P9000 [ROM] DarkSense P9000 3.3.0

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DarkSense P9000 3.3.0

DarkSense ist das erste ROM für das P9000, was einen Aroma Installer zu bieten hat.

Best AROMA experience
Based on Elephone P9000 20160628
Android 6.0
First ROM with Aroma Installer
Init.d & Su.d Support
Bash, Parted and Nano Support
Sysrw, Sysro Binaries
HTC Beats Audio
Multi-User as Standard
Multi-Window as Standard
Xposed Compatbility
Viper4Android Compatibility
Removed MediaTek Logging and Useless Apps
Latest Systemless SuperSU (2.76)
Latest Systemless BusyBox (1.25.0)
Latest Systemless Xposed (86.2)
Latest Systemless AdAway (3.1.2)
And Much Much More to come...​

DarkSense P9000 v3.3.0 (Full ROM)

        Updated to be used with my source built TWRP
        Systemless Sysro & Sysrw Binaries Added
        Fixed possible issue with Adaway not being flashed
        Fixed Systemless BusyBox Not Working
        Fixed Addon.d Support
[ROM] DarkSense P9000 | Aroma | Mods | Beats Audio, ROM for the Elephone P9000

ROM OS Version: 6.0.x Marshmallow
Based On: Stock

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 3.3.0
Stable Release Date: 2016-07-29

Created 2016-05-25
Last Updated 2016-07-29
Using TWRP & Aroma

DarkSense*.zip auf die interne SD kopieren
Reboot ins TWRP Recovery
Flash *.zip auswählen
Den Aroma Installer folgen


        1 x Volume Up = Next
        2 x Volume Up = Back
        3 x Volume Up = Focus on the list (as in wipe and mod options etc)
        From there use Volume down and power as select to select the ones you want.
        When you reach the bottom of the list:
        1 x Volume Down = Back
        2 x Volume Down = Next

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MD5 - 4D8530CE741D480E50F2AB7132740DED
SHA-1 - B1B662E8B2431543FEAA397303D4B96E12413A32

Quelle: Jonny @XDA