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  1. Scum, 17.05.2012 #1

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    [ROM][ARC/S][4.0.4]MooDeD ICS v80.2[xAROMA][xHD-Domination][Light'Ning Speed}xQuad+ - xda-developers

    Andriod MooDeD ICS 80.2 IFT [ROM]

    New Version:
    < Stable Build >

    MooDeD ICS 80.2 IFT VERSION | Full AROMA Installer 300 MB. {Fast Server @ 1Gbit!} [ Link Working ] Updated ROM at [5/17]
    MooDeD ICS IFT 80.2 + 0% Redraws + Stable + AOSP System { AROMA }
    WiFi Problems Read This ! : Possible WiFi Fix
    Kind Peoples Who Donated This Week : Can You Buy Me A Juice?
    Lord5619 ~ 15$

    Want Latest Updates Of My ROM Follow Me On Twitter:​



    Installation Instructions :​
    Transfer the zip file you downloaded above to your internal sdcard (not the external micro SD).
    Turn off the phone, then boot into recovery mode. For this, press and hold Menu Button Until CWM screen shows up: Volume Button.

    Phone will boot into CWM recovery. Use volume keys to scroll up and down between options and power/home key to select an option.
    Perform a wipe:
    Select “wipe data/factory reset”. Then select “Yes” on next screen to confirm. (This will not touch your SD cards so don’t worry).
    Go to “advanced” and then select “wipe dalvik cache”, then select “Yes” on next screen. Now, go back to main screen of recovery.

    Select “mounts and storage”, then select “format system”. Select “Yes” on next screen to confirm. Go back to main recovery menu after system format is complete.
    Then, select “install zip from sdcard”, then select “choose zip from sdcard”. Then, browse to the file you transferred to the sdcard in step 2 and select it.
    Confirm installation on the next screen by selecting the option ”Yes — Install MooDeD ICS.zip“. The ROM will now start installing.
    After installation is complete, select “go back” then select “reboot system now” to reboot the phone.​
    Why To Choose My ROM?
    Cause This ROM Is The Fastest And Light No-Redraws 96% And 100% Daily Update

    FAQ :

    Q: I can't find my ext sdcard!
    A: using file manager go to /emmc

    Q: I Keep On FC.
    A: Delete All Init.d Tweaks.

    Q: when I connect the phone to PC I cannot mount my sdcard!
    A: It Really DOESNT HAPPEN 100%

    Q: I Have A Lag Or The ROM Is Slow ...
    A: Just Request to me Remove Application So Some Bloatware Will Be Remove

    Q: gallery is too slow!
    A: give it some time to scan or download quikpic free from market

    Q: I have too many force closes and bugs not found on this thread!
    A: relate to installation instruction in OP​

    About the ROM :
    Base : 4.0.3 ICS : FULL ICS BASE FROM SOURCE ICS ftf by Sony ( Thanks To HIM [​IMG] .)

    What can you expect? Well, Basically the sames bugs as ICS, and the Full ICS user experience, with all their awesome mods.

    It's has been tested by my Recognized Tester (Duvel999 Etc.... !)

    It's Rockstable, nothing more nothing less. It's Blazing fast.

    It contains Light Gapps. If you're missing some apps that are related to Google, go on and flash latest ICS Gapps. It has now the ICS Settings, from CM9 !

    'Bout the recovery. Stock, not touch. Some users don't understand how it works, and freak out because they can't use it or restore their beloved Sony ROMs() , so it's stock.
    Next Update Day:

    Miscellaneous Area:

    Working HD Games:
    Tested and working:
    - 9MM HD
    - Asphalt 5
    - Asphalt 6 HD
    - BackStab HD
    - GT Racing HD
    - Real Football 2011 HD
    - Shrek Karting HD
    - UNO HD
    - Dead Space
    - Reckless Racing 2
    - Modern Combat 3
    - World of Goo
    - Let's Golf 1

    - GSM => working
    - 3G/DATA => working
    - SMS => working
    - SENSORS => working
    - USB Connection => working (MTP mode)
    - AUDIO => working
    - VIDEO => working
    - VIBRATION => working
    - MIC => bug with Recorder app
    - GPS => working
    - ANT+ => working
    - Bluetooth => working
    - WIFI => working
    - camera => working
    - camcorder => working
    - flashlight => working
    - USB tethering => working
    - USB Mount in Recovery ==> working





