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  1. w3nZ, 15.05.2012 #1

    w3nZ Threadstarter Android-Guru


    1) Xperia S rom for Arc/Arc S with additional tweaks.


    6.0.A.3.73 ( xperia S V6.1 )

    Tested and worked with Arc

    For Downloads see post No 2
    For screen shots see the post No 3

    what is in V6.1 updater

    1) Tweak Speed fix for HD gaming
    2) Dilar pad (*) button Fixed
    3) Tweaks changed for VM memory now fast scrolling available
    4) JPEG quality tweak upto 100%
    5) Tweak for Enhance (Audio & Video) recording Quality
    6) Tweak for Home memory lock

    It is just a updater flash it over V6 Rom

    what is in V6 Rom

    1) build prop tweaks changed completely

    2) New init.d tweaks add in the Rom for Virtual memory, init.d ram and for delvik cache

    3) V6 ram speed tweak included

    4) Extreme battery life [​IMG][​IMG] by removing those tweaks which make cause to drain battery quickly & bloatware apps also removed

    5) SD card speed tweaks included, 2048 kb/s speed by default no need to install other apps for it

    6) All system apps are updated

    7) Updated super-su included now more fast and bug free

    8) Fix bug for headphones

    9) This Rom is more lite i remove Time scape, event stream, & semc Email from it to make it lite, but all these apps are also available in a second flash-able zip file in downloads for those who want to be those apps in there device

    Additional tweaks

    01) Auto Rotate-able home apk [​IMG] THANKS to hansip87 for this
    02) Battery percentage mod [​IMG] By me Zohaib0001
    03) Transparent status bar [​IMG] By me Zohaib0001
    04) Power notification widget (you have power to chose widget position) [​IMG]
    05) Reboot option in Menu [​IMG]
    06) V6 Supercharge supported included in Rom no need to install it
    07) Sq-lite included [​IMG]
    08) Busy box included [​IMG]
    09) Google play store updated
    10) Abobe flash player 11 updated
    11) Sony apps (track-ID, radio service, G-mail, face book) Updated
    12) SuperSU included updated
    13) SD card speed tweak included 2048 Kb/S
    14) Battery friendly

    Apps that are still based on 2.3.4 Arc

    1) Camera
    2) Radio
    3) Lock Screen
    4) Framwork-res apk
    5) System UI apk

    I am working on these apps to so we should have proper xperia S rom


    This is a Bug free Rom as per my testes there is no bug in my rom
    but if you still find any bug then report me

    Recommendation Read it must

    1) If your base Rom is ICS_562 and you want to install my rom over it then only use doom kernel v18 for it , with baseband 70 already included in ICS rom

    2) If your base Rom is GB 2.3.4_62 and you want install my rom over it then use doom kernel v22 for it , with baseband 64 already included in 62 firmware

    Both kernels and there modules available here please download kernels from this thread
    3) Make a backup of all your apps and data because this installation will wipe all things.....

    4) When you start your device first time you find a SuperSU app in your menu open this app, you will see a popup message to update SU binary just click on Continue button so that you can get root access
    this update did not required internet connection, this is just a fix permission by app it self

    How to install.... [​IMG][​IMG] please do all step as i am describing

    Please download the flowing

    1) Main Rom ( Xperia S V6 )
    2) Patch for Arc-S V6 Rom if you have Arc-S

    3) Kernel from here, [​IMG][​IMG] Please read recommendations note for more details [​IMG][​IMG]
    4) Modules for kernel

    Put all zip file into root of SD card, not kernel img file

    Reboot into fastboot ..................

    Flash the kernel first, as i am describe in recommendation

    start your phone go into recovery

    01) do a factory reset
    02) wipe cache partition
    03) wipe delvic cache

    04) Now flash the main rom

    05) Those who have Arc-S they should also Flash Patch for Arc-S v6.Zip

    06) now flash the kernel modules accordingly as per your kernel


    1) Main Rom ( Xperia S V6 )

    2) Patch for Arc-S Rom only V6

    Updater V6.1 for Arc/Arc-S

    1) Flash it over V6 Rom

    2) Wipe Delvik Cache & cache partition ... only

    3) Dont worry it will not Wipe your settings

    V6.1 for ARC
    V6.1 for ARC-S

    Please read recommendation for appropriate kernel

    3) Kernel V22
    3.1) Modules for V22

    4) Kernel V18
    4.1) Modules for V15 to v18

    If you get error in flashing kernel then rename kernel to { newboot.img } and then flash

    See the original post for Doom kernels here


    Additional Downloads

    1) Original Xperia Apps

    What will you get from this zip
    (1) Event stream or time scape
    (2) Semc Email


    System-ui.apk without transparency

  2. w3nZ, 15.05.2012 #2

    w3nZ Threadstarter Android-Guru



  3. w3nZ, 22.06.2012 #3

    w3nZ Threadstarter Android-Guru

    So, mal ein kleines Feedback.

    Aktuell habe ich die v7 drauf, v8 kommt in den nächsten Tagen raus.

    Für mich ist es bisher die beste Custom Rom, die ich getestet habe, deshalb hab ich sie auch schon so lange drauf :)

    Sehr smooth, sehr schnell, nützliche Sachen wie Statusbar und rotierender Launcher, gute Akkulaufzeit (2-4 Tage).

    Kein Wlan Bug, LEDs funktionieren, Spiele funktionieren... Bisher habe ich nichts entdeckt, was verbuggt ist/nicht funktioniert.
  4. der_henk, 22.06.2012 #4

    der_henk Android-Lexikon

    Laufen denn auch auwendigere Spiele, wie NOVA 3 und ME Infiltrator? Wenn ja dann würde ich diese Rom auch mal antesten, denn es sieht soweit ja recht vielversprechend aus.
  5. w3nZ, 22.06.2012 #5

    w3nZ Threadstarter Android-Guru

    Ich hab die Spiele nicht, werde aber evtl ME am Wochenende kaufen.

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