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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: rdannar

    Link: [ROM] 04/06/2011 AOSP FROYO cm6, ARC,camera/camcorder 1400 quadrand w/o kenel


    screenshot1A.jpg screenshot1.jpg

    [ROM][June 2]AOSP FROYO cm6, ARC,camera/camcorder 1400 quadrand w/o kenel

    The base rom is a stock froyo that is the bare minimum... the smallest downloadable working rom for our x10 devices. You can also download the cm6 version or just add cm6 with a 4mb recovery zip. Want arc launcher and timescape then just flash the zip over the cm6 rom or the aosp rom. Doesn't matter wich rom you use you can keep the data from the other roms in this thread as they are all based on the same rom.

    First up for grabs is the overdriveFROYO rom wich is an AOSP froyo 2.2.1 rom
    this rom is bare and has been given the updated treatment of freexperia recovery, busybox and su in the xbin, all unrelated files have been excluded from bin, libs, xbin. Even though this rom is a small download of under 60mb it still has market and other basic apps included in it so you can download what ever apps you like. It also has some x10project tweaks and looks to it.. this is far from optimized but is fast, smooth, and reliable. it is NOT on a kernel and are different roms for different base bands so read and flash the correct rom for baseband, it cobratos baseband changes can be used to change the baseband on the rom to match what ever baseband you are on or like on your phone (the froyo bb change, not the cm7 bb change). Again credits to j and z for there work wich most roms are based from.

    The next up for grabs is a basic CM6 rom that you can download the full rom or just update the aosp with a small 4mb install in recovery menu. Once again this rom in full is less then 60mb for a download and is fast and light.

    I believe everything is working for the most part. I will update what is and is not working after you all get the pleasure of testing it out. I don't use private testers as this is xda, a development site. All of you on this site are a part of my rom development [​IMG].
    1. first download rom from the second post (please do not mirror)
    updated fix for app installs

    2. then make sure you have recovery menu installed

    3. wipe cache, wipe data, wipe dalvik (in recovery)

    4. install through recovery and reboot

    5. wait for it to reboot or use dev tools to crash the system server

    6. use and report happiness or bugs​
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    *push* Update

    [ROMs][May 19] OVERDRIVE SERIES gingerbread 2.3.4 a2sd/40 languages/stable
  3. quercus, 27.05.2011 #3

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    *push*- Update

    [ROM] 27/05/2011 AOSP FROYO cm6, ARC, Kernel, smallest, lightest, fastest 52mb
  4. quercus, 04.06.2011 #4

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    *push* Update
    [ROM] 04/06/2011 AOSP FROYO cm6, ARC,camera/camcorder 1400 quadrand w/o kenel

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