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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: spaarc

    Link: | ROM | 2.3.3 | AOSP | Adhoc support | SuperOxygen 2.0.3 zmodMOD | 23/08

    SuperOxygen is an semi-ported AOSP ROM (ie.a mod of SuperAOSP and Oxygen), it's minimal, it's superfast and mostly bugfree.

    As SuperOxygen is simple and chaste, it may not be to everyone's liking, it's minimalistic and basic but I'm open to ideas and suggestions for improving the ROM.

    [​IMG]Android v2.3.3 (GRI40)
    [​IMG]Linux kernel v2.6.29.x
    [​IMG]Minimal Google apps
    [​IMG]Rom is "LITE"
    [​IMG]New graphical look different from SuperGinger's
    [​IMG]All you had the SuperGinger but since source of non-Cyano Google

    Additional Features
    Advanced power menu with reboot options
    Customizable overclock settings
    Customizable status bar power widget
    Download any file type
    Enhanced auto backlight settings
    Facebook contacts sync
    Headset Icon
    HSPA Icon
    Improved widget picker
    Long press back to kill mod
    Modified Launcher2 with quick uninstall
    Optional battery percentage
    SIP calling over 3G
    Text reflow when zooming
    Track change with volume buttons
    Various other tweaks and features
    Wake & Unlock
    Always visible Bluetooth Settings (tolemaC)
    Hide clock
    Percentage of battery
    It's part of Cyanogen CyanogenMod settings Etc ...
    fully working camera and camcorder including flashLED support and EV setting
    uncapped FPS (up to 54)
    sound stuttering fix
    custom cpufreq governor
    simple adblock


    I'm not responsible for any damage what-so-ever done to your phone, as with any ROM, you accept this risk.
    Downloads are available below.



    1. Download SuperOxygen-xxx.zip to your sdcard storage on your Xperia X10
    2. Boot into xRecovery through whatever method you choose
    3. Back up your existing installation
    4. [First flash only] Use the volume keys to select Wipe Data
    5. Select Install Zip from SD Card
    6. Find the SuperOxygen-xxx.zip file you downloaded earlier
    7. Scroll through and hit Yes, install SuperOxygen-xxx.zip
    8. Wait for the installation to finish
    9. Select Reboot
    10. After initial reboot, reboot a second time and you're all set

    1. Working xRecovery 0.3- Gb ready
    2. Baseband 2.1.71
    3. Any Rooted SE/based ROM

    A big thanks to the following people, I couldn't of done any of this without you guys.
    Zdzihu / AdamG / Superatmel

    Additional thanks also goes to the following people who have made Oxygen possible.
    Cyanogen, CM Team, Wofbreak, Rdannar


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