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  1. quercus, 08.06.2012 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    [ROM] DiXperia 8 'eXtraodinary' | Beautiful. Simple. Fast. Stable. | 08.06.2012

    Guys, unfortunately this is my last project. I have something called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and my doctor said it will back (now I'm healthy) if I will use my hands like before. Maybe my development won't end forever, but my project like ROM ends 100% - lately I don't have much time on working on new projects like before - my study, my private life, much more other things. I met here lot of awesome people, and I won't leave you after this project will be full relased - my support should be long, and we will talk like before [​IMG]. Please respect my decision, and for now, just read this thread, cause this is what some of you waiting for [​IMG]. Don't think about my departure for now :p.


    So let's go, a little text before we start everything. I want to say big Thank You for all Developers, which help me in the past, all people who are with me, all fans, all haters ([​IMG]), and just.... everyone. XDA community here is one of the best, I've learned a lot in my "carrier" and I think it was great journey, with lots of smile, lots of bugs and force closes, tooo muuuch code and scripts, and any other awesome things inside Android platform. I don't want to call anyone from name/nick (but you know best guys here of course, and I don't need to show they ^^), beacuse everyone made some nice features for our X10 devices, all of us have something to glorify themselves. Sooo....Thanks again for everyone.


    Some news was on DX7 thread before, but I don't want give you links for every post, I will just write them all here, with much more correct info:
    • There are 4 version of my last ROM - S-Style, Light, Gaming and Stock-based with possible Kernel (we will see how development in KTG Team goes).
    • Every version have other destiny - and You are the person, who choose one!
    • I don't know what to say more - read words under and you will know all! [​IMG]

    • Based on Android 2.3.7 with CM7.2 (3 version) and Android 2.3.4 without CM, Stock based with ports (1 version).
    • Mobile Bravia Engine.
    • xLoud.
    • Playstation Certificate.
    • Timescape.
    • Facebook & Twitter (and mooore).
    • Track ID.
    • Music in lockscreen.
    • Xperia Sola Keyboard (with voice options).
    • KGSL Drivers (at least in S-Style, Light and Gaming).
    • Create Yourself ™ - my own idea. You've seen this in all DiXperias - it's something like "you choose stuff and version you like, and if you need something, you just apply this like extra file. No need to delete tons of apps you don't using and won't" - it's simple, fast, and has potential [​IMG].
    • Different themes, depends on version of ROM (see screenshots), Xperia S like, more brightness, some Gaming crazy [​IMG].
    • Apps and firmware taken from Xperia S stuff, ports etc. (music, lockscreen, widgets, home, font etc.).
    • Scripts, tricks, tweaks - they promise lot of fun, lot of performance and lot of stability ^^.
    • I think it's enough but you know it's not everything - I'm sure I missed a lot of features, but it's up to you to test it yourself if you really want to using this ROM.


    To don't make mess in this post I will update info about next screenshots, when it will be published. For now:
    • S-Style version -> CLICK
    • Light version -> CLICK
    • Gaming version -> not yet
    • Stock-based version -> not yet


    Now, it depends on which version you'll choose:

    S-Style, Light, Gaming:
    - Of course Root + Busybox.
    - Unlocked Bootloader - that's why Stock-based version appear too [​IMG].
    - Required Kernel (look on Download).
    - CWM Recovery.
    - Baseband from official Android 2.3.3.

    - Of course Root + Busybox.
    - Locked or Unlocked Bootloader.
    - Kernel any you want.
    - xRecovery (should be 0.3).
    - Flash through 2.3.3 based ROM - can be Stock, can be some Custom, no matter, important is baseband.


    Depends on version too, like requirments:

    S-Style, Light, Gaming:
    - Download ROM (+ optional addons) and put it on your SD Card.
    - Flash correct Kernel through FlashTool (.ftf file).
    - Go to CWM Recovery and make Full Wipe and Wipe Cache, then clean your Dalvik, fix Battery and Fix Permissions.
    - Choose .zip to flash and select my ROM. Wait...
    - Done! Reboot and feel free to use this!

    - Download ROM (+ optional addons) and put it on your SD Card.
    - Go to xRecovery and make Factory Reset, Wipe Cache Partition, Wipe Dalvik Cache, Wipe Battery Stats and Fix Permissions.
    - Choose Install Custom Zip and select my ROM. Wait...
    - Done! Reboot and feel free to use this!



    Golden-Suggestion -> If you like my work and you are using it right now, please glorify it on your signature with this graphic:

    Golden-Suggestion #2 -> I want this thread clean best possible. Of course you can write here anything is connected with DX8 project, you can write some reviews, write about bugs if you find some which was not posted before, give link for some videopresentation if you made some, screenshots and more, more. But please - if you want thanks to me or anyone, click THANKS button, or if you want write some "little-offtop" go to Discussion Thread(thanks to Lakshay and all guys who will help him in support of my ROM [​IMG]), where you can talk about everything, not DX8 only ^^.

    S-Style, Light, Gaming:
    - To get Xperia-theme-like lockscreen go to CM Settings, choose lockscreen options and select the first one.
    - If you want Xperia Sola Keyboard first you need to open Stock keyboard, and configure it a little (do you want help or auto-correct etc.). Then just flash required addon and here you go ^^.



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  2. veryjo, 16.06.2012 #2

    veryjo Android-Experte

    ich verwende seit 1,5 tagen die "S-Style version".
    läuft gut! keine bugs, gute performance, energieeffizient, stabil und cooles design.
    was will man mehr...?

    unter einstellungen - cyanogenmod- kann mann ohne zusätzliche tools den cpu-takt auf 1114 mhz setzen
  3. floriG, 08.01.2015 #3

    floriG Neuer Benutzer

    Ja, ich weiß der Thread ist schon über 2 Jahre alt :rolleyes2:
    Ich suche ein Gingerbread ROM das mein X10 wieder fit macht!

    Das DiXperia 8 - Stock-based oder Light wäre denke ich perfekt für mich!

    Leider kann ich dir ROMs nirgends als Download finden.

    Weiß jemand wo ich die noch bekomme?
  4. Aaskereija, 08.01.2015 #4

    Aaskereija Foren-Inventar

    Schreib den Dev doch direkt mal an. Normalerweise gibts die sonst so nirgends.

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