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  1. Masta_Gee81, 28.05.2012 #1

    Masta_Gee81 Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    [​IMG] [ROM][HOT] Delfin 2.3.4 v20o NEW v4 !
    Delfin 2.3.4 v20o v4 released !!!
    (thanks to gmpdelfin)


    FEATURES FROM V4 (Google Trad)

    * Change build.prop
    * Deleted trash LG
    * Added and clearing tones, alarms, etc.
    * Play store updated
    * Function recovery (G) to start moving in kernel series (by Zeus)
    * Silence shot pictures both as an approach shot (xda)
    * New subject in call, contacts ...
    * New topic posts
    * New theme music
    * Keyboard and HTC HIME series Black black and blue! (by Zeus) (xda)
    * APN CyanogenMod (xda)
    * Extended menu off (thank Zeus)
    * Extended menu in new issue notifications (thank Zeus for that drop-down menu)
    * Pre-installed applications such as Real Calc, TeslaLED, CacheMate, is Explorer, Maxthon Browser and serial
    * Widgets: control wifi, TeslaLED, notes, time, network usage, call log, favorites and Xperia and top contacts
    * Dolby Audio, SRS, Beats Audio (Dolby audio application installable from zip) (xda)
    * Mod Bravia (xda)
    * New wallpaper Xperia (rom Xperia)
    * New logo of LG (bootanimation) (xda)
    * Fixed "at present the reboots" and failures in some apps like video market and ...
    * Changed watch White
    * Added some new icons
    * Removed Titanium Backup potential conflict, etc ...
    * Mod music icons and transparency among other things ...
    * Added dialer, contacts and mms of Xperia!

    UPDATE 1 :

    Is recommended based on clean and install Delfinv20o for recovery

    * Replaces Titanium Backup by Titanium Backup Pro
    * Upgrade to kernel of huexxx @ k53SV
    * Insert the Mod Beats Audio
    * New issue generally whiter and some transparency as it gives more clarity
    * Fixed images charging of the battery
    * Flashing icon notification bar (wifi and bluetooth) to improve vision disconnect connection

    Be arranged if reboots with this update, awaiting comments

    V2 :

    * Used Zeus frameworks have extended menu power button
    * Insert the Mod Beats Audio
    * New issue generally whiter and some transparency as it gives more clarity
    * Battery charging in percentage
    * Blinking icon notification bar (wifi and bluetooth) to improve vision disconnect/connection

    When installing the v2 if it detects the SD Pull it out and reinsert

    V3 :

    * Menu text notifications off and black color for better vision
    * Blur Google Music
    * New battery charge effect
    * Various arrangements and more thanks to Pedronski error loading ...

    Download :

    v1 :Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
    Update 1 : Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire
    (Install the rom and THEN flash the Update 1)

    v2 :Free Cloud Storage - MediaFire

    v3 :Delfin v20o v3.zip

    v4 :Delfin v4.zip

    New Launcher xperia LG and widgets and time clocks

    Working on:


    Source : ROM Delfin v20o v4 - HTCMania

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  2. linzer_, 07.06.2012 #2

    linzer_ Android-Experte

    Hab ich gerade auf xda entdeckt. Die v4.1 delfin rom basierend auf zeus v6.2x
    ist sicher nicht schlecht


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