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Diskutiere [ROM][ICS] JJ's HYBRID ROM REvolution | Lite | Smoooooth | Stable | im Custom-ROMs für Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc.



Here is a ROM for ARC/S users.. Based on Stock ICS 4.0.3 FW .562.. I don't own an Arc but this Rom is made entirely from Arc files... similar to my Ray Rom

Most of the Sony Bloatwares and Useless apps and other files removed for smoothness and made it look like AOSP ICS as much as I could do to give you stability, performance and Best of Both Worlds...

Light - Stable - Fast

Things that are AOSP or look alike
1) Apps and those from Sony are changed to AOSP icons
2) Matching Lock Screen and Modded Framework.jar to have AOSP touch
3) AOSP Sounds
4) Matching AOSP Toggle Widgets (thanks to hansip87)
5) Removed lots of Sony Stuff... too lazy to Mention...
6) AOSP Keyboard

1) Latest Android market (Play Shop)
2) Init.d and build.prop tweak. thanks to Nexperia Team
3) Most Gapps included
4) Stock Sony Camera with AOSP icon
5) APN Settings Predefined
6) xloud and bravia engine included

Screen Shots

Download the ROM..
Put in SD Card..
Flash ICS Kernel with CWM Recovery... No need to Flash kernel if you have already...
Go into Recovery and DO FULL WIPE and Flash the ROM,.. boot the ROM once... Flash any Addons then

a) ROM v2.1 Hybrid Revolution (6-5-2012)
(No Sony Addons can be Flashed)
Just Wipe Delvik and Cache if coming from v2.0..
(FULL WIPE IS A MUST if coming from v1.2 or other ROMs)

( If u are having Titanium Back Problems with v 2.0, Read THIS)


b) ROM v1.2 Hybrid
(Most Sony Addons can be Flashed)
a) Stock ICS Beta Kernel with CWM HERE (thanks cobrato)
b) Use Kernel by jimbo77 HERE (for Overclocking)
c) DoomLord ICS kernel but dont know since I dont have ARC to test..​
3) OPTIONAL Deodex Patch.. For those who want to deodex ROM (Applies for Both 1.2 and 2.0) ... Not Necessary to flash....

]IMPORTANT: (Notes and TIPS)

Having Titanium Back Problems with v 2.0? Read THIS

1) After booting up ROM there will be no Keyboard... So please go to Settings>Language and Input> and Click Default and Select Android Keyboard. Will make a Patch for Sony Keyboard if most guys want...

2) Please allow the ROM to settle for atleast an 2-3hrs as Media Scanners, sync etc etc always run on First boot... Then check the smoothness...

3) Set Windows animations in Developers Options to .5x or just disable it for a snappier experience...

4) For Trebuchet Launcher, my favourite app drawer animation is ZOOM in (Trebuchet Settings>Drawer>Transition animations).. its smooth and cool...

5) If you want to take Screenshots, press Vol Down+Power Button for 1 sec

6) If you want to Save Battery , use FREE Underclocking app from Google Play Store(Market) called No-frills CPU... (thanks Sirkay for the tip)
Min -122Mhz
Max 768 or 806Mhz.. (Rom will still run Smooth...)
and I/O Scheduler- noop

Secondly, If you dont Sync Gallery photos then turn off Photo Sync in Settings> Accounts>Tap ur email>Sync Google-Photos (turn it Off)

7) You can use SuperCharge Scripts to Lockhome in Memory

8) If you have questions regarding the Rom, please don't pm me... just ask your questions on thread. . i read every post and will answer as much as i could...

Bugs: Complete list of Bugs HERE. Other than that there is NONE...



JJHybrid Official Ver 2.1 Revolution (6-5-2012) - 93mb Only

  • Cut down the ROM size by 23mb by removing Lots of Useless Apps and Framework Files not needed...
  • Average 180-200mb Free. ROM Feeling Snappier
  • Aligned Status bar Icons Thanks jtc4 ( will fix batt mod alignment later)
  • Removed AOSP Email (Flash from v2x Addons if u need)
  • Phone FC fixed after Private caller Calls ends...
  • Returned USB Mode in Settings
  • Removed New Adreno Drivers by arcatarc and placed Original Ones as they were laggy. The ROM goes Lag free now..
  • Superuser initial warning issue STILL Not fixed with Titanium Backup. Just let TB fix it by itself is solution..
  • Added KANG Stock Launcher
  • Latest MIUI File Explorer

JJHybrid Official Ver 2.0 Revolution (25-4-12)
1) Added AOSP Dialer and Contacts (BIG THANKS to Zdzihu for Telling me the trick)
2) Removed MTP Mode. The phone will automatically connect as Mass Storage USB and ADB Debugging mode when connected to PC
Remaining same as ver 1.2...
DO NOT FLASH SONY ADDONS and BATTERY MODS They dont work woth ver 2.0, will provide those later...

