[ROM] Wolfbreaks Gaming ROM | Full Performance | 17/9/2011



Quelle: XDA

Autor: Wolfbreak

Link: [ROM] Wolfs Gaming ROM | Full Performance | 17/9/2011

TW | Gingerbread 2.3.3 | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's |​

How to install my ROM Video
| Demonstration Video of my ROM

  • Any working ROM with xRecovery
  • Flashtool
  • FTF bundle posted below
  • Wolf_Xperia_6.0.0.zip posted below
  • Patched for full Performance but with all Features
    Still included is ARC Launcher, Music, Gallery, Dialer/Contacts, Settings, Camera and Market!
    MinMax Governor
    No Lags in Games, even RAM hungry Games works smooth as butter!
    195MB RAM free for Gaming!
    DoomKernel 4b included (OC and UC needs to be set manually)
    built from my latest V6 Custom ROM
    Decent Battery Life
    Great Performance
How to install this ROM?! [Fresh Install]
  1. Reboot into xRecovery and make a back-up of your current ROM. (You'll need a working xRecovery or else it will say Device/SD Card busy).
  2. Wipe the following in xRecovery:
    • Factory Reset (Full wipe)
    • Wipe Cache Partition
    • Wipe Dalvik Cache
  3. Go to install Custom Zip and choose Wolf_Xperia_6.0.0g

    The following steps are only required if you don't have the new 2.3 kernel and .71 baseband, if you do have them you can reboot your phone and enjoy this ROM.
  4. Turn off the phone by taking out your battery when ROM installation is finished
  5. Open Flashtool and flash the FTF Bundle I made available for download. Press on Flash and follow the steps given to put your x10 into flashmode and flash the baseband and kernel.
  6. When Flashtool is finished you can plug out the USB, turn your phone on and enjoy this ROM!

FTF bundle (2.3.3 kernel and baseband .71)
  • Zdzihu/FreeXperia Team for everything they did!
  • Doomlord/aZuZu for Root & Kernel
  • sj8023ld for Statusbar Not. Widget Mod
  • DiXperia becouse i got the idea for this ROM due to his ROM
  • ThJap for some nice Tweaks and Japanese EMOJI & SP push fix
  • PlayGunsta for finding some nice Tweaks
  • TripNRaVer for some Tweaks
  • pvyParts for EDT Tweaks & Not. Bar Toggle
  • my_Immortal for EDT Tweaks & Not. Bar Toggle
  • 28spawn for xLoud
  • All Users for their support
  • If i forgot someone send me a PM and i edit it!
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