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  1. quercus, 08.06.2012 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    [ROM] SE X10i MM TEAM MiUI 2.3.30 ML | Android 2.3.7 | NEW: V7.1 MILESTONE!! (08.05)

    Hello my friends [​IMG]
    Since it has become pretty quiet on the MIUI front for X10 maikinho10, me and later on M&Mao started to build our own MIUI ROMs based on FXP CM7.2.
    I guess we don´t have to tell you what an amazing work FXP is doing for this device. So we thought this CM7.2 ROM is a great base for the in generell speedy MIUI ROMs and could give us all a pretty fast experience.
    The results are from now on the M&M ROMs which we try to support as good as possible and which we try to update every week with the latest FXP/MIUI version.
    So feel free to ask any questions. We hope you´ll be satified with our support [​IMG]

    Because MIUI is so amazingly and easily customisable for everybody we decided to leave the look stock MIUI.


    • unlocked bootloader
    • Baseband71

    General features
    • always based on latest FXP CM 7.2 and latest 2.3.7 MiUI
    • Multilanguage
    • Bravia engine
    • Beats audio included
    • Xloud
    • new Apps from MiUI V4!
    • Speed tweaks
    • Battery tweaks
    • Network tweaks
    • Reduced many apps for a light ROM
    • improved camera
    • Camera MiUI and Camera Cm7 (no FC and Flashlight works in CM7 Camera App!)


    • Detailed Install Guide
    • don´t be scared of this long guide. Summarised it doesn´t differ from usual installations. But we want to avoid problems and bugs which reasons are based on wrong installations. So short form:
    • Flash the proveded v4 kernel and add the ROM.zip on your sd card
    • make at least one factory reset, wipe dalvik cache, cache partitition
    • install the ROM

      Keep in mind:
      Please just report any problems after you did the following:
      • you followed the instructions one by one
      • especially you did a clean install and wipped everything
      • you didn´t restore any data with Titanium Backup

    Changelog V7.0 + 7.1

    • Updated base to FXP116
    • Removed ROM Toolbox Lite. It was causing issues with system partition (the ?????? folder).
    • Updated MiUI Extended Settings to 2.3.30 APK's. Now integrated with ROM [​IMG]
    • Updated default theme to a new ICS style and a new bootanimation
    • Updated Aroma Installer theme - the touch buttons will now look darker when pressed for clearer usability
    • Some more speed tweaks and bugfixes
    • English translations added:
    • - AntiSpam.apk (Firewall) with additional error corrections by CosmicDan
    • - Monitor.apk (Monitor)
    • - Included themes
    • - Sidekick.apk (Recent / Task Switcher and Search)
    • Added AppWidgetPicker.apk (groups widgets by app for third-party launchers)
    • Added /system/xbin/rzscontrol for zRAM (CompCache) function to work (still disabled by default, see new Performance setting to enable)
    • Added CMParts.apk (hidden from Launcher and customized to suit M&M MIUI)
    • Added "Performance" option under System Settings (between "Dock" and "About")
    • Hidden nearly everything else from CMParts because they are dangerous
    • GPS.conf file updated, reflecting original X10 configuration but with Google SUPL server. Nice and fast!
    • If you don't get a lock in Google Maps within 15-30 seconds of fresh install (and much faster after this first lock), your provider doesn't provide XTRA data. Use "Faster Fix" and "GPS Status" from Play Store.
    • Added some new build.prop settings that should help with 3G(+) and A-GPS connections
    • New Automatic HWLED Fix. Do NOT flash any of the old enable/disable ZIP's or you will ruin the ROM!
    • You have to reboot once (1 more time after first boot) for the HWLED patch to be enabled
    • Removed the option to turn on Automatic Brightness (after a reboot) because it does nothing for our X10's hardware-tied ambient light sensor and changing them is dangerous due to the new Auto HW-LED Fix
    • Removed TelocationProvider app and database, this eats network and cpu and is a data miner only useful for Emergency services in PRC. It also made GPS more responsive in our own tests.
    • Aroma installer updated to 2.00 with new theme and bugfixes. Should help with a lot of problems!
    • 3G+/HSPA values added to build.prop
    • Please test 3G data connection and speeds, let us know if it's better or worse than v7
    • Added some missing English translations for Contacts
    • Removed Extended Settings integration as it was causing issues and many users don't like it
    • Use the new Addon Manager ZIP to install or remove it from now on
    • Default theme's lockscreen reverted to v6's one (better)
    • Emoji fonts added
    • Needs testing. Make sure you are using a messaging app (and cellular provider) that supports Emoji!
    • Addon Manager for v7.1 used to add/remove Google Play Store Unlimited, BEATS+xLoud and Extended Settings
    • If you have Extended Settings installed and do a data wipe, run the addon remover
    • Renamed the default ringtone (naughty words!)
    • Default date format changed from American crap to dd-MM-yyyy
    • You can of course always change this in Settings, and Extended Settings even more

  2. tramper, 15.06.2012 #2

    tramper Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Klingt super, hats noch keiner getestet?
  3. AlexGfX, 14.10.2012 #3

    AlexGfX Erfahrener Benutzer

    also ähm ja ansich geiler rom aber solche apps wie whatsapp usw ( also zum chatten) hängen oft und zu höhe speicher nutzung ;) wenn man zB den donut rom nimtm da kann man schnell zw aps umschalten ohne das diese neu geladen werden
    aber ansich schon geiler rom da miui sehr benutzer freundlich ist und man kanns anpassen wie man will
    ich würde das nutzen wenn xperia tastatur da funzen würde ;) ansonst antesten und behalten oder nicht jedem selbst überlassen

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