    By: ChaosFirZen XDA

    Special Thanks To:

    StockDroid ~ For HSDPA Limiting category
    XtremePeople ~ For All In One Tweak
    cobrato ~ For ICS Stock Kernel And USB Fixes
    krabappel2548 ~ For UI And Many More Thank Yo HIM...
    WasabiWa83 ~ For Making Poster He Is The Best Poster Maker.. [2012]
    DooMLord ~ For Many Things Like Kernel And WiFi Modules
    Doom151 ~ As Using His Aroma As A Reference [​IMG]
    TheFrankenstain ~ For PowerSave,System Tweak And Other =)

    ChangeLog's Area:

    ChangeLog v60.0
    • AllinOne Tweak
    • Lag Fix
    • Dalvik Tweak
    • Kernel Tweak
    • I/O Tweak
    • OnDemand Tweak
    • Screen / Response Tweak
    • Battery Tweak
    • Debug Battery Tweak
    • SuperCharge V6 +1000 For More Soother UI
    • Smudge Tweak From DrodForums
    • Sqlite Tweak
    • Darky ZipAlign
    • Cleanup_Init_Ram
    • Journalism
    • optiflags
    • Logger
    • NetSpeed
    • CFSK
    • lwp
    • Loopy_Smoothness_Tweak
    • SuperCharge V6 RC9 For ICS Build.prop
    • Hw.config Tweak
    • Per-Activity Tweak =- From ICS of S2
    • Download Speed Tweak
    • Up-Load Tweak
    • Pre-Modified Android HotSpot = MooDeD-AP
    • Dual-Band Tweak =- WiFi 5.0Ghz Instead Of 2.1Ghz
    • RAM Management
    • UI Tweak
    • HD Advance Tweak / A.k.A [ I Set The User Debug Composition To 127 Instead 240 =D
    • Pre-Apps
    • Remove Home To Trenchbuchet
    • Remove Nova Luncher
    • Update-Script Tweak [ MooDeD ICS ]
    • Smurfed_Out Tweak To System
    • Repleace Some Build.prop Tweak To Its MooDeD HD Tweak =- Kinda Weird Some People Say Work -=
    • Data Space Tweak
    • Move Cache To UserCache Free Up More Space =D
    • 10Mbps Speed Camera Tweak
    • 10Mbps Video Tweak
    • OTA Update
    • WiFi Fix
    • Super User Fix
    • MAC Address Fix
    • Tweaks
    • Zip_Align Tweak
    • OTA Verification Update .xml

    ChangeLog v60.5
    • Fix WiFi Problems
    • Added New Adreno Driver @ AROMA In Customize
    • Added Zipalign Advance Tweak From S2 Section
    • Added Bundle Packs
    • Added Fix On Installing Individual Apps
    • Darky ZipAlign Tweak Re-Tweak
    • Added Init.D Section @ Customize
    • Added Many More Just See My Mind Is Tired : )

    ChangeLog v70.0
    • Fix FC
    • Fix Leaked Memory
    • Removed Bundle
    • Added WiFi Modules Of Kernel
    • New Boot Splash
    • 2400ms Splash AROMA

    ChangeLog v70.5
    • Change Name To AndroidRevolution HD
    • New AROMA Tools
    • Revamped AROMA Tools
    • Updated custom @ AROMA
    • 3 New Lunchers!
    • New Pokemon Tweaks
    • Remove Other Bloatware App
    • Added New Features
    • Added New .xml OTA
    • HD-Games Fix Implemented
    • HD-Experience Implemented
    • Arc-Night Kernel Tweak @ AROMA .ko
    • Many More Maybe 8 More..
    ChangeLog v80.0

    • Updated custom @ AROMA
    • Fix Over-All FC
    • Remove Some Init.d Tweaks
    • Remove Some Build.prop Tweaks
    • Added 1-2 .xml Update
    • HD-Games Fix Implemented 2nd
    • Fix Memory Leak [ Implemented ]

