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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: XGT.CN

    Link: [ROM]FreeX10 Blend 2.3.3 with Blend Customization tool|Customize your rom!|22/8/11


    The rom is based on Z’s FreeXperia GB 2.3.3 rom. Thanks Z for all he has done for X10 and his final decision: stay with us. We felt an immense gratitude to him and his work.

    Blend means mix, “the act of blending components together thoroughly”.

    The rom “Blend” is a mix of FreeXperia and SE stock rom. In other words, the rom is a FreeXperia based rom with SE UI and apps.

    Z, the brilliant guy, released his great work, the FreeXperia GB 2.3.3, a extremely speedy and smooth rom.

    Now, after several days of tests and hacks, edits, Blend and BCT has finally come out.

    Born with Blend 2.3.3, the “Blend Customization Tool (BCT)” is a tool that can help you customize a tailor made Blend rom for yourself. It is a humanized and multifunctional tool with infinite extensibility. The further version of BCT may support addons by yourself. We’re also preparing a general tool, “Rom Customization Tool (RCT)”, which is standardized tool that’s general to all kinds of rom. You can sign a rom or add your own customization on a rom through the tool. If BCT is widely welcomed, I’ll recompile the codes. I’m also considering a GUI for BCT. The recompiled tool (RCT, the Rom Customization Tool) will help people create their own rom. Just put the rom file and custom apps into the corresponding folders of RCT, and choose what you want, RCT will automatically produce the final rom, a unique rom all for yourself.

    BCT beta preview:


    BCT features:
    -Help you customize your own Blend rom (JAVA environment is requred)
    -Add on hotfixes (all according to your choice with a simple press.Like xLoud)
    -Add on apps (all according to your choice with a simple press.)
    -choose rom UI (partly implemented, notification bar , battery indicator and font are available)
    -Extra wallpapers (Lots of beautiful wallpapers, automatically push to your wallpaperpick.apk)
    -adb push (not implemented)
    -much more to develop



    http://www.mediafire.com/?fb1u8qg1jwyadpj(thanks smartgardens for uploading it to mediafire.)

    THE GFW(the Great Fire Wall) is really annoying. It bans many websites. So, it takes much time uploading to mediafire. Could anybody mirror the file and upload it to mediafire? Please post it and PM me(put it in OP). thanks. If nobody helps, tomorrow we'll try to upload it to mediafire.


    -Unpack the file, and start your trip with BCTlauncher.exe!
    -follow the steps, and wait patiently.( the last procedure.)
    -the update.zip will be cooked under the same directory as BCT.

    Any question about the rom and BCT, please mail xgt.help@live.com . thanks for ur cooperation.

    Credits: everyone.


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