JJHybrid Official Ver 1.2 (21-4-12)
1) Deodex Patch for those who want to Deodex ROM
2) Added Latest Adreno Drivers
3) Improved UI Animations ... the Smooth Became Smooooooother than before...

4) Fixed Email Exchange
5) Some UI Changes to Make it more like AOSP
6) Removed some useless files and frameworks..

JJHybrid Official Ver 1.1 (16-4-12)
Replaced Nova Launcher with Apex
Fixed Lost Status Bar with Black wallpaper issue(thanks hansip87 for finding the prob. He has been really very helpful
Added Livewallpaper Picker
Added AOSP Power Widgets by Default
Added Blue Color/Date in Status Bar Time By Default
Replaced MIUI Music player with AOSP Music Player
Fixed Bookmarks Sync Issue with Browser
Fixed 3G Data File size download Limitation
Added Latest Google Market
Added latest Gmail

JJHybrid Official Ver 1.0 (14-4-12)


Based on Official Version
ICS Sony..
Nova Launcher instead of Trebuchet on users demand
Added Google Quick Search
Removed most of those Bloatwares stuff and apps and their country settings to make it global.
Added Toggle Widgets
Added Reboot Menu
Added 2G/3G toggle
Added AOSP LockScreen
Added Widgets for Phone and Messaging Counters...(DONT Update it via Market since its modded one-just ignore the update)
AOSP Theme by default (Dont apply Black Theme)
Battery mods and Widgets and all those status bar mods present by default. Battery % mods in second post(Will be provided later)
Revised and added Only two tweaks added in init.d.. U can try urs which
Rooted with Busy box and SQlite installed
AOSP Exchange Added
MIUI AOSP Music Player added
Reboot Menu not present. will wait for hansip otherwise wait for official
Added AOSP Digital + Analogue Clock Widget from KANG AOKP Rom..
Updated to Latest Youtube, Market and Gmail (4.0.5) application
Zip Aligned All Apks
Added aditional patch for enabling Colored clock, Power Widgets.
Added Latest MIUI FileExplorer and LED Flash Widget in User Data so its easily removable on choice



UPDATED 27-4-2012

(Flash in Recovery)

FOR Both (Revolution 2.x+ V1.2)
1) Nexus Boot Animation WITH Boot Sound OR WITHOUT Boot Sound
5) Enable FaceLock (For Neo/Ray/Play Only)

For V 1.2 only - Sony Addon Lovers
(I am not going to support you if you get Force Closes or UI lags after installing Sony Apps.. These Addons are put only on Request and is not the aim of the ROM)

Black Sony Default Keyboard
b) INTERNATIONAL(International includes English)
C) Sony Stock Music Player.
For Music Widget you have to add more bloatware like Default Stock Sony launcher aswell as it only appears there. If u are willing then FlashSony Music Player with MusicWidget (Just delete Music.apk from system/app if you dont want to use AOSP Music player
D) EleganT Black Theme v1:(Soon)
E) BATTERY 1% MODS (v1.2 Only)

1) Download Battery Mods
2) RESTORE DEFAULT (Remove Battery% Mod)​
1)FOLD Window Animations : (Keep Animations Speed at 0.5x) Unlocking screen to Home causes a Black Flash. Thats Normal.
2) RESTORE Default Window Animations
F) On Screen HW Keys MOD
1) With DEFAULT Animations
2) With FOLD animationsBoth will replace your Battery Mod. DO NOT APPLY BATT MODS on ONSCREEN KEYS else it will remove this Mod
To Remove OnScreen Keys, Flash Restore Default window Animations + any of the battery Mods
For Ver 2x Revolution Only

A) BATTERY 1% MODS (v2.x Revolution Only)

