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  1. quercus, 08.06.2012 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    [AOKP][ICS][ROM] KangXperiaProject - {build 38} [5 JUN '12]

    bringing AOKP to Xperia

    AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project.
    Its another custom rom like cyanogenmod, but with much more features and customisations.
    The development is headed by RomanBB who is a full time college student.
    More details can be found on http://aokp.co
    FAQ >> AOKP FAQ - AOKP - RootzWiki
    what is aokp ? >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthrebuildad.php?t=1681477

    KangXperiaProject is my our noob-ish project to build AOKP (not port) from sources for Xperia line of phones, as Xperia devices are not supported officially by AOKP officially as of yet.
    Members of KangXperiaProject are :
    Supervenom , Championswimmer
    (We both are extremely noobs, and not developers, we use sources from CM team, AOKP team, and Freexperia Team)

    For general discussions (not related to development)
    Use this thread
    Only bug reports here.
    Feature requests, praise, criticism and all that on the DISCUSSION thread [​IMG]

    AOKP has hundreds of awesome features added over AOSP and CM9
    a list can be found here

    In general, what is different in AOKP is that all special settings are placed under "ROM control" and not mixed under settings as in CM9
    Also some very user friendly features are provided, like on screen buttons can be switched on and off using a toggle, we can switch on the torch using power button long press and many such features.
    Also lockscreen, task manager, and many aspects can be customized a lot.


    The official AOKP changelog can be found here

    Unofficial Changelog for KXP is found here on post #3

    ---- WORKING ----
    Everything that works on FXP CM9 will work here
    Also ADB and USB mass storage is fully working

    -----NOT WORKING----
    Anything that is not working on FXP CM9 will also not for on KXP-AOKP for now, like camera, hotspot etc

    Downloads are listed here at post #4

    1. Copy the zip file to sd card
    2. Get my kCernel from here
    3. Flash the kernel using flashtool
    4. Boot phone, go into recovery (press back when led is purple)
    5. make factory wipe then go into mounts/storage and format system
    6. install zip from sd card (and flash any patches that are provided)
    7. reboot and enjoy [​IMG]
    GoogleAPPS (GAPPS from goo.im)
    Download > Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

    Screenshots are posted here at post #2

    SOURCES (willing devs are invited to work on this project)
    Sources will be hosted on

    Please contact Supervenom or me if you want to participate in development.
    If you want to port any parts from this, please PM me or Supervenom before [​IMG]

    1. FreeXperia Project and it's members (FXP, bin4ry, defer), without them this project was not possbile
    2. TeamKang (RomanBB, ProTekk, whitehawkx, khasmek and everybody else) who made and awesome project
    3. Cyanogenmod Team
    4. TeamGummy for the awesome Themes based on ThemeChooser
    Along with that i want to thank all who helped me at different steps when i got stuck at building, (vivekkalady, bin4ry, phiexz, doomlord ...and many more)

    Also thanks to my friends colossus, TAL333, Tof37, maikhino and others who have believed in me [​IMG]

    My contributions on XDA
    Xperia X10 | Galaxy Y series | Android Kernel Kitchen

    If you like my work donate to me

    Mirrors for my files -> Dev-Host |or| Direct (ftp) links
    (Do NOT make mirrors of my files)

    My sources are on github

    I am on these Dev-Teams
    XSonX10 | YoungIndia-Devs

    List of all donators
  2. allesmeglische, 28.06.2012 #2

    allesmeglische Erfahrener Benutzer

    Hallo, gibt es schon Erfahrungen mit dieser ROM? Läuft sie gut oder gibt es irgendwelche Probleme?

    Getippt mit nem Galaxy Nexus