[ROM] [2.3.3 / Stock] Leaf GB r3 *FINAL* [28 Nov] [xRecovery]



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Link: [ROM] [2.3.3 / Stock] Leaf GB r3 *FINAL* [28 Nov] [xRecovery]

Super-lightweight stock ROM with minimal tweaks.
Also, it's fast. Did I mention it's fast? Maybe not in benchmarks but it's very snappy and smooth in actual usage. You won't believe it unless you try it.
In fact, this is the ROM that I've been using since I made it 2 months ago.

Q: "Is it just a stripped ROM?"
A: Yes, it is, but have you seen other ROMs like this? Almost every stock-based ROM out there are heavily modded, that's why I made this.

Q: "When did this ROM start?"
A: It started for the Wildfire and then X10 based on stock Eclair (released on MoDaCo only).

Screenshots (from Leaf GB r1)

screen_20110912_2034.png screen_20110912_2034_1.png

screen_20110912_2035.png LeafROM.png

Release notes

- Updated link.
- ROM should boot and work properly now.

r3 - 10/11 (Baseband .71)
*FINAL RELEASE* There will be no more further updates beyond this if everything went well since I've moved on to the arc.
- Remade.
- Better performance.
- Should be problem-free and stable.

Hotfix 2 - 25/9
- Fixed WiFi error experienced by users on stock kernel

r2 - 22/9 (Baseband .71)
- Removed Talk, Email, Gmail and some other hidden unused packages
- Integrated audio stutter fix
- Adjusted tweaks; better for gaming and slightly smoother UI

Hotfix 1 - 13/9
- Should run smoother
- FPS uncap fix
- Replace WiFi module with correct one

r1 - 12/9 (Baseband .71)
- Based on stock 3.0.1.G.75
- Works on either locked/unlocked bootloader
- Removed various apps
- Harmless build.prop tweaks
- Stock-like
- Ad-blocking hosts file
- What's inside is what you see in those shots, no Timescape and other SE add-ons


Updated 16 November. Fixed problems with missing xRecovery and not booting. It was an error on my side, sorry guys!
update-Leaf-GB-r3.zip (81.4 MB / xRecovery)
Package doesn't wipe data. You can flash this over any ROM that is based on stock (ThGo2, Wolfs TW, X10x EWJet, T.E.A.M, Ultima, Blue Sparks etc.) and retain data.


1. Copy zip package to SD card
2. Boot into xRecovery
3. (OPTIONAL) For a clean install, do a full wipe
4. Flash zip package
5. Reboot



Bye X10, I'm gonna miss ya
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