[APP] Pimp My Z1 (Kernel/Sysfs Control) [GPLv2]

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Diskutiere [APP] Pimp My Z1 (Kernel/Sysfs Control) [GPLv2] im Modding und Themes für Sony Xperia Z1 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Sony Xperia Z1.

Hen Ry

Pimp My Z1 is a sleek, holo, fully Open-Source (GPL v2 license) app which allows to control various sysfs interfaces present on some kernels for the Z1.
Most features require either*Pimped Kernelhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=50603482&postcount=1*(for CM-based roms) or*Doom Kernel*(for Stock-based roms), but the CPU & GPU Control as well as Touch Screen control will work properly with any kernel including the stock one.
vom XDA Mitglied Androguide.fr von dem auch diese ROM [ROM][KK][KOT49H][HOMEMADE] OmniRom [4.4.2][HONAMI] stammt

CPU Control:
  • Set your minimum & maximum CPU frequencies (and overclock if your kernel allows it)
  • Set a different Governor for each CPU core
  • Select your I/O Scheduler
  • View your current CPU frequency in real-time and with a graph
GPU Control:
  • Set your minimum & maximum GPU frequencies (and overclock it if your kernel allows it)
  • Select your GPU Governor
  • View your current GPU frequency in real-time and with a graph
Power Management:
  • Select your level of multi-core power savings, a.k.a sched_mc power savings (disabled/moderate/aggressive)
  • Toggle the IntelliPlug hotplug driver on and off
  • Toggle IntelliPlug's eco mode on and off
  • Toggle between the default early_suspend PM driver and the newer power_suspend PM driver
I/O Tweaks:
  • Toggle Dynamic File Sync on and off
  • Set a different I/O Scheduler for the eMMC & the SD-Card
Memory Management:
  • Toggle Kernel Same-page Merging (KSM) on & off
  • Define the amount of pages to be scanned by KSM at each run
Define the amount of milliseconds KSM should sleep between each runs
  • Define the vibrator intensity at kernel level
  • Manage Fast Charge mode & amperage level
Sound Control:
  1. Independently control the digital headphone output left/right channels gain at a hardware level
  2. Independently control the analog headphone output left/right channels gain at a hardware level
  3. Independently control the speaker output left/right channels gain at a hardware level
  4. Control the microphone input gain at a hardware level
  5. Control the camera microphone input gain at a hardware level
Touch Screen Control:
  1. Enable/Disable Pen Mode to allow/disallow the use of any non-plastic pen or object as a stylus for the touchscreen
  2. Enable/Disable Glove Mode to allow/disallow using the touchscreen while wearing gloves
  3. Enable/Disable Double Tap 2 Wake
  • Pimp My Z1 v1.1.4-beta -> XDA -> github/releases/beta
    • Added CPU Governor customization through a dialog
    • Added brightness control to the Color Control section
    • Fixed custom voltages not being applied on boot
    • Updated german translation thanks to @Henry2o1o (es fehlt noch einiges, zu gegebener Zeit werde ich es noch ergänzen)
  • Pimp My Z1 v1.0.7-beta
    • Added msm_thermal toggle
    • Added amount of cores online under the CPU frequency graph
    • Made the per-core governor spinners always enabled
    • Fixed german strings in the english strings
  • Pimp My Z1 v1.0.6-beta
    • Profiles: Implemented preset profiles to the kernel control: BatteryMax/Battery/Balanced/Performance/Benchmark/Custom
    • CPU Control: Added option to toggle per-core control, allows to set the governor for all cores or for each core independently like before.
    • CPU Control: The cores state (online/offline) is now automatically updated every 500ms
    • Misc: Added Vibrator control under Miscellaneous
    • Moved KSM to a new section: memory management
    • Fixed laggy seekbars in Sound Control
    • Removed unused internet permissions
    • Updated german translation, thanks to @Henry2o1o
  • Pimp My Z1 v1.0.5-beta
    • Added support for faux123's Snake Charmer
    • Added controls for eMMC & SD-Card readahead
    • Added controls for eMMC & SD-Card entropy contribution
    • Increased maximum allowed KSM pages-to-scan to 512
    • Fixed laggy seekbars in Sound Control
  • Pimp My Z1 v1.0.4-beta.apk - aktuell
    • Added support for showp1984's msm_mpdecision (recently ported to Pimped Kernel)
    • Fixed KSM seekbars not updating their displayed values
    • Updated japanese translation (thanks to @WedyDQ10)
  • PimpMyZ1-v1.0.3.apk
    • Added a Miscellaneous section under Kernel Control
    • Miscellaneous: Added support to toggle KSM (Kernel Same-page Merging) on and off
    • Miscellaneous: Added controls to define the amount of memory pages that should be scanned by KSM at each r un
    • Miscellaneous: Added controls for the KSM sleep timer, which defines the time KSM will sleep after each run before scanning again
    • SoundControl: fixed mic gain & camera mic gain
  • PimpMyZ1-v1.0.2.apk
    • Added TCP Congestion Algorithms control (in CPU Control)
    • Added separate SD-Card I/O Scheduler control
    • Moved I/O Schedulers control to I/O Tweaks section
    • Added german translation (thanks to @Henry2o1o) -> ich habe jetzt alles übersetzt, mal sehen in welcher Build es eingefügt wird
"i got FC when i click cpu control, gpu control, power management, on DooMKernel v06 kernel, stock 290 rom"
  • CPU Governor parameters control
  • Touch-screen pressure scale tuning for normal & pen mode
  • Sound control through mixer_paths.xml for kernels which don't implement faux sound control (i.e: stock)
  • Voltage control
  • Download of Pimped Kernel and open-recovery script to flash it automatically
  • You tell me
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Wenn ich das Lautstärke-Level für die Mikrofone ändere (z.B. ganz leise), dann ist der Sound bei einer Kamera-Aufnahme unverändert. Ich würde gerne die Verzerrungen bei Konzertaufnahmen umgehen bzw. verringern. Ich hab das Z1 Compact und nutze den Doomkernel. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem oder eine Idee zur Lösung?