Please Delete any previous Ones. It had a Major Bug...
1) Download Battery Mods

2) RESTORE DEFAULT (Remove Battery% Mod)​
B) Add-On Screen Keys (already has 1% AOSP icon Battery Mod- Don't flash battery Addons otherwise u might loose the Mod)- To remove, flash ROM without wipes)
C) Sony Music Player (No Widget)- Labels are Black and I know that..I will try to Edit it later and make it white. Its dependent on Sony framework for Colors which has been changed to AOSP.
Delete Music.apk in system/app if u dont want to use AOSP music player
Attached Files
Remove_DATA_Disabled_Notification.zip - [Click for QR Code] (134.2 KB, 1008 views)
3DCamera_&_3DGallery_JJHyb.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.79 MB, 108 views)
Sony-ICS-Black-Keyboard-ENG_JJHyb.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.34 MB, 76 views)
SonyMusicPlayer_NO_Widget_JJHyb.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.26 MB, 48 views)
SonyMusicPlayer_with_Widget_JJHyb.zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.41 MB, 79 views)
Add_On_Screen_Keys_JJHyb_DefaultAnim.zip - [Click for QR Code] (7.63 MB, 47 views)
Add_On_Screen_Keys_JJHyb - FOLDAnim.zip - [Click for QR Code] (7.63 MB, 49 views)
FOLD_Window_Animation.zip - [Click for QR Code] (6.18 MB, 36 views)
Restore_Default_Window_Animations.zip - [Click for QR Code] (6.19 MB, 78 views)
Enable_MTPMode.zip - [Click for QR Code] (198.7 KB, 104 views)
Remove_DATA_Disabled_Enabled_Notification.zip - [Click for QR Code] (134.7 KB, 13 views)
SonyStockMusicPlayer_v2x.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.26 MB, 19 views)
AOSP_Email_Exchange_v2x.zip - [Click for QR Code] (2.06 MB, 27 views)

Habe diese Roms seit ca. 24H drauf (gerade Update auf die neue V2.1 gemacht!
Meiner meinung nach eins der Besten Roms für Arc ...
Nutze es mit Stock ICS Kernel
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


JJHybrid V2.2 Revolution

a) ROM v2.2 Hybrid Revolution(8-5-2012)
(No Sony Addons can be Flashed)
Just Wipe Delvik and Cache if coming from v2.1..
I recommend FULL Wipe due to different Contact apps.
(FULL WIPE IS A MUST if coming from v1.2 or other ROMs)

JJHybrid Official Ver 2.2 Revolution (7-5-2012)

  • Added Latest People (Contacts) Application from Android 4.0.4 that fixes Big Contact Widget Photo image issue..
  • Fixed TB Restore app issues.. rather all issues concerned with Superuser
  • Re-Added Trebuchet Launcher with new Wallpapers
  • Added TB in user data by default
  • Added Zip align init.d tweak


Hier ein paar Bilder ...
(Verwende in der Zwichenzeit NovaLauncher ...)





JJ Hybrid Rom_REv 2.3 (ROM Control)(18-5-2012)
FULL Wipe is a MUST-Too many changes....
(Thanks Matija Gubec for providing mediafire Link)

  • Added ROMControl Features to the ROM (Find it in Settings)
  • Huge Speed improvements
  • Fixed Statusbar Distorted Image behind the Toggles (Huge Thanks to Akath19 for finding the fix)
  • Added Default AOKP ICS animations
  • Tuned up Trebuchet Launcher to Prevent Lags when Opening/Closing App Drawer
  • Rearragned Menu Items in Settings to what we mostly want.
  • Added init.d scripts for ROM Control
  • Removed Themes Option from Settings so that you guys dont get annoyed with "No Theme manager installed" popup..
  • Added Ringtones from MIUI Rom.
Why Not 4.0.4?:

  • Its not yet Official
  • It required lot of time to mod everything. Every Icon to make it look like AOSP
  • ROM Control doesnt Work with it (I tried already. Dont know why)
  • There isnt some Mind Blowing improvements in 4.0.4.. Its mostly lib files that determines performace. If I find any Lib files fruitful in 4.0.4, I will make a Patch...

Whats not Working in ROM Control?
Well you know ROM Control has Hundred of Features. I tried my Best to do as much as I can. 70% are working and mostly those which most users like are working..

Mostly, what you see in ROM Control will be working. I have removed non-working from ROM Control so that you dont get FC messages pressing on it..

All these features listed below are not yet working... Dont request for it.. I am working on it.. Be thankful to what we have in Hand...

