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  1. leagon, 23.11.2011 #1

    leagon Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Original-Post vom User "kristofpetho" (XDA-Developers.com):

    I believe that our Sensation can do a lot more / be a lot faster / and therefore we can be more productive than with the Sense ROMs.

    CM7 for the Sensation is not there yet, so without further ado, I present a ROM without Sense, but with everything working that is needed (excellent Camera, SD card speeds just fine, etc)

    I also like to customize my own apps in a given ROM, so any simple/minimalistic ROM is a plus for me.

    I therefore present to all who like this approach my very own HyperNonSense ROM release, based on the latest Android Revolution HD.


    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Download links, changelog and addons and extras in post #2
    - Extras and other links (ie. kernel, addons, etc) in post#3
    - FAQ and themes in post #4

    What you get:
    - Simple, minimalistic ROM to be a good base for your everyday needs (those who like every app to be in there "out-of-the-box" should steer clear)
    - Speed tweaks to make the ARHD base even faster and more responsive
    - Tweaks to make battery life even better
    - Tweaks for the camera to take pictures without compression
    - Custom minimalistic theme - from HyperSensation (WIP)
    - Always updated base to keep your flashing appetite full
    - Launcher Pro
    - ICS Keyboard without predictive text

    - Very big thanks to mike1986. and his ARHD ROM and letting me use his excellent ROM as a base for HyperNonSense!!!
    - thanks to droidyou for the FTP to host my files
    - thanks to nitr8 and insanity ROM (SGS2) for the ideas and a couple of icons/theme images
    - thanks to ljankok for the friendship in cooking
    - thanks to crypted for the AGPS patch
    - thanks to septix for the excellent banners!!!

    Leider kann ich den zweiten Post mit den "Rom Releases" nicht editieren, daher am Ende des ersten:

    LATEST DOWNLOAD: HyperNonSense v0.6
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 01.12.2011
  2. leagon, 23.11.2011 #2

    leagon Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    ROM Releases

    1. When you are finished setting up the device, do a normal reboot and then you will have normal operations!
    3. I have deleted a number of apps so that the ROM can be as lean and minimalistic as possible. If you find you need any apps that I have deleted, go to post #3 (Addons and Extras) and you will most likely find the app you need there!

    HyperNonSense v0.4 changelog, released 2011.11.22.

    - Fixed change ringtone error
    - Added Enhanced Quick Settings
    - Implemented autobacklight tweak for more agressive backlight reduction (saves a lot of power...)
    - Added BEATS audio plugin
    - Added Bravia Engine to enhance photo and video quality
    - Updated Market to latest 3.3.12

    Download HERE (dedicated server)

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    HyperNonSense v0.2 changelog, released 2011.11.17.

    - Size is only 143MB!!!
    - Based on ARHD 4.1.7 by mike1986. (used with his permission)
    - Theme is (for now) stock. I will get into themeing the ROM once all possible bugs are taken care of.
    - Removed all Sense related stuff, left only what is needed for an error-free ROM
    - Updated Keyboard to ICS version (multitouch keyboard!)
    - Cleaned unneeded libraries and resource-hogging background services
    - Camera tweaked for taking pictures without compression. I suggest not using any tweaks to improve video bitrate, as that might result is choppy recordings
    - Added LauncherPro as default launcher

    What is left of the Sense stuff:
    - HTC Lockscreen, with working lockscreen shortcuts
    - HTC Dialer, MMS, Mail, Camera, Album, Music, Mirror and Task Manager (not that many apps!!!)

    Addons / Extras

    You can flash the following via CWM:

    BEATS addon (thanks to baadnewz) - download HERE
    Enhanced Quick Settings (thanks to blackdog7) - download HERE
    Keyboard with dictionaries - download HERE
    Polaris Office - download HERE
    TTS service - download HERE
    WIFI Calling - download HERE
  3. Sh0X31, 23.11.2011 #3

    Sh0X31 Android-Guru

    Werd ich testen. Sieht interessant aus.
  4. leagon, 23.11.2011 #4

    leagon Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Habe das Rom seit Sonntag in Betrieb. Bisher ist mir im täglichen Gebrauch nichts negatives (Bugs etc.) aufgefallen.

    Akkuverbrauch müsste ich nochmal genauer beobachten, macht aber auch bisher (mit dem Faux Kernel) einen soliden Eindruck.

    Mit dem letzten Update hat die Cam das Amaze Interface bekommen, macht also optisch nochmal nen Sprung nach vorn (meiner Meinung nach).
  5. gaychram, 26.11.2011 #5

    gaychram Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied


    hast du das ROM immer noch im Gebrauch? Wenn ja, wie sind die Erfahrungen, wie stabil ist es ?
    Schon mal danke für die Info
  6. leagon, 26.11.2011 #6

    leagon Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Teste aktuell das MIUI, weil deutsche Sprache im Umlauf.

    Habe das HyperNonSense bis gestern Abend ca. eine Woche in Betrieb gehabt. So weit ich mich erinnere keine FC's, Abstürze und Bugs gehabt. Stabilität daher sehr gut bei mir. Kamera lief ebenfalls 1a, habe mehrere Fotos und Videos bei einem Ausflug gemacht. WLAN/Daten-Verbindung auch super, keine Probleme. Akkulaufzeit war auch in Ordnung. Im Standby ca. 1% pro Stunde bei aktivem Mobilfunktnetz ist ok.
    gaychram gefällt das.
  7. gaychram, 26.11.2011 #7

    gaychram Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Ok dann werd ich das mal testen :)
  8. leagon, 01.12.2011 #8

    leagon Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    HyperNonSense v0.6 changelog, released 2011.11.30.

    - Even more themeing
    - Removed even more Sense specific background services, which were not needed
    - Removed HTC Album, replaced with AOSP Gallery
    - Removed BEATS, replaced with AOSP DSP Manager (much more powerful)
    - Removed ES File Manager, replaced with AOSP File Manager
    - Added quite a few init.d scripts from HyperSensation (better speed)

    Download HERE (dedicated server)
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