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  1. Thyrus, 06.10.2011 #1

    Thyrus Threadstarter Gast

    Due to popular request, I have compiled a ROM-mod that does the following:

    • Adds Thyparancy Gingerbread Theme to Sense 3.5 Sensation ROMS including 6*5 Rosie (no recent apps edition)
    • Adds various widgets, including the HTC Quicklaunch widget, to the current Sense 3.5 ROMS which are based on 2.08.401.1 RUU
    Works on
    • InsertCoin 3.1.X
    • AndroidRevolution 4.1.0
    • HTC Sensation 2.08.401.1 ROM (rooted)
    • Virtuous Sensation S 3.0
    • (and maybe others that are based on 2.08.401.1 RUU)

    • Download and install any of the ROMS above
    • Go through normal setup procedure of ROM, link accounts etc (no need to customise homescreen yet)
    • Reboot and install my MOD
    • IMPORTANT: When you reboot, some of the new widgets will NOT WORK yet. You MUST go to Settings-Applications-Manage-ALL-HTC SENSE (the second one with the Sense image, typically 1.5+ MB size) and select CLEAR DATA
    • This will reset all your homescreens and you can now add the new widgets (such as the QuickLaunch Widget)

    Since I am using the widgets and fusion apks from the Runnymede/Bliss Sense 3.5 ROMs (that enable using the quicklaunch widget) in combination with a QHD Rosie Launcher:
    • The widgets are smaller than compared to the Sensation 3.5 ROMs (which, I actually prefer as I always found the standard widgets a tad to large)
    • The Rosie navbar will NOT have a background as this is missing in the used fusion.apk from Bliss due to the different launcher these ROMS use (button left and right instead of the 3 button layout of the QHD Rosie). However, I usually use a wallpaper with darker shading in the lower area to simulate this background
    • If you would prefer another Theme (such as Thyparancy Honey HD or others), you can install these themes on top of this modification (I can only guarantee that Honey HD works as that is the one I tested)
    • Secondly, I have compiled this mod since I have received many PMs that ask for a one-size-fits all package that combines my theme with the quicklaunch widget. As such, please refrain from asking me to compile different versions (with Theme, without Theme, with a different theme and so on). In essence, if you dont like my theme, you need to delete all files in /framework as well as SystemUI.apk and Settings.apk in /system/app PRIOR to flashing this MOD OR replace them with your preferred ones.
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  2. Thyrus, 06.10.2011 #2

    Thyrus Threadstarter Gast

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  3. Thyrus, 06.10.2011 #3

    Thyrus Threadstarter Gast

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