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  1. Scum, 05.05.2012 #1

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    [ROM][ARC] TeamXperia | LeWa Os 2.3.7 | Full Port [29/04] V1.0 | Speed & Eyecandy - xda-developers

    TeamXperia Presents LeWa Os V1.1

    Hello fellow Xperia Arc users recently we've been on other forums and found a wonderful rom called LeWa Os. It is similar to MIUI in terms of initial looks but I promise you it's not the same [​IMG] We have made a full port to our phones and wanted to share it... It's based on FXP 120 CM7.2 and v880 LeWa so most credits to FXP LeWa & of course TeamXperia. Android 2.3.7 & Awesome eyecandy & fluid performance [​IMG]

    -Almost evertything [​IMG]


    Installation Guide

    - Unlock Bootloader (There are plenty of threads with how to do this...)
    - Download and place TeamXperia Lewa VX.X on Sdcard
    - Download and flash Kernel or just use FXP newest cm7 Kernel (117 is the kernel we use)
    - Enter Recovery By pressing vol down when LED is on when the splash screen is displayed
    - Full wipe/factory reset (in recovery)
    - Install zip from SD and choose the Rom then flash Lewa Gapps
    - Reboot and enjoy [​IMG]
    -If WiFi doesn't work/turn on then install applicable WiFi Modules from that specific Kernel you are using

    -FXP Team for their tiresome work which is always appreciated [​IMG]
    -blindndumb for the Desire HD rom and his website helped me on a thing or 2 [​IMG]
    -LeWa for the lovely rom
    -the rest of TeamXperia


    -=TeamXperia LeWa V1.0=-

    -=TeamXperia LeWa V1.0=- (Mirror)

    -=CM7 Kernel=-

    -=LewaOS Gapps=-

    -Torch FC (Already on it)
    -A ICS lockscreen theme from the online LeWa sever in the themes app
    -Lockscreen is odd at the bottom when you pull it to the bottom of the screen (You'll know what I mean if you try it)

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  2. Scum, 17.05.2012 #2

    Scum Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Changelog from LeWaOS site Translated
    V1.0 - V1.1

    [information] to
    optimize the list of information and information Details of the interface, the time display is the "morning / afternoon / evening / night" + "time"
    to repair the lock screen setup interface. click on the lock screen style of FC, to SMS, the phone will
    add contacts, search contacts if there is more contact and mailbox, will show only two contact

    repair batch Delete the interface, and some contacts are not sorted according to the alphabetical order.
    Repair batch delete a contact interface, the total number of read contacts, sometimes ignore the number of contacts
    repair sort contacts and bulk delete the contact list problem of inconsistency

    [File Manager]
    to repair the file or folder to rename this file or folder should be highlighted to
    repair rename the file, you can not navigate to the newly renamed file
    repair capacity of the progress display is not accurate
    repair category management, the slow, especially the more content classification to enter the video classification is too slow to
    repair the classified management mode, the telephone recording file just generated not find the folder of music files
    shown as unknown to
    repair the installation package under category management, there are some 1970 installation package, click on the response
    repair rename a long name folder, the cursor is difficult location to which to delete a character
    to repair the file manager hook after the selected files, click on the menu that appears at the bottom click no effect
    repair document management system comes to rename the file extension can not be modified

    , continue to drag the highlighted area blur the issue to
    repair GO SMS can not add 4X2 plug the desktop
    repair Anydo add 3 * 3 (application) widget and add the wrong question of the effect of 4 * 2

    new call log settings, click to call records and direct dial or you can view details (System Settings -> Call -> Call log settings)
    repair set the date, you can not manually enter the year of
    repair set is always shock, switch to silent mode, it will become the only vibration in silent mode
    to repair the duplication of the notification system ringtones and SMS tones, Merope and Tinkerbell ringtones

    [music player]
    new songs rejection sensitivity adjustment set a
    new sleep mode is set
    player has been repaired every day pleasant, everyday sounds unlock, mobile phone stuck restart to
    fix the initial state is off set rejection songs, music player, swinging song open, Lut songs swinging song to
    fix the initial state to set the rejection song is on, play music, then rejection songs set to close , Lut songs can still can be thrown
    repair open the swinging song, songs will be automatic and continuous switching songs
    repair lashing songs, adjust the sensitivity of the rejection songs to gentle, then close the swinging songs, songs, still swinging song
    repair music player restart the phone the first set swinging song invalid
    repair singer by clicking into the list does not display singers
    repair show incomplete and fuzzy
    optimization to remove the genre page
    optimization singer pictures to adapt to the size of the list to
    optimize the list of songs, remove album shows
    a list of "XX album" changed to "XX song

    [Changing Faces]
    optimize the display elements increased use custom themes loaded.
    Fix the time required for the application desktop wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper is too long to
    repair the set of graphics to unlock or password to unlock, you can not unlock.
    Repair the lock screen and then light up the screen found that cover half the screen keyboard, not unlock
    repair call, manually click the power button lock screen, do not hang up the phone light up the screen, the phone can not unlock

    optimization low battery interface
    optimized to interface options for APN menu text font compared with other menu font
    repair GPS positioning or poor positioning accuracy
    , the time of taking pictures in the photo details bug
    fixes attribution can not be displayed or display error (continually updated)
    , the bottom of the Delete button and other interface unified

    fix open the FM to listen to a channel, to the default from the drop-down list, press the Return key to enter the FM, FM, frequency 87.5

    Rom status - Ready just need to upload when I get home

    Also I Have MoKee OS to upload when I get home too for Neo, Arc will get it too


    TeamXperia LeWaOS V1.1

    use the same boot.img from 2nd post as there are no changes from 117 to 120 kernel

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