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[ROM][04/03] DianXin Rom 120315 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL

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Diskutiere [ROM][04/03] DianXin Rom 120315 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL im Custom-ROMs für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.


Quelle: XDA

[ROM][04/03] DianXin Rom 120315 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL

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Dian Xin rom is developed by another Chinese Company (similar to MIUI). It is based on CM7.

The official sites: Tapas Mobile Official Site - Mobile Internet Solution
Forum: µãÐÄOS¹Ù·½ÂÛ̳¡ª¡ª´´Ð¹¤³¡¼Ò×å³ÉÔ±µãÐÄÆìÏÂÓû§ÂÛ̳ - Powered by Discuz!

This rom is ported using FXP's CM7 and the dianxin rom for N1 12031517

It is flashed via xRecovery. If your rom uses CWM only then you have to install doomlord's bootmanager to flash it.

1. Z & J, doomlord, azuzu - for too many things to mention
2. DXROM Team - for the rom that I use as base
3. Tkymgr aka Goro - for the kernel
4. All X10 devs - for keeping the phone alive
5. All rom users - for testing and helping each other. the rom won't be complete without your valuable feedback

Links (do not mirror):

md5sum - c7e9ddd979d8d43d2488d00893399954

Rom is flashed via xRecovery

Instructions For Locked BL users
- this method also applies to Unlocked BL users whose kernel is SE Based (Doomlord's bootmanager 1.3 or my SE kernel with dual recoveries)
1. Do a backup
2. Do a factory reset in xRecovery
3. Flash the main rom:
4. Reboot

Instructions For Unlocked BL users (thanks to TimChew)
1. Do a backup
2. Power off the phone and flash your chosen kernel using Flashtool from here:
3. Power On the phone and boot into xRecovery
4. Do a factory reset
5. Flash the main rom:
6. Flash the wifi module if you are not using Free Kernel (download the module from the kernel thread)
7. Flash the (attached)
8. Reboot

- Pretty much everything as FXP CM7

Not working / Bugs:
- please report

1. The rom is from China. So some of the apps are in Chinese.
2. Do not ask me for language pack as I don't know how. If somebody wants to do it I'd appreciate very much.
3. X10 is not my main phone now. And due to my busy work schedule, I may not be able to come here very often. So please help each other. Especially to the newcomers.
4. If you like it please hit the Thanks button. Or you can buy me a beer