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  1. kaepen05, 26.04.2012 #1

    kaepen05 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hallo ,
    hab es gerade gefunden bei der XDA community omr911
    [ROM][Port] ICS 4.0.3 alpha 1 - xda-developers
    Pure ICS 4.0.3 ported from Nexus S with johnnyperovvip's port base.

    Let the entire XDA community contribute in fixing bugs!

    Now touchscreen is noticeably fast but not working the way we want.
    I've add .idc files (for touchscreen) in system/usr/idc lets c if someone can fix.
    But we only need 1 of them rest should be removed when fixed!

    Whats Working:
    Screen brightness
    External Apps
    Buttons partially work
    Gallery, Maps etc...
    Some settings
    + You tell me

    Whats Not Working:
    Every thing else + You tell me

    We have 4/5 ICS based ROMs & ports nearly all of them have same issues just like all other initial ports.
    If any bug is fixed, it can be applied to other ICS based ROMs too.
    I'm also working on CM9 & MIUI4

    Dont mention same identified bugs again and again + before posting read the thread!

    Your contributions are most welcome...
    If you fix any bug kindly post/submit here in this thread.

    This thread is for developmental purpose only..
    Dont ask any noob related questions here!
    Ask at Optimus Black Q&A section...

    Do not post 'Thank You' comments
    Only Hit ' Thanks ' button
  2. kaepen05, 26.04.2012 #2

    kaepen05 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    :cool2:: Unsicher: Alpa2 ist raus !
    ist schon sehr gut aber schaut es euch selbst an 1

    hab es getestet funzt bis jetzt
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  3. N00BY0815, 02.05.2012 #3

    N00BY0815 Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Alpha 4a is schon raus, nur um mal auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben ;)
    kaepen05 gefällt das.
  4. kaepen05, 02.05.2012 #4

    kaepen05 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    stimmt seit gestern abend