läuft, den kernel hab ich hier geladen Index of /

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 10:54 Uhr wurde um 11:06 Uhr ergänzt:

    ui, da hab ich nicht aufgepasst, sollte wohl verschoben werden... :)
  2. Zekene, 16.06.2012 #2

    Zekene Android-Ikone

    Gute Rom ! Läuft sehr flüssig!

    Gesendet von meinem HTC Sensation mit Tapatalk 2
  3. Tyrion, 17.06.2012 #3

    Tyrion Threadstarter Android-Guru

    Hier sind 2 verschiedene Roms, einmal cm 9 und aokp, wo liegt da der unterschied, außer das es verschiedene Teams sind?

    Gesendet von meinem Sensation
  4. TATU, 21.06.2012 #4

    TATU Erfahrener Benutzer

    wieso geht der Download nicht?
    hier und bei xda dasselbe :confused2:
    hat jemand ein Mirror
  5. Zekene, 21.06.2012 #5

    Zekene Android-Ikone

    Vllt. Weil n Update da ist?

    Gesendet von meinem Sensation mit Tapatalk 2
  6. TATU, 21.06.2012 #6

    TATU Erfahrener Benutzer

    der hat doch dann ein anderer Link oder :confused2:
    oder ist das immer der gleiche

    EDIT: jetzt geht wieder
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 21.06.2012
  7. turnier, 23.06.2012 #7

    turnier Junior Mitglied

    kann man damit keine Screenshot machen?
    meine über Power Button
  8. Zekene, 23.06.2012 #8

    Zekene Android-Ikone

    Musste vllt. Iwie in den einstungen gucken.

    Gesendet von meinem HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio Z715e mit Tapatalk 2
  9. TATU, 23.06.2012 #9

    TATU Erfahrener Benutzer

    Systemeinstellungen.. ROM konfigurieren.. An-/Aus-Schalter Menü ;)
    turnier gefällt das.
  10. Tyrion, 24.06.2012 #10

    Tyrion Threadstarter Android-Guru

    JUN.24 - HyperSensation v2.9 (93MB) CM9 20120623
    If you have not done a full wipe its recommended to do a full wipe
    Re based on CM9 20120623
    Change file manager to OI file manager (just as light as the old one but with more things)
    Added Apollo music player can be uninstalled in settings
    Updated Apex Launcher 1.2.3
    Added AOKP keyboard with downloadable languages
    Think i fixed the problem in 2.7 where the notification bar would have a delay loading after unlocking
    afrolicious187 und turnier gefällt das.
  11. afrolicious187, 06.07.2012 #11

    afrolicious187 Erfahrener Benutzer

    welches radio nutzt ihr?

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