[ROM] T.E.A.M | Fully Transparent | 2.3.3 | v3.9 | 28/11 |( TIPP !!! )



Quelle: XDA

Autor: pvyParts

Link: [ROM] T.E.A.M | Fully Transparent | 2.3.3 | v 3.9 | 28/11 | Now With AppMan!!!

version #3.9

Now with New Custom Battery Bar, and customisable statusbar Date View.

PvyParts and iridaki
Proudly Present you
T.E.A.M. Stock Rom
A Rom for the Community By the Community!

Be Sure to read this post FULLY before you post a question



Make sure you are running the latest SE stock kernel and baseband .71.
Boot into xRecovery (or CWM if your running a unlocked bootmenu kernel)
and make a NANDROID BACKUP (this is really IMPORTANT, as we can't recover your data!)


If not in xRecovery boot into it
Do a Factory Reset (Full Wipe)!
Flash the "TEAM_ROM_v3.8.zip" via xRecovery.
Flash the "TEAM_v3.9.zip" via xRecovery.
Reboot and let the phone do it's thing as it will be rebuilding caches and settling.
First boot can take UP TO 5 minutes so be patient!
After first boot, do your normal thing with setting up your accounts.
Choose a Home Launcher!​
***Optional if you choose ADW***
Once you are on you Home Screen, Press the Menu Button
Select More>ADWSettings>Themes Preferences>Select your Theme>Pick "Sony Launchifier"
Hit "Apply Theme!"
Update AppMan via the inbuilt update (open AppMan> Press Menu> pick About> Pick Update)

If you want to use your own custom Clock font:
1. You should place your custom font in folder /system/TEAM/font and it should be a .ttf file named clock_font.ttf.
2. Go to Settings > Tweaks and check the option Custom Font for whatever element you wish (clock, battery, signal, date).
You can now also tweak the text size to your liking!!
Main Features:

Transparency Mods - Full Theming
EMOJI - DroidSansFallback modified font with support for B/W emoji icons + Emoji Keyboard Free
Modded Sony Home Launcher - Smoother transitions and more transparency!
ADW launcher - With Sony Ericsson Theme
Rooted with Xrecovery 0.3 (thanks to Doomlord and Zdzihu)
Bravia Engine (Thanks to Zdzihu)
xLOUD Fully working, no FCs or other inconveniences! Use at your own risk, may damage your speaker
FPS Uncap (Thanks to Zdzihu)
Audio Stutter Fix (Thanks to Zdzihu)
All stock widgets included + Widgets from the Arc and Mini
AntTek App Manager Free app included, so you can freeze/remove any system apps that you don't need
Some working Tweaks collected from here and there

Customizeable Tweaks in Tweaks Menu - eg, SD-Card Read Ahead Speed
Custom Font Option for Battery/Signal/Clock Text
Modified EDT Tweaks
from birgertime AKA romanbb ported from the vibrant
Q & A

Q: Where are all the addons?
A: In AppMan
check your app drawer for the Superman-droid icon. That's AppMan!​

Q: Can I install xLOUD?
A: Yes! But it is proven to damage the speaker, so we have also included DSP manager so you can increase the volume. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when stressing your hardware's limits! We are not to be held responsible for any damages to the fragile speaker on your phone.​

Q: Can I use this or that kernel for unlock or locked bootloader?
ALL kernels built for stock ROMs WILL WORK on this rom. We have tested all of them and we recommend ThKernel 029e, which you can find as an addon in AppMan.​

WARNING: If you are using a Bypass Kernel it will be removed when the ROM is installed and you will just need to reflash it after flashing the ROM.
If you are using a Replacement Kernel(Unlocked Bootloader) then there will be no effect.​

Q: Can I use this or that theme?
A: Short answer, no. Unless of course it is built of our framework. We have made MASSIVE mods to the framework so most themes will disable most, if not all, options in the Tweaks app.​

Q: I am getting a FC on this or that, can you help me!
A: NO. We can't help you. Because what you just said means nothing to us.

We want to help you SO much, but in order to do that you need to report the bug properly.

We took care of that too, see here:

Q:OMG YOU STOLE MY WORK! YOU A!@#$!% etc etc etc

A: We kindly ask you that if you have an issue with any of the inclusions in the ROM to either PM me or iridaki so we can sort it out politely
There is no need to flame in the thread. Also if we have forgotten credits, please let us know and we will add them immediately.

Q: This rom is stupid, I hope you fail, "that" ROM is better!
A: That's cool, use "that" ROM. There is absolutely no need to report your disgust
unless of course you have constructive criticsm.
Personal Preference isn't a bug or an issue

We encourage EVERYONE to use the ROM they feel is best for them


All Updates Are Avalable In AppMan
We hope you enjoy the T.E.A.M. ROM!

