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  1. rudl1220, 04.06.2012 #1

    rudl1220 Threadstarter Android-Guru

    Diese Anleitung habe ich gefunden bei xda developers
    wenn ihr fragen usw. habt,Bitte richtet euch an XDA-Developers

    [HOWTO (FIX)] Unlock Check Fail fix - xda-developers

    If you're getting an "unlock check fail" error, take these steps to successfully unlock your bootloader, flash recovery, root, and upgrade back to .29

    Step 1:

    Backup anything you want on your tablet using titanium backup (if you're already rooted) or app backup if you prefer. (**These steps will erase EVERYTHING on your tablet**)

    Step 2:

    Backup the backups onto your computer (again, it will even erase the sdcard partition)

    Step 3:

    Downgrade to .17 using this method: [GUIDE] Downgrading .29 or .26 to .17 and rooting - xda-developers

    Step 4:

    Use the "Factory Reset" option under Settings > Backup & Reset (**again, EVERYTHING WILL BE DELETED OFF THE TABLET**)

    Step 5:

    Once that's done, it should reboot and bring you to the setup screen, you can skip setting up everything and just go straight to the home screen. Now, install the Unlock apk from ASUS and unlock, it should work fine now.

    Step 6:

    Once that is done, to get back up to .29, follow Step 3 again, but instead of using a .17 blob file, download the .29 update from the ASUS website http://www.asus.com/Tablet/Transformer_Pad/ASUS_Transformer_Pad_TF300T/#download unzip the zip, then unzip the zip that's inside of that and that should have the .29 blob file. Use the same method as Step 3, except with this .29 blob file instead of the .17 blob file.

    Step 7:

    Once you've confirmed you're back on .29, you can go ahead and flash CWM and root using this method: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1668173
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  2. mikaole, 04.06.2012 #2

    mikaole Gast

    step 3 und step 7 Link gehen nicht
  3. rudl1220, 04.06.2012 #3

    rudl1220 Threadstarter Android-Guru

    links gefixt