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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: spaarc

    Link: [ROM][AOSP-GRJ90] FreeXperia spaarc_AOSP | Full AOSP on X10 | 2.3.7 | v 1 | [31/10]

    FreeXperia Spaarc Gingerbread 2.3.7 ROM

    Features Included in this ROM




    --based on latest Gingerbread sources 2.3.7--
    --compiled from CM7/AOSP sources--

    Other special features

    --Clean , Fast , stable and no tweaks etc.--
    --cooked mainly from CM7 sources--

    Credits :
    Zdzihu , Jerpelea , Wolfbreak, Achotjan and Android team to make this possible for our x10!

    Info :

    this is a Light AOSP ROM has no extras, is not theamed or moded , and contains only few google app that you need.
    This ROM is aimed at modding it to your liking

    if you found bugs have a idea etc.. , post in this thread.

    Sources :

    visit : www.github.com/spaarc

    Known Issues :

    Video Encoder crashes

    Requirements :

    BB 2.1.71
    • Xrecovery
    • CyanogenMod 7.1.0 FXP030 kernel

    Originally Posted by brent0r [​IMG] Ive got it installed, it seems faster [​IMG] So big thanks for this update mate!

    Before I explain how I installed it, from what ive seen in the last 2mins of running it the lockscreens a bit different and the phone loads alot faster. Weather its just the fresh, new rom feeling im not sure but I like it [​IMG] and its worth the upgrade.

    I downloaded this
    FXP030b - http://hotfile.com/dl/131616192/e78d...i-KANG.7z.html

    Once unzipped you only want to use the Flashtool folder, ignore the rest. You dont need to flash any of the roms etc using your phone (from this zip). We only needed the flashtool from that zip. Simply use flashtool to flash the included loader and kernel (basically flashing this adds clockworkmod required to install the new spartamod rom and it also adds the required kernel)

    Reboot the phone and press volume down, this loads the clockworkmod.. if you were like me I only had xrecovery before installing this update, so it was new. Its pretty much the same as xrecovery though. [​IMG]
    Now factory reset, wipe cache etc and now install update-cm-Sparta-RC0-es209ra-ultraKANG

    NOTE: xrecovery doesnt work to flash this rom (SpartaMod)

    Reboot and enjoy [​IMG]
    Download :

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.7 v004

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v003 [Required to be flashed through CWM R4

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v002

    Spaarc FreeXperiaAOSP 2.3.5 v001

    Changelog :
    Initial release
    Fully Updated Sources
    New Boot Image

    Add ons :

    @Mooders , Just credit me in the OP

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    V 04
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    {X10}[ROM][AOSP-2.3.7]SpartaMod RC0 |ON ROM MANAGER !!!!!!!| 2.3.7 | v0.0.1 | [31/10]

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