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    [ROM][06-03] Miui 2.3.2 (GB 2.3.7) (bb71) - Locked & Unlocked BL This rom is started by moding LukeMIUI 1.10.8 and MiuiAndroid N1 Miui 1.10.14. I'll try to provide weekly update if my time permits

    It is flashed via xRecovery. If your rom uses CWM only then you have to install doomlord's bootmanager to flash it.

    attachment1.php.jpg attachment.php.jpg

    1. Z & J, doomlord, azuzu - for too many things to mention
    2. Luke1215 & MiuiAndroid Team - for the miui roms that I use as base
    3. Tkymgr aka Goro - for the kernel
    4. Oodie & ssaandur - for the videocam fix
    5. Andy Thomson - for the extended settings control
    6. All X10 devs - for keeping the phone alive
    7. All rom users - for testing and helping each other. the rom won't be complete without your valuable feedback

    Main Rom (do not mirror):

    Update from 2.2.3

    Persian/Arabic RTL fix

    MIUI Control Panel

    Rom is flashed via xRecovery

    Instructions For Locked BL users
    - this method also applies to Unlocked BL users whose kernel is SE Based (Doomlord's bootmanager 1.3 or my SE kernel with dual recoveries)
    1. Do a backup
    2. (For users running other roms only or if you like a clean install) Do a factory reset in xRecovery
    3. Flash the main rom: miui120302c.zip
    4. Reboot

    Instructions For Unlocked BL users (thanks to TimChew)
    1. Do a backup
    2. Power off the phone and flash your chosen kernel using Flashtool from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1345913
    3. Power On the phone and boot into xRecovery
    4. (For users running other roms only or if you like a clean install) Do a factory reset
    5. Flash the main rom: miui120302c.zip
    6. Flash the wifi module if you are not using Free Kernel (download the module from the kernel thread)
    7. Flash the UnlockedBL.zip (attached)
    8. Reboot

    The update won't wipe data, so please check that everything is working as before

    Not working / Bugs:
    - Native Wifi tethering not working (use 3rd party software)
    - built in Screen Capture
    - built in wma / ape support
    - please report

    1. Max Brightness issue - Settings --> Display Settings --> Brightness (advanced mode) --> Turn On Use Custom --> set Light Level To Dim to 20
    2. Some text can't be read issue (eg Root Explorer, Torch) - Turn on Compatibility Mode
    3. 'Failed To Move Application' when moving app to sd - try it again. It should work
    4. Battery / Performance issue? check kaosdroid's tweaks here (thanks to kaosdroid):
    5. Add a second contact picture or make the caller picture bigger. Follow the guide here (thanks to Mr_Element)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


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