PvyParts and My_Immortal

Visit the GIT
to see all of our changes, feel free to kang as you wish but please give credits where credits are due, and if you reuse EDT please follow the rules
as set out by romanbb


If think you have found a bug KUDOS! Please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ this thread then and ONLY THEN report it to me

sarcasm will be ensued should we find out you didn't read said thread...
Known Bugs


There is a random FC on some devices shortly after boot - but it does not affect stability in any way.
However, we are looking into it.​



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Different Colors for when connected to Google Services

Grey is for when not

Mirror - http://www.multiupload.com/ZUPBPV9WIQ

Mirror - http://www.multiupload.com/NK9VLLN5NZ

Purple or Violet or what ever it is

Mirror - http://www.multiupload.com/GGCGIUX5Z4

Mirror - http://www.multiupload.com/UUKFEQN4FM

Mirror - http://www.multiupload.com/L3Y6QN3PNQ

Just flash over my v1.6 ROM


Description of the Parts of the ROM

Sony Launchifier Theme for ADW by pvyParts (me)
can be found HERE - Market Linky
This is a theme i made to make the ADW launcher look like the Sony Launchers, so that we can Customise the look and feel! and have the looks (PLEASE give me feed back on the app as i have tested it for a week now but if there are bugs let me kno!I am using this as our "Theme Manager" for the rom :p updates will be pushed via the market and i'll notify ppl via the Thread!
Updated - August 18, 2011
EMOJI Keyboard!
This is included to alow the use of the EMOJI emoticons
select it like any other keyboard by
Long Press on text area>Input Method>Emoji Keyboard
Digital Clock Widget
I also added my themed Digital clock widget! Cause i can :p
AntTek App Manager
This was included to make sure you can customise the rom to your liking (Without Paid Apps or Advanced Console Commands)
It is free off of the market - Market Linky Link
If you want to Freeze some apps the see how it affects stability b4 your delete/uninstall it you can fire this app up and do just that!

EDT Tweaks
Ported from the HTC Sensation Originaly by birgertime, these are Status Bar tweeks and are integrated into the settings menu. (as of v1.6)
Clock options (colors/am pm settings/hide)
Battery options (Text/automagically colored text based on battery level/hide icon)
Signal options (Text/Automagically color/dbm text/hide) (as of v1.6)

How to Use EDT
Goto Settings>Status Bar Tweaks>
Pick the area you are after (Signal, Battery, Time)
Change the settings you want to change.
** Some Options take a minute or 2 to update **






Bei dieser Rom ist mal alles "transparent" und man kann seine persönlichen performance/optischen Einstellungen via Menü gestalten.


Change Notes

Latest Update

-New 9 button Scrolling notification Toggles with Long press to settings (Wifi, BT, GPS, Sound, Rotation, Data, Flight Mode, Auto Sync, and vibrate)
-- Long press takes you to the corosponding settings page for quick access to options.

-AppMan first Release
-- Still Considered Beta, but has been tested ALOT.
-- Will keep filling up lists as we go.
-- Info Here and Here
-- All Futrure Releases will be avail through AppMan As well as here.

-Tweaks App Updated
--Tweaks Menu - Added option to disable Tweaks app setting values at boot.

-Sony Home Launcher Mods
-- AppMan appears on home screen on first boot of a fresh install. (or when you wipe data of launcher)

-More Framework Tweak app Integration.
-- More info to come soon. for now there are a few nice suprises to be found here and there

-New Version Rom Download Options
-- Full Rom Zip ( Approx 90meg Download )
-- Update from Prev Ver Zip ( Approx 20meg Download )
-- Update from Rooted Stock Rom Zip ( Not done yet )

Neu (in dieser Rom) ist auch der App-Man in einer modifizierten XDA-Version:


What is AppMan you ask? well what isn't AppMan!
basicly EVERY addon for the rom will be available through a menu on the phone and either saved to yhour SD card for flashing or installed as soon as it is finnished downloading! So with AppMan you can "Bloat" or "De-Bloat" to your liking without worying about deltign the wrong files in rootExplorer! we will have tested EVERY command in there so it is ALL safe!

BUT but thats not the best bit! you will be able to DL the rom updates from AppMan and reboot into Recovery and Flash them with a few simple clicks!
"OTA" Update any one

BUT Wait it gets EVEN COOLER! i dont have to update the app to add new items to the lists as it looks it up from online! so the idea is we can add new mods / tweaks / anything realy as often as need be and you can veiw them at your pleasure from you phone!



AppMan.png AppMan2.png AppMan3.png


v2.0 Hot Fix
-Fixed the install-recovery.sh so that FPS uncap works.
-Updated AppMan to not FC when there is no data connection available.