    ChangeLog v80.1
    • Added 80.2 .xml Update For Next OTA
    • Patched framework.jar
    • Force 2D / 3D To Work via Init.d
    • Updated UI!
    • Added Security For MooDeD ICS Add-Ons Pack via Build.prop & AROMA
    • Added New Features
    • Light'Ning Fast From GS2 Implemented Via Init.d
    ChangeLog v80.2
    • Added 80.3 .xml Update For Next OTA
    • Re-Based @ 4.0.4 EDIT : Re-ReBased @ 4.0.3 No { SUPPORTED 4.0.4 Kernel Yet! }
    • Fix WiFi { Tethering }
    • Remove Junk AROMA Customization
    • Added Mooded.tools=true For UpComing Pre-Release Add-Ons Package
    • Added New Features
    • Light'Ning Fast From GS2 Implemented Via Init.d
    • Added AOSP Build - Based @ JJ
    • Added SRS
    • Added Beats Hack
    • Added Some smali Of {[ Secret }] Upcoming @ 80.5


    Dachte mir das es für dieses Mod auch ein separates Topik geben kann ...
  2. Scum, 19.05.2012 #2

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon


    Added :
    * AP2SDX
    *Added WiFi Fix { BETA }
    *Added Control From JJ
    *Added Donation Link @ ROM
    *Revamped UI

    Just Make Sure.. If WiFi Doesn't Work Flash The .562 NCB FTF Vice Versa...
    The Link Will Be Available @ GMT+3

    Dont Asked For 80.4 ETA Cause It Rocks | 4.0.5 | My Own Very eXtreme Custom ROM !!~~~

    Please If I Help You Hit Thanks >> Or Just Hit Thanks [​IMG]

    Or You Can Buy Me A Juice By Donating Little Ammount? [​IMG]

    < Stable Build >

    MooDeD ICS 80.3 IFT VERSION | Full AROMA Installer 300 MB. {Fast Server @ 1Gbit!} [ Link Working ] Updated ROM at [5/17]
    MooDeD ICS IFT 80.3 + 0% Redraws + Stable + AOSP System { AROMA }
  3. Miustone, 29.06.2012 #3

    Miustone Gast

    ChangeLog v90.2
    Fix AROMA Script V2.00
    Added AROMA Tweaks
    Added Jellybean Implementation { PORT RC1 } AROMA
    Fix Overall Performance
    Added New Thunderbolt Tweaks
    Added FSFack Tweak
    Added 2 Bug Fixes
    New AROMA Design
    Added Darky_Zipalign
    Added New OTA
    Added AppMan V2
    --- New Futures Are Added -- V1.1 Below Dalvik Tweak, Kernel Tweak... Etc. Are New Tweaks Of 90.2
    Dalvik Tweak
    Kernel Tweak
    I/O Tweak
    OnDemand Tweak
    Screen / Response Tweak
    Battery Tweak
    Debug Battery Tweak
    SuperCharge V6 +1000 For More Soother UI
    Smudge Tweak From DrodForums
    Sqlite Tweak
    Darky ZipAlign
    Jelly Bean? :o Ich werde die Version gleich mal ausprobieren! Mal schauen ob die Versionsnummer nun wirklich 4.1 statt 4.0.x ist....
    Das wäre ja der Hammer! Jelly Bean auf dem Arc (S)
  4. LiquidRobotics, 06.07.2012 #4

    LiquidRobotics Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Version 90.4 ist raus:

    [ROM][4.0.4]MooDeD ICS 90.4[AROMA][JB]-Ultimate Bootloop Fix And Major Enhancement ! - xda-developers

    Changelog 90.4

    -removed lg luncher will be added again on 90.5
    -fix init.d tweaks that causes bootloop
    -fix overall performace
    -fixed xmooded build contacts
    -removed ota support for the mean time the file will be added at a fast server @ denmark { optional } for user can't download will be poll..
    -mooded build fix
    -added ram tweak
    -app2sd support v1.1
    added new build.prop id

    Es sind nur ein paar JellyBean Apps portiert worden, die noch sehr buggy sind.

    Android 4.1 für´s Arc ist wohl noch in weiter Ferne.

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