Lock screen toggles (working on it)
Power menu Toggles (working on it)
On screen Keys toggle (Working on it)
Led Options ( Xperia Devices doesnt support yet)
Rotation delay Mod (useless)
Allow 180 degree Rotation (Useless)
Fast Charge (Needs Kernel Support)
Enable Volume Options (working on it)
Hold Back to Kill (working on it)
Long Press Home action (working on it)
Swagger toggle???.. (Can someone tell me WTF does this toggle do.

Bugs in ROM:

  1. When Connect USB to PC, You get a Sticky Status bar Notification "Unknown application Sending SMS" or "Touch to Settings". If you Tap it Status Bar FCs. So dont Tap it. Doesnt effect any function. Just unplug USB from PC and it will go away..It will remain there until u r connected. I am looking for Fix.
  2. On Tapping the AUTO Brigtness icon, the Brightness Slider gets distorted. I got the Device for short time,
  3. DONT REPORT THESE BUGS, ONLY REPORT FIXES for it if you can fix it..

ROM v2.3b Hybrid Revolution (8-5-2012) (Full Wipe Required) too many Changes.
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Erfahrenes Mitglied
Kann man das Rom mit geschlossenem Bootloader instalieren ?




Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Wer nutzt diese ROM denn hier?
Kann es sein das es keine Möglichkeit mehr gibt eine MP3 als Klingelton zu wählen, oder finde ich blos die richtige Einstellung nicht?

Gesendet von meinem LT15i mit der Android-Hilfe.de App


ArcS_Austria nutz sie... Simon auch...


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
dann werd ich mal warten bis einer von den Herren wach ist :)

ins CWM komme ich auch nicht mehr, aber ich vermute mal das liegt an der neuen Version des installers. da werd ich noch ein wenig testen.


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
hats in Android je die Option "mp3s als Klingelton verweden" gegeben? Ich mein jetzt Out of the box und nicht mit apps wie rings extendet oder so?


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
also mit den stock-roms von sony ging es ohne extra apps

nachtrag: ok, man lernt nie aus! als "verwöhnter" sony-user fällt mir jetzt erst auf das es beim Stock-Android tatsächlich so ist das man unter Einstellungen/Töne/Klingelton keine eigenen mp3s anwählen kann... :unsure:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
aber ich seh das Problem nicht wirklich, was spricht gegen Rings Extended, kostet ja nix..


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
da hast du recht, ist ja auch schon erledigt. :thumbup:


Erfahrenes Mitglied
DraxD schrieb:
Wer nutzt diese ROM denn hier?
Kann es sein das es keine Möglichkeit mehr gibt eine MP3 als Klingelton zu wählen, oder finde ich blos die richtige Einstellung nicht?

Gesendet von meinem LT15i mit der Android-Hilfe.de App

Habe meinen Namen gehört. Wer hat gerufen? ;)

Auf der ROM selbst gibt es keine möglichkeit MP3s als Klingelton zu nutzen, aber ich habe Poweramp (sehr guter Musikplayer) wo man die Titel als Klingelton wählen kann. Poweramp ist sehr empfehlenswert.


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Du hast aber ne lange Leitung ;)
Mit dem Walkman-player geht's auch, hab es schon gefunden.
Trotzdem danke :thumbup:

Gesendet von meinem LT18i mit der Android-Hilfe.de App


Erfahrenes Mitglied
DraxD schrieb:
Du hast aber ne lange Leitung ;)
Mit dem Walkman-player geht's auch, hab es schon gefunden.
Trotzdem danke :thumbup:

Gesendet von meinem LT18i mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
Das wusste ich nicht. Walkman war das erste was gelöscht war ;)

:) Never change a running System :)
Mit JJHyb_v3.2 getippt



Bei mir ist unter Töne/Klingelton dann der Button "Musikbibliothek", von dem man dann mp3s wählen kann.


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
w3nZ schrieb:

Bei mir ist unter Töne/Klingelton dann der Button "Musikbibliothek", von dem man dann mp3s wählen kann.
Du hast ja auch eine Original Sony-Rom, bei Stock-GB und -ICS fürs Arc gab es das auch :)

aber BTT:

Ich habe JJ's Hybrid Rom seit ein paar Tagen drauf (inzwischen hat die ROM Version 3.2, schade das der Thread-Ersteller das nicht aktuell hält...) und bin sehr sehr zufrieden damit.
Flashen mit geschlossenem BL kein Problem, keine Lags im Launcher, keine Hänger wenn Musik und GPS/Endomondo gleichzeitig laufen, keine Abstürze.
Kann es nur Empfehlen!


Hi habt ihr auch das peoblem das es ab und an sehr lange einfach vibriert.