Neues Mitglied
Installation super einfach und alles läuft gut. Keine Ahnung warum immer neue "Halb/Roms" im Tagestackt von anderen rausgehauen werden, welche mehr Probleme schaffen als lösen.
Danke und auch dafür , wenn es was zu verbessern giebt, zum drüberbügeln.
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Hab es nicht mehr um Einsatz. Suche stürzte immer wieder bei mir ab. Keine Ahnung an was es gelegen hat. Aber weiter gehts gibt ja genug anderer Roms zum testen.

Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App


LRP schrieb:
Installation super einfach und alles läuft gut. Keine Ahnung warum immer neue "Halb/Roms" im Tagestackt von anderen rausgehauen werden, welche mehr Probleme schaffen als lösen.
Danke und auch dafür , wenn es was zu verbessern giebt, zum drüberbügeln.


Dem stimme ich absolut zu - ich hab sie jetzt 2 Tage getestet, und muß sagen, dass sie bei weitem besser funktioniert als WB seine. Basierend auf der Stock-ROM, ohne Unlocked-Bootloader Schnickschnack, geht sie derzeit sehr verlässlich, schnell und ohne Fehler. Die Möglichkeiten sie individuell an seinen Geschmack anzupassen, sind sehr gut. Ebenso ist das Battery-Management ausgezeichnet. Wifi, 3G funktionieren einwandfrei, da es ja von der Stock-ROM belassen wurde. Die SE 2.3.4 Tastatur hat einen Bug der von Sony stammt -eine andere Tastatur ist zu empfehlen wie z.B. HTC-IME-Tastatur.

Als kleinen Kick kann man sich noch den meiner Meinung nach sehr guten TH-Kernel aufspielen und in den Einstellungen - SmartassV2 - auswählen. Zum einen hat man dadurch die Option der stromsparenden 128MHz und den voll funktionsfähigen DeepSleep-Modus - als auch genug "Handy-Power". Wer kein Kernel-Freund ist, der kann sie natürlich auch ohne betreiben, da sie auch so genügend bietet.

lock-1.png screenshot_30-1.png

screenshot_35-1.png screenshot_41-1.png

screenshot_55.png screenshot_57.png

screenshot_74.png screenshot_72.png




ich hab die rom auch seid 3 tagen laufen, mit th-kernel.
zuverlässig ist sie, doch den megaspeed kann ich nicht "fühlen", doch durchaus ok.
die 128 mhz und den entsprechenden governor kan man mit setcpu anpassen und overclock bis 1.3 ghz sind drin.
statusleiste lässt sich vielseitig und einfach ändern oder über "appman" bequem neue designs und updates nachinstallieren.
bin allerdings der meinung das wb-roms etwas längere akkulaufzeit haben.
hatte mal versucht zwecks undervolting die "vdd_levels" zu ändern, doch denke ich das die änderungen nicht angenomen wurden. hat da jemand erfahrungen gemacht...?


Danke - aktualisiert!
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Welche ist jetzt besser?:-D
Edit: jemand ne idee, wie ich von 3.5 auf 3.8 ohne daten zu loschen komm?

Edit 2: hat sich erledigt! Achtung, update loscht telefonkontakte, den kernel ubd daten jedoch nicht
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Erfahrenes Mitglied
quercus schrieb:

PS - die ist besser als jene ROM hier: :)

[2.3ROM][08/11/2011]ThGo2 v10.0 Hotfix [Greatest] [ICS theme] [with T.E.A.M] (https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/custom-roms-fuer-sony-ericsson-xperia-x10.268/2-3-3-2-3-7-arc-04-03-2012-thgo2-v16-0-greatest-ics-theme-with-t-e-a-m.141109.html"][SIZE=1][COLOR=#00579c]1[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=1] [/SIZE][URL="https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/custom-roms-fuer-sony-ericsson-xperia-x10.268/2-3-3-2-3-7-arc-04-03-2012-thgo2-v16-0-greatest-ics-theme-with-t-e-a-m.141109-page-2.html"][SIZE=1][COLOR=#00579c]2[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=1] [/SIZE][URL="https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/custom-roms-fuer-sony-ericsson-xperia-x10.268/2-3-3-2-3-7-arc-04-03-2012-thgo2-v16-0-greatest-ics-theme-with-t-e-a-m.141109-page-3.html"][SIZE=1][COLOR=#00579c]3[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL][SIZE=1])[/SIZE][/quote]

Welche ist besser? Die TEAM oder die [url]https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/custom-roms-fuer-sony-ericsson-xperia-x10.268/2-3-3-2-3-7-arc-04-03-2012-thgo2-v16-0-greatest-ics-theme-with-t-e-a-m.141109.html[/url]

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Auch nach dem update?
Fuck :-F

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