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  1. quercus, 12.10.2011 #1

    quercus Threadstarter Gast

    Quelle: XDA

    {X10}[ROM][AOSP-2.3.7]SpartaMod RC0 |ON ROM MANAGER !!!!!!!| 2.3.7 | v0.0.1 | [12/10]

    FreeXperia Spaarc Gingerbread 2.3.7 ROM

    Features Included in this ROM

    --based on latest Gingerbread sources 2.3.7--
    --compiled from CM7/AOSP sources--​

    Other special features

    --Clean , Fast , stable and no tweaks etc.--
    --cooked mainly from CM7 sources--

    Credits :
    Zdzihu , Jerpelea , Wolfbreak, Achotjan and Android team to make this possible for our x10!

    screenshot_2.png screenshot_3.png


    Info :

    this is a Light AOSP ROM has no extras, is not theamed or moded , and contains only few google app that you need.
    This ROM is aimed at modding it to your liking

    if you found bugs have a idea etc.. , post in this thread.

    Sources :

    visit : www.github.com/spaarc

    Known Issues :

    Video Encoder crashes

    Requirements :

    • BB 2.1.71
    • Xrecovery
    • CyanogenMod 7.1.0 FXP030

    Download :

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.7 v004

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v003 [Required to be flashed through CWM R4

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v002

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v001

    Changelog :
    Initial release
    Fully Updated Sources
    New Boot Image

    Add ons :

    anime gefällt das.
  2. veryjo, 03.11.2011 #2

    veryjo Android-Experte

    hat jemand einen link für die version 4.
    der angegebene link zeigt auf version 5.

    laut xda-forum soll die 4. version sehr gut